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The Media is the number one device of battling against all the odds and drawbacks of the society as well as the whole universe. Without the media of communication, we can’t live a moment in the modern world. Ao, we can say that now the media is life. Today, I will furnish in my blog a poem related to media.


Sushil Rudra

The name of the poem is ” Now Media Is Life “.

It’s media, a very vibrant but spontaneous device of present era . It is our basic needs with food and lodging ,and freedom of speech and voting . After changing so many eras we are now in the era of media, passing away Paul , Sen , Gupta, Mughol, British and so on.

Now media is life which ruling us . Now it is the era of media. All is controlled by media. It instructs us, advice us and help us what to do or not , in each and every moment,in dream , and in struggle .

Who would be awarded , Who would be rebuked , Who would be regarded , all are furnished by media

The very first page of newspaper on Independence Day, when we open and look at the headline in ten column banner- The feet of whom would you visit ? Is it of Netaji or Mahatma Gandhi, not they’re ! but a rapist murderer who has been convicted and hanged . It’s also defined by the alerted almighty media.

Now media is life. Media is like a metal detector, seeking for a silent and secret atom to discharge and defused, it settles down whether the case is of suicide or murder, the sinners are the politicians, a few dacoits, murderers are patriots, – everything, every moment is being defined and confirmed by the hands and pen of media.

In Sunami or earthquake how would you proceed to propaganda , how would you shouting at arranging michil and gatherings , that are also programmed & organised by the media . They teach you seriously.

As soon as the chun or lime drops down from the bettle , media will shout to you, If there is missing in tune or music, media will threat you , if rice is not produced from paddy , media then and there will expose it by their machines and skilled tune.

In modern age , media is God , Supreme consciousness. The leaders are running towards them to satisfy and to sit on the crown , the singers, the stars , the writers, the researchers are always trying to be favoured of them for getting success, to be awarded the Bharatratna or Padma awards. Media , You are superb , you are God !



Oh my companion of joy and sorrow , the wind is blowing in my life , Let come to me for traveling another world where there’s no pain and suffering, no betraying , no unemployment , and no corruption like here .


The wind is blowing, the wind of outing for any beautiful places with my friends – tell to the trees, let come to outing with me. Let talk to the path that I might  return at late night , don’t wait for me , but keep shutting off the door.

You can sing a song for your  remote friends , but that song will be mingled with the drops of the dews in the space . You are to be carried out lots of fairy  tales , – but whom do you tell it ? Whose are your listeners? Before lying down on the bed the people are being absorbed in deep sleep ; beasts and birds are also in out of consciousness, probably they’re in their nest resting to gain the energies for the next expedition.                                                                Even the moon 🌙 and the 🌟 stars are not in awakened state. Thus we have wasted a massive times throughout our life. Oh  companion of sorrow and delight of my LifeLet’s go to another world of merriment where the moon and stars are always ready to welcome us.

Nature is our grand source of shelter .
Let’s go another world

Welcome to my blog either as a reader or influencers . Any suggestions are always welcome.

Thank you.

Stay healthy and prosperous.


Blanket Distribution

It’s a fine morning of 1st January, New Year of 2021 and Kalpataru Divas . God Incarnate, Sri Ramakrishna, spiritual Guru of famous Hindu Monk Swami Vivekananda, turned into Kalpataru and showered blessings to His followers in Cassipore Uddanbati in northern Kolkata 6 months before His Mahasamadhi. Since then 1st January is regarded as Kalpataru Utsav.

We start at 9.00 O’clock in the morning along with my family and friends of Swami Vivekananda Vani Prochar Somity of Durgapur, a renowned NGO and spiritual organisation. Having bath and morning refreshments we reached at Mandir of the said organisation and take part in Puja and meditation.

From Durgapur City we start at 11.00 am. by a luxury bus. The volunteers already cooked lunch of 6 hundred heads of people. All the cooked meals was being carried on by a small truck. We are about 50 heads . So, the rest meals will be distributed to the poor people of two small villages. There’s another object of this tour. We are to distribute 3 hundred blankets amongst the poor villagers.


This is called Jangle Mahal . Our bus running through the forest . Both the sides of the road prevails deep forest. We come to know about the dangerous attack of Elephants in this way. So we decided that we will return home before dusk.


Both the villages are sorrounded by the forest. Steel authority of India and another company has come to decorate this two villages with their CSR funds. This pacca road , Community Halls, latrin was constructed. Solar lights are provided on the road as there’s no electricity. Although this areas are under the jurisdiction of Gram Panchayat, but they don’t take care about the poor people of this villages. Only the NGO’S are working for the upliftment of the villagers.


But that’s not sufficient. Here minority scheduled Tribes, mostly Santals are the dweelers . They are fighting against the poverty having no source of income. Only tribal men do work in jungle with a minimum remuneration. Mainly they’re exploited by the political parties leaders. Before election they used to visit this peoples on account of vote. Give some money for desi wine ( hanria ) or ‘hari’ which they enjoy this desi wine in their festival . Here we meet many people and come to know about their society , their pecuniary condition, their social and cultural aspects.

The Tribal folk who gives me information about their society.

When I asked him about their language , he told ” Alchiki “. I am awared about it. Because I have so many students from tribals who are from modern generations and trying to have higher education in college and University. Both the villages have some students of HS . One or two children have passed 10 examination, but mostly are devoid of education.

Religion and Beliefs:

They have believe in religion. They worship ” Marang Guru ” as their God. Their religion name is “SARNA “. Hari is main item in their Puja and other festival. Even they used to feed their children “Hari” at first day rice whom we observe as Mukhe Bhat or Annoprasan.

Financial Crisis They are to face :

The Tribals are very simple. Their homes are mainly maid of muds and the roofs are of tin . Some of them work in fields as a labourer. But most of them have no employments. They’re asking me for any job. Politicians visit these villages before election and promise them for jobs. But their dreams never come true. Some of them work in the forest casual basis for a long time, years after years, but they have not given a permanent job that they can able to spend a happy life.

We can provide some foods or blankets or dresses. We can give them primary education. But it’s highly needed some embodiments for their livelihood.

Unemployment, both in general and SC ST OBC , everywhere are the problems of the hour. We request the company’s CSR department to come up with their utmost sources for helping these poor people of the underprivileged sections of the society as if they could able to make their livelihood smoothly. Thank you and welcome.

Be safe , be happy in new year, 2021. God bless you all. Vaccine is in final process and first dose has been already trialed in every province.

Joi Hind ! Joi Bharat .


This year, 2020, will be ended today. We are passing through a difficult situation. Everything is under threat due to Covid 19 pandemic. School, college, University – every institution has been suspended for an uncertain periods. Even industrial production was stopped. Government declared carfew days after days. Bus, train, flight and other communications were stopped . Our lives are being captivated within the home and become monotanous .


The Deadliest Night

Ila has been taken so many lives . Many people have lost their home. The speed of the strom was nearabout 180 to 200 km . So the mud built homes, trees, the crops are destroyed . Many people have been died . Many cattles also had died due to ILA. It’s a great loss .


We have lost so many people due to this Deadliest pandemic. Some famous people left us . They are no more in this world. Formerly President of India, Pranab Kumar Mukherjee had died in covid 19. Pandit Yosraj of Classical music, Bala subramanium of light and modern Hindi movie singer , Soumitra Chatterjee of Bengali cinema died in covid 19 , Two veterans of Hindi movie , Rishi Kapoor and Irfan khan died in Cancer this year. You have lost another genius artist who has been died in suiside. Might be murdered. The CBI investigation is still going on.

We have lost legendary dancing personality, Amala Shankar. She died at the age of 102 .

Lost some political leaders:

Ahmed Patel , the veteran Congress leader and Yasvant Singh of Bharatiya Janata party both the politicians had died due to Covid 19. And also died the former three times Chief Minister of Assam in Corona .

Died in Covid 19 Musician Sajid in an young age is a great loss of music world.

Tapas Pal of hero of Bengali cinema and Trinamul Party leader died this year in a Mumbai hospital due to cardiac arrest.

Swamini sister Vedantaprana died in this year. She was a Sannyasini of Ramkrishna Sarada Math. For a long time she was the editor of The monthly magazine” Nivedita”.

The political atmosphere both in Central and West Bengal is in high tension. The farmers organisations are fighting against the new agricultural rules . It has been going on for a month and even more. Yesterday both the representatives of the central government and the farmer’s organisation met together and they’re in a final decision unanimously two points amongst the four points agendas.

In West Bengal, the political air is massively stormy. The Bidhan Sabha polls are knocking at the door. The ruling party, chief Minister wants to continue the chair another consecutive years , but the Trinamul Party leaders are not in good relationship. The most efficient leader, Subhendu Adhikari resigned from the party and joined in Bharatiya Janata party along with some MLA’s and MP’s . So it’s a great challenge to Mamta and her party to face this challenge. I think this election is in favour of Braratiya Janata party. Change is always welcome. Let see what happens in future. We are waiting for the vibrant new year though new form of covid is already spreading in UK . And some patients reached in India getting affected by it. Besides, Vaccine of covid from different companies will come within a month or two. This is a great hope.

Our country is progressing through many hurdles. China and Pakistan both the countries are always trying to encroaching our land. This year we have lost 20 and above soilders in a front to front counter in Siachin in Ladak, Kashmir. Pak extremists are trying to enter into Indian Territory through boarderline. Indian BSF are always guarding day and night. Sometime in encounter soldiers are being killed and their families are in deep grief.

As for me, it’s very very cloudy year in respect of monitary loss. I have previously written it that I have been cheated by some online scammers and lost some Lacs of money.

It’s not as big as death as so many young and old people are no more in this world. It’s more saddestic than me . So no need to repentance. I think money will come again, but those have to face the covid 19 and have lost their lives, they will never return. Let their soul be in peace.

We are waiting for the colourful new year where there’s a peace and happiness more than hurdles and sufferings.

Take care. And spend your time in pleasure. May God bless you all in the new year , this is my prayer to almighty God.


What are some places in India that are hard to believe exist until you visit them?

I belong to a small village named Kalpa, in the remotest part of Himachal Pradesh. I just want to show you the glimpse of our life in the village.

This is how our village looks like.

We have deep faith in our deities.

Ours is the mixture of Buddhism and Hinduism.

Our houses.

This is how we clear snow from our rooftop.

Cold, harsh yet beautiful winters.


Image Source: My Phone

This is from Qoura . I have taken it from Gaurab Negi .


WORDS after words are woven in fine to making an ornament for surrender in love , Might be a peaceful life . Words build a strong Mansion where we live in , Words are source of Power, love and peace. Words can create a long road , which is loyal to us like a legal deed . We need words in struggle to reach the goal of life. Words are sometime immens’ly mystreous like dark tunnels , Never end its journey to destination. We can’t keep words ever ultimately due to lack of power and confidence . So we never allow words to make a Dreamland . In childhood days I dreamt of the entire skies where stars and planets gave me words for sheltering , Its colourful beds wrap up with warm huggings , but it didn’t keep its words to make me vibrant 🐦 anymore I hoped .

Words are the voice of Lord if it comes from the core of heart, and from the soul , that’s mantras of the sages , are a kind of sagas which by listening heartily can transform our lives . But it’s very unstable as it buzzles out not alarming . Love words as your siblings , play with them , dance day and night in pain and gain , never tired to make it friend in the rain .

Words are atoms , They are from ” One “ , And ” One ” derives in many and many more . It takes sometimes a outer surface , a cover like the outer surface of tortoise , It has no deep and sound significance , but if it’s unfolded a vibrant light turns you dumb , after an unwanted shivering like initial jet – jerking you will reach out to the midst of the galaxy , That world is not like Earth , That’s a world of merriment . Neither any useless mess nor any rough and tough game to make you worried or fix . These are the words for your renunciation . Crack it and become enriched with its charming love . The words run in plains and sky like a bullet or a Rocket with an aggressive mood to the point and if you’re a true pilot, let go on a eternal voyages..



He’s no more . Today he breathed his last and left his physical body from this world . SOUMITRA CHATTAPADDHAY was under treatment since 6 th October in Belview Hospital in Kolkata. he died after a long struggle . It’s a great loss of Bengali Film as well as Indian Film world . He was given the most prestigious honour” Dada Saheb Phalke and Legion The Nor from France.

He was born in Mirzapur Street( Now Surya Sen Street ) near in between Sealdah Railway station and College street in the year 1935, 19 January. Soumitra Chattapaddhay spent first 12 years of his life in Krisnnagar in the district of Nadia in West Bengal. It’s the birth place of famous dramatist Dijendralal Roy. Perhaps it influenced his life to some extent. His family returned to Howrah and Soumitra admitted to Howrah Boys School. He was studied in Bengali language and literature in city college and did his M.A in Bengali from the University of Calcutta. Coffee House of Kolkata was his favourite place where he used to meet together with his friends.

Truely he was an artist. He was a Multi – faced talented . He was a poet , a painter , a writer , and an eminent actor . He started his journey in acting from his college life . Mainly he acted drama in college fest and being utmost interested he joined in theatre . He didn’t think that he would be a film artist . It’s 1959 , Satyajit Ray sought for an artist for his Trilogy film Apur Sansar for the role of adult Apu . He acted with the actress like Sharmila Tagore, Aparna Sen , Madhabi Mukhopaddhay, Sabitri Chatterjee , Suchitra Sen and Supriya Devi . He acted more than 300 films in Bengali. Satyajit Ray selected him as the role of Apu Character. After that he didn’t stop. His debut film was Apur Sansar (The World of Apu , 1959) and acted as adult Apu , the third part of adult Apu Trilogy. He went on to work in several notable films with Ray , including Abhijan ( The Expedition, 1962), Charulata ( The lonely Wife , 1964) as Amal, Aronyer Din Rattri ( Days and Night in the Forest, 1969), Ashoni Sanket (Distant Thunder, 1974) , Sonar Kella ( The Golden Fortress, 1974), and Jai Baba Felunath as Feluda, ( The Elephant God, 1978) , Hirak Rajar Deshe (1980), Ghare Baire (The Home and the World, 1984) as Sandeep, Shakha Proshakha(1990) and Ganoshatru ( 1989) .

Besides, Soumitra Chattapaddhay acted numerous films directed by Mrinal Sen , Tapan Sinha , Bhuddhadev Dasgupta Gautam Ghosh, Aparna Sen , Kaushik Sen and others new generation Film Directors .

He won 7 Film Fare Awards. In 2006 he won The National Film Award for the best actor for the film Padokhep . Central Government awarded him The second best Honour” Padma Bhushan” West Bengal Government awarded Bangobibhusahan . He received highest Cinema, Theatre, Music Award ” Dadasaheb Phalke” and last but not the least that’s France Government Highest Honour ” Legion Of Honour” . Soumitra also received Sangit Natak Academy Award .

Above all, he has done a lot for Indian Cinema. His acting made spell bound to the spectators. When The Great and legendary Actor Uttam Kumar has been served the Bengali Film arena and established himself as a legendary Actor, Soumitra Chattapaddhay entered into Bengali film to act and got success stupendously .

He was a poet and writer also. He was too a distinguished reciter. He composed poems and there are some anthology of the poetry. He was a painter also . Actually he was a talented artist and scholar and intellectual of our times .

We convey our regards to him .