Purity is Strength


Swami Vivekananda is regarded as the architect of Modern India . He wanted to reshape his motherland, India and called his countrymen : Come, be men ! come out of your narrow holes and have a look aboard. See how nations are on the march ! Do you love man ? Do you love your country? Thus come, let us struggle for higher and better things , look not back , no , not even if you see the dearest and nearest cry . Look , not back , but forward ! “

In fact , he felt deeply for the poor and for the distressed . He also noticed the miserable condition of the women of India . A Kuli of western country is more educated than our common people. Most of the American women are educated. Having seen it in America, Vivekananda decided to impart women education in India. He has been profoundly grateful to the Western women who came forward to implement his dream. He took this service as a God’s wish. In a letter he expressed this through his vibrant words. He writes:

Be of good cheer and believe that we are selected by the Lord to do great things and we will do them. Hold yourself in readiness, ie. be pure and holy , and love for love’s sake . Love the poor, the miserable, the downtrodden and the Lord will bless you.”

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA’S DREAM     He died at  the age of 39 in 1902 . It’s true that he was then young . If we compare his age with the cricket player Mr. Dhoni who recently retired from the Indian team , former Indian cricket skipper . Dhoni , most probably, has been retired from playing at the age of 39 years old. So his death was very early , but he did a lot for his countrymen within this period . That’s a time when communication , media and modern gadgets were not available. Only a few newspapers were being published as the source of getting information . So we couldn’t able to learn about incidents what used to happen in his time in the world. Despite,  we have come to know about Swamiji’s untiring struggle to fulfill his goals in the West as well as in India. We are now remembering his outstanding activities . But actually we’re lagging behind in progress of our country in all respects . We could not able to attain the dream what he dreamt of for his motherland. 

First of all , Swami Vivekananda wanted to see a vibrant India . During his travel throughout India by walking he noticed the poverty – stricken mass of India. They were ignorant people, the women whose were exploited by the priest and the heads of the community. He looked into this miserable condition of the society , prejudices, fanatism and corruption. Swamiji’s life is connected with his motherland. So his untiring effort was to remove all these barriers drawbacks of India. He wanted to transform this situation with the aid of spiritual ideals of Ancient India. His struggle was to awaken the ignorant and prejudice – affected  people of the society and to be freed from this situation.  That time our people have lost their self respect and inherent power. To awaken self respect and self – power as well as self – confidence he had a plan . He wanted to  make a new India where no man is being unfed and untaught. He emphasized in spreading the true education where the ancient Indian education  and western science and technology oriented curriculum will be imparted to the students. But we couldn’t implement his dream in our education curriculum. Our education neither gives us a suitable job nor we learn to be a honest man. It’s needed to be amalgamation both of the two – Indian spiritual and moral and character building education along with the western science and technology oriented curriculum. Then we could have a total education. Without science and technology we can’t survive and not be able to progress, without spiritual and physical education we can’t be enlightened

Secondly, in this connection we remember Swamiji’s famous saying, ” Man – making is my motto . ” To him , True education and true religion is the same. He thus expressed his thoughtful opinion about it. He told in this respect that ” Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man” and again he said about religion that Religion is the manifestation of the innerself already in man. In fact , ultimate goal of the life is same which we can get from education and at the same time from religion. Education can help us to regain our self power, and self – confidence. Still it’s very very important criteria to make us a perfect man. 

Fourthly, Our political party leaders, administrators , even judiciary, the BSF, the Doctors , the teachers are not working according to Swamiji’s teaching. Everywhere is corruption . Police is always heading down to the political party , mainly ruling party. Leaders are running towards powers and honour. They’re mostly opportunists . From big to small , are connected with the scams. Procastination is in judiciary and that’s why they’re not properly punished , or judgement is delayed . Farmers and labourers are being deprived compelled to suiside. Some dishonest Fode are also responsible for that . Swami Vivekananda didn’t want this circumstances . Pure commodities are not available in the market . Doctors are not sympathetic to the patients . They have lost their ethics . Swami ji said: Service to man is service to God. It’s not found in our society. We have given the name of the college, school, hospitals or locality of any place by the name of Swami Vivekananda , but it’s not sufficient to give him respect . We should have to follow his path . We must have to implement his dream .

Thirdly,  Swami Vivekananda noticed the society of other countries and experienced a lot about it. One of his letter to Shankarlal he writes : ” We must see how the engine of the society works in other countries and keep free and open communication with what is going on in the mind of other nations , if we really want to be a nation again.” He noticed during his travel to West in Ship the life and activities of the people of some other countries. China is expert in trades and businesses. He wrote: ” All labour, all trade seemed to be in their hands. Comparetively, his country , India was to some extent lagging behind in this respect . That’s why, he repeatedly told young generation to be engaged in business. Indian government at present is inspiring to the new generation to take initiative in business and trade . MSME is now a central government program for which Bank loan is to be given to the projects. But I think it has gone futile because of Bank’s procastination and goodwill . So Government agency should look after the matter and remove all these barriers so that unemployment problem can be solved . Unemployment is a tremendous problem of our country. It’s the burning need of the time . So , being sympathised , government and other NGOs should come forward to solve this challenge . Every man should be given food and lodging . Government is trying to meet up it through housing project , NGOs are trying to provide foods and clothing. But that’s not sufficient

Swami Vivekananda was a Sanyasin but his spirit was like a soldier. His renunciation was to service the mankind. He expressed his thoughts in a lecture:

“The longest night seems to be passing away, the sorest trouble seems to be coming to an end at last, the seeming corpse appears to be awaking and a voice is coming to us — away back where history and even tradition fails to peep into the gloom of the past, coming down from there, reflected as it were from peak to peak of the infinite Himalaya of knowledge, and of love, and of work, India, this motherland of ours — a voice is coming unto us, gentle, firm, and yet unmistakable in its utterances, and is gaining volume as days pass by, and behold, the sleeper is awakening! Like a breeze from the Himalayas, it is bringing life into the almost dead bones and muscles, the lethargy is passing away, and only the blind cannot see, or the perverted will not see, that she is awakening, this motherland of ours, from her deep long sleep. None can desist her anymore; never is she going to sleep anymore; no outward powers can hold her back any more; for the infinite giant is rising to her feet.” These words from Swamiji were like a thunder amidst the prevailing obscurity on this part of the globe and incidentally these were spoken on 25th January, 1897, just a couple of days after the Netaji was born.

We are going to celebrate 125 years birthday of another great son of India on 23 January who was an ardent devotee of Swami Vivekananda. Netaji Subhash followed his path to get free from British rule and upkeeping our country and sacrificed his life , giving up all material aspirations.

Fourthly, Swami Vivekananda preached universal religion throughout the world . He told us not to underrate any other sects, creeds or religious beliefs , but to respect every religion , as the truth is same in every religion. Holiness, purity , kindness and generosity are not the property of any single religion. In this connection, we can excerpt from the lecture of former president of America, Barack Obama . He expressed his admiration here :

” Instead of succumbing to division, you have shown that the strength of India – the very idea of India – is its essence of all colours , castes and creeds . It’s the diversity represented in this chamber today. It’s the richness of faiths celebrated by a visitor to my hometown of Chicago more than a century ago – the renowned Swami Vivekananda. He said that , ” holiness, purity and charity are not the exclusive possessions of any church in the world, and that every system has produced men and women of the most exalted character.”

Subhash Chandra Bose considered Vivekananda as his spiritual Guru . He called Vivekananda a ” full blooded masculine personality – and a fighter to the core of being .” I think His call to the nation will not be futile . The light he ignited shall never stop to spread out in the society . Today his birthday , we must take outh that we shall try our best to follow his path and to implement his desires and dreams which are still not fulfilled .

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA : THE LIGHTSwami ji influenced so many people of East and West . Common man to aristocrate, all the people took shelter on his sympathetic lap . In India , he is regarded as a super genius , a godly man . He has inspired massively to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the independence of the country . Vivekananda tought them to love and respect India as Mother. First of all , I am to write about his patriotic heart. He is the only one who has tried his best efforts to change the weak minds into a strong one . He told : Weakness is death and strength is life. Now you only worship of the God who is in distress, your motherland. Keep aside rest God and Goddesses.  Secondly, Swami Vivekananda’s life is deeply concerned with his motherland, India. 


The important source of communication/image : media is life- kalpatarurudra.org/jpg.
Image:Now Media is life- kalpatarurudra.org/jpg.

The Media is the number one device of battling against all the odds and drawbacks of the society as well as the whole universe. Without the media of communication, we can’t live a moment in the modern world. Ao, we can say that now the media is life. Today, I will furnish in my blog a poem related to media.


Sushil Rudra

The name of the poem is ” Now Media Is Life “.

It’s media, a very vibrant but spontaneous device of present era . It is our basic needs with food and lodging ,and freedom of speech and voting . After changing so many eras we are now in the era of media, passing away Paul , Sen , Gupta, Mughol, British and so on.

Now media is life which ruling us . Now it is the era of media. All is controlled by media. It instructs us, advice us and help us what to do or not , in each and every moment,in dream , and in struggle .

Who would be awarded , Who would be rebuked , Who would be regarded , all are furnished by media

The very first page of newspaper on Independence Day, when we open and look at the headline in ten column banner- The feet of whom would you visit ? Is it of Netaji or Mahatma Gandhi, not they’re ! but a rapist murderer who has been convicted and hanged . It’s also defined by the alerted almighty media.

Now media is life. Media is like a metal detector, seeking for a silent and secret atom to discharge and defused, it settles down whether the case is of suicide or murder, the sinners are the politicians, a few dacoits, murderers are patriots, – everything, every moment is being defined and confirmed by the hands and pen of media.

In Sunami or earthquake how would you proceed to propaganda , how would you shouting at arranging michil and gatherings , that are also programmed & organised by the media . They teach you seriously.

As soon as the chun or lime drops down from the bettle , media will shout to you, If there is missing in tune or music, media will threat you , if rice is not produced from paddy , media then and there will expose it by their machines and skilled tune.

In modern age , media is God , Supreme consciousness. The leaders are running towards them to satisfy and to sit on the crown , the singers, the stars , the writers, the researchers are always trying to be favoured of them for getting success, to be awarded the Bharatratna or Padma awards. Media , You are superb , you are God !



MyShoutNwrite Blog

I am Dr. Sushil Rudra from Durgapur West Bengal, India . This blog is for the people of India , its culture, literature , and the religious beliefs etc . I’m to blog is for shouting for the demands of the underprivileged society and the people whose are deprived by the ruling government. And also to write for their demands as well as solving the problems.

Life And Dreams In Poetry

My Dream’s Bird is absolutely my own
 We can’t live in this world without dreams
   From childhood to gray days
   Dreams come and dreams go 
Sometimes it’s daydream, sometime nightmare with tremendous shocking , yet I play with these unrealistic games,
Never getting any fruitful solution
Running into the darkened mist .

Let fly in the sky your dreaming bird 
Don’t captivate your small desires in your secret chamber, don’t afraid of walking through the dark forest or deep sea ,
Or climbing at peak of high mountain
Always be firm and steady in your journey
Whatever the consequence it’s , So don’t stop to enjoy dreams as life is too much uncertain why do you not enjoy it.

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” God is Truth and Light in Shadow”. – Plato

” When the Gods were more manlike, Men were more Godlike”. – Friedrich Schiller

This is a post for the beginers who are getting influenced by the inner world, who is seeking to or searching for light of the soul . The first and foremost duty and responsibility of a man is to believe himself . Jesus Christ told us – ” Know Thyselves “. To know our inner world is to our practice of religion . Not only to know the Shiva Sakti in me , but to know others as a God is also our spiritual practice to go ahead of God. Uttisthata Jaggrata Prappya Baran Nibedhato.

This is the calling of Veda . Arise , Awake until you reached the Goal . Swami Vivekananda’s wards are same as Veda . Let be awaken , stand up and march on towards perfection . With your untiring efforts lastly victory over the demonic force which are obstructing your journey to truth , will come. Never shelter your weakness . You have enormous power within you .


¶¶ We are not concerned about our destination. What is our goal of life ? It’s not clear to us . Perhaps we desire to be a Doctor , Engineer or IIT – ian , Chartered Accountant , or a Politician . Now – a – days some young boys and girls are fascinating in Music . Really we are running towards a goal which are related to economic delevarence and obviously it’s just and it should be the main aim of our lives. We can’t avoid it as it’s the means of survival.


Swami Vivekananda before renunciation walked from one office to another for a service. His family was in financial crisis after his father’s death though his father earned a lot , but helped his relatives in their crisis giving away all his earned money. Suddenly he died . So after his death no one came to help his family. Narendra Nath , with his mother and brothers had no source of income. He was then unemployed having graduated in Philosophy from the University of Calcutta . Moreover, He was then atheist and Joined Keshav Chandra’s Brahmah Samaj . As he was a skilled musician he used to sing in the Brahma Samaj choirs. But he didn’t satisfied with the Samaj when he was a college student.


Next he met his guru Sree Ramkrishna Paramhansa having learnt from his principal, Mr . Hesty . One day ,in absence of their subject teacher of English, Principal Hesty Saheb came to take the class. He was teaching that day the English poem of Wordsworth , where there’s a matter of renunciation and of transcendental state of mind. In connection to this, he told that there’s a man (priest ) in nearby at Dakkgineshwar who had felt and reached at that transcendental state of mind. Within a few days Narendra Nath visited his spiritual master , Sree Ramkrishna .We know the next story which is a history. An atheist turned into a Theaist. Initially in his first meeting with Sree Ramkrishna Swamiji was an agonistic. But after some days he was being ignited into divine power and enlightenment through the touch of his Master.


We know all this incidents of Swamiji’s devine life . Another great divine soul of India is Rishi Sree Aurobindo. We know about Maharshi Raman and so many godly souls of India who had enriched Indian spiritual culture . But now -a – days, it’s seldom found this kind of Divine man . Most of the so called Gurus are now business man . They are making industries like Tata , Ambani putting on saffron clothing . Concept has changed in modern day. They’re doing some good works also for the mankind. Rajyoga institutions , Patanjali , Esha Foundation are some of these organisations. Health and mind solution is their motto .


What we are going to say that , in the present time Hindus are not getting connected with the pure spiritual invironment which was once aboundant merely 100 years ago. As a result, we have got a lot of sacrificed Indian who fought for the freedom of the country. They used to read Gita everyday and always carried a copy of this most inspiring book along with them. How profoundly they were spiritual minded it’s the vivid instance. Ultimately , the victory came by virtue of their sacrifice. We became free from the chain of British rule. Where had they got the strength ! It’s spiritual power which they possessed of.


For our country sake , it’s the present need to bathe in the spiritual river and to be purified . We have heard , and have seen so many scams draining out our capitals. Corruption is everywhere , in politics, in Burrocrats, in offices, Business, in Panchayat , and the list will be big . The machinery has been running through the corruption. Central Government perhaps wanted to introduce Gita in school curriculum. But I think they failed to make it fruitful. But it should and must to be fulfilled . Through the practice of reading Gita and realising its meaning one can be enriched in moral attitude and spiritual growth.


In nineteenth century, our Indian civilization , our culture had been going through a dark situation. It was wrapped up with the prejudices, fanatism, irrational activities , corruption and so on. Then there was a need for spiritual revival. Ram Mohan Roy , Sree Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Vidyasagar, Vivekananda, Tagore, Sri Aurobindo, Netaji Subhash, Mahatma Gandhi, and so many great men came to remove all these darkness of our country. They’re all divinely empowered and tried their best to correct all the flaws of the society as well as country. At present , we have acquired degrees , our scientists invented so many things , we have fulfilled our desires in materialistic world , but lagging behind to be firmly stood because of the corruptions . We have lost our moral and spiritual power . Our country men were in inactive , imprisoned in the magic circle of Tamas . In this connection I can quote here a speech of Aurobindo . He told in his Bhawani Mandir manifesto :

The Shakti we call India. Bhawani Bharati is the living unity of the Shaktis of three hundred million people; but She is inactive, imprisoned in the magic circle of Tamas , the self – indulgent inertia and ignorance of her Sons. Strength can only be created by drawing it from the eternal and inexhaustible reservoirs of the spirit , from the Adyashakti of the Eternal which is the fountain of all new existence.


Let feed our soul with positive power and energy , not in nagative . Positive attitude , spiritual energy , and true love for country can change the present dark scenario of our country. Our Country, India, is like a Phinix bird 🐦 . It never gets burne if it’s smoked. She would survive from the drawning condition .

Please Read Like and Share this post. I want to learn from you. Your comments are cordially invited.

Dr. Sushil Rudra Durgapur Steel City, Dated on: 16.12.2020


Life Is Like The Waves Of Ocean

Oh , My mind , Let plunging into the deep Ocean by the name of Kali, who is the Mistress of this eternal Universe and also our beloved guide , helping us in all our activities , in our dream , in our pain and suffering , in our all duties and responsibilities like watchtower always directing us to reach safely towards purification and illuminating world .

Mother ! I have been killing my golden time of life playing with Dolls, and having absented from not doing your work , how could I reach to you ? Tell me , Mother . I’m am being sunk into my own digging waterbody by mistaking . And have spent my times and energies to enjoy instant access of pleasure . Mistakenly I have been chased after impured and untrue means . Let you come to me to rescue from this muddy waters of falsehood by which I have been mesmerized . My toe to head are wrapped up in muds , I am like a drawning boat in the middle of tormented and dreadful waves , having no helmsman to
guide me , I am drifting helplessly like a straw . As I have been tremendously wounded and my soul shivering for uncertainty , No one will come to save me but you, Oh my Mother! Please stretch your hands to save a sinking man who is waiting for you .


Don’t grief for the past, it’s a impetuosity, passion or emotion . But learn from the past and walk forward. It’s life.

We have to face so many troubles and sufferings in course of our life – journey. No one is perfectly fine and happy in this materialistic world . Though we desire to have a successful life in all spheres of our lives. Real life , which we lead day to day is very important to us as it’s related to our food, lodging, education, safety of our lives, savings and so on . These are all our primary needs without which we have to face trafficking and suffering a lot. We try to have a sweet home, food and lodging for survival . Other than all these necessary requirements , we live in the society. We have some duties and responsibilities for the betterment of it. We are thus having a social bondages , try to maintain a values and ethics through our activities and behaviours. When it’s not maintained properly , a mental and societal misunderstanding take place.

Our Problems:

But our Prime problem in this modern era is that we are not contented with our success in profession , not satisfied with the life partner, may it be husband or wife, or lovers of both sex . Recently I have read a blog which is a poetry and there she has written about the breaking down of their relationship. The young lady is unable to forget the words of betrayal to whom she loved profoundly, but being rejected she is spending a unhappy life. This kind of incidents are not supported. It’s a matter of unhealthy mind . In such a case , we see the lack of values and ethics. We must not support it . After a long term relationship or friendship, the guy suddenly cut off the relationship. Either it’s the symbol of week or I’ll – state of mind, or they’re running for a better option .. In this respect, she should be strict to her principles and never get lost at all. In fact, there are so many incidents like this used to happen in our surroundings . Sometime, being separated one becomes perplexed and are to face mental illness like depression , stress and strain , melancholic distress etc . We have to face this kind of small but serious troubles in our lives.


How To Overcome This Situation :

Now the question is how to overcome this type of okward situation. We are not only individually affected, our parents at the same time are also confronting this situation. I know an incident like this which recently occurred in my friend circle . They are my family friends. They’re arranging their daughter’s wedding. The young man is a good service holder . And their daughter is also working in IT in a good position . Both the parties are talking about the negotiations and advanced a lot into a final decision . In the meantime, 3 months already passed , almost everyday both the two ( boy and girl) over phone were busy in discussing their future dreamings . Suddenly the elder sister and her husband of the guy informed them that they are not agree in this negotiation. Perhaps they don’t want an woman who are engaged in a profession. This has a massive impact on the family as well as to their daughter. They are highly shocked . So it’s not expected to them at all.

Duty Of A Gurdians :

I am very soft hearted person. I feel very dejection when I listen to and face such conditions. As a guardian or a parent , I couldn’t stay indifferent having learnt that kind of incidents. I become angry . But I try to make them understand that don’t take this matter seriously . It’s the life . Let see better guy for your daughter . Perhaps it’s the wish of God , etc and etc. This is a regular feature in our society.

So , what are the means to be got rid of the situation?

1. Love each other, but take time to understand each other . Though it’s very difficult to see the inner world of the individual.

2. Don’t believe in sweet words of the lover or partner . Enjoy the words , but try to familiar with his drawbacks .

3. Never forgot your personality . Whenever it’s being hurt , you then cautiously step your feet . Never sacrifice your personality in virtue of getting him. Because, time has changed. Like Radha you should not sacrifice your everything, specially your personality.

4. Don’t live together before marriage. Indian, mainly Hindus , maintain the holiness and sanctity before marriage . Both man and woman should follow up with the principles in respect to this matter.

5. We are human beings, not animals . We should be careful about the discrimination . Though we have some biological demands , but that’s to be acted accordingly. We never crossed the border line . Our motto should be achieved the higher state of mind. The more we will be enriched in this path, the more we must have reached nearer to God.

6. The ultimate goal is to reach out to the highest state of mind.

7. If you attain this state of your thoughts , we will be freed up from all the worldly hazards . Otherwise you have to face the sufferings.

8. In ancient times, the man used to spend in the house of Guru . There he learnt and practiced the rules and activities of the worldly affairs . They also maintained the stage of celibate life. But we are now devoid of it . Our education system or curriculum don’t entertain this aspect.

Finally, it’s fact that when a girl is betrayed by his loving one it’s not her fault. She has a pure heart. But the guy is heartless, brute and clumgy minded . He is not , in true sense, a perfect man or a human being. He is lacking of the human qualities. I think that each and everyone should glorify to his or her heart .

Moral: Don’t trust the rouges.

Love Never Wiped Away From This World .


God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”. – Psalms

” The lust of gold succeeds the rage of conquest”. – Samuel Johnson

” There is a God within us”. – Ovid

God and Gold – both are very precious in this world. We, the most of the people want obviously gold, not God . If it would be surveyed , it will be found that majority of us are interested in gold , not of invisible God . Why do we run for gold, not for God ? There are so many causes behind it. I will discuss today about the psychology of a man who desires gold , and not to see God or hankering after spiritual knowledge . In fact , We do not know about our destination. And no one advice us to take the right direction where to go , and what should be our lifegoal ! We grow up through a steriotype life journey.

As a result, we are totally confused about what to do or don’t . Like all, we start our life journey in a same manner which others are doing on or going to . Start getting education from the age of 3/4 years and ends up it with higher education. Our parents or guardians as well as children generally used to dream a good and honourable professional life or career. For bright future , they become busy to rat – race . They dream of a good salaries, a well furnished flat , and a beautiful wife or husband. Next they’re busy in office works . They have little time to maintain family affairs. As they’re going through a micro family, so their problem is acute. They spend the weekend along with their spouse and children. Even they are unable to look after their parents. Most of the parents are not happy with this situation. They generally meet together once in a year, or two. So, it’s a matter of pain . Parents want to live with their child in their old age, but they don’t get it.

What I am wanting to tell that our new generations are running towards gold . They are spending time in storing money in banks . Purchasing several flats , gold’s, and other properties. The more they are enjoying, the more they wanting.

Besides, there’s a portion of youths who are struggling to get a minimum livelihood day and night. Unemployment is the another problem prevailing a massive impact on the youths. They are seeking to employ anywhere, but Government has not been providing any job for the educated adults. So gold is afar to them. Being frustrated they are going to evil activities. Some of them are depressed having got no alternative source of income.

But they’re few people who looted our valuable capitals of public money like Nirav Modi and so on. Politicians like Lallu Prasad and so many are also responsible for the situation . If it’s meteculously scaned by ED and CBI , it would have been as if to search the thief in the village no one is found perfect . After independence, our only development is to taking bribes cores of money and to storing public money ( government ) in their individual Bank accounts . In Bengal , political Dada’s are the most solvent. BJP leaders are shouting at the corruption of Trinamul MP and the nephew of TMC suprimo, Mr. Abhishek Benerjee. And obviously it’s true that being a young guy how does he possesses the numerous buildings in Kolkata which are so costly. He was caught red-handed by the ED with gold , but CM’s police has rescued him from the ED while Mr. Banerjee was returning from Malaysia. It happened in Kolkata Airport.

There are so many scam cases which is running under investigation by the CBI . Rose Valley, Sarada , Narada, very recently illegal Cow- scammer’s case , aamphan money laundering etc – all these are real pictures of the corruption in our society . Even so many administrative officers are involved in corruption and also running towards gold hoarding . Though they’re getting massive salary, despite they’re not happy. They’re misusing our capitals.

So really we’re far away from God. God is there where there’s no corruption, no scams, no adulteration, no bad mannarism, no cheating , no falsehood. The more we will be busy in personal or self – upliftment , the more we will be far beyond of success. Now it’s urgent need of self introspection. Do we truly achieve the goal? We have some duties and responsibilities to the country as well as for society. We live in a society where all get together in our good or bad days . So , as an individual we belong to a society on which we are indebted too much. The service to society and also service for the country is our birth right and our primary duties . But it’s scarcely found that our erstwhile and modern generation are not serious about it. We should think that if our country becomes rich , we would be also riches. Our Country is our God. Rishi Bankim Chandra Chattapaddhay utteredBande Mataram” to his motherland in his novel “Anandamath”. To serve its people who are poor, week , in trouble , is to serve the God . God is not in the remote, He or She is nearer to us. God, by the name of poor, week , ill- health , are waiting for our service . Go there and take care of them. Swami Vivekananda advised us in such a way. Hence, Our goal should be fixed in this line . ” Nannya Pantha Vidmate Aionayo “.


WORDS after words are woven in fine to making an ornament for surrender in love , Might be a peaceful life . Words build a strong Mansion where we live in , Words are source of Power, love and peace. Words can create a long road , which is loyal to us like a legal deed . We need words in struggle to reach the goal of life. Words are sometime immens’ly mystreous like dark tunnels , Never end its journey to destination. We can’t keep words ever ultimately due to lack of power and confidence . So we never allow words to make a Dreamland . In childhood days I dreamt of the entire skies where stars and planets gave me words for sheltering , Its colourful beds wrap up with warm huggings , but it didn’t keep its words to make me vibrant 🐦 anymore I hoped .

Words are the voice of Lord if it comes from the core of heart, and from the soul , that’s mantras of the sages , are a kind of sagas which by listening heartily can transform our lives . But it’s very unstable as it buzzles out not alarming . Love words as your siblings , play with them , dance day and night in pain and gain , never tired to make it friend in the rain .

Words are atoms , They are from ” One “ , And ” One ” derives in many and many more . It takes sometimes a outer surface , a cover like the outer surface of tortoise , It has no deep and sound significance , but if it’s unfolded a vibrant light turns you dumb , after an unwanted shivering like initial jet – jerking you will reach out to the midst of the galaxy , That world is not like Earth , That’s a world of merriment . Neither any useless mess nor any rough and tough game to make you worried or fix . These are the words for your renunciation . Crack it and become enriched with its charming love . The words run in plains and sky like a bullet or a Rocket with an aggressive mood to the point and if you’re a true pilot, let go on a eternal voyages..



He’s no more . Today he breathed his last and left his physical body from this world . SOUMITRA CHATTAPADDHAY was under treatment since 6 th October in Belview Hospital in Kolkata. he died after a long struggle . It’s a great loss of Bengali Film as well as Indian Film world . He was given the most prestigious honour” Dada Saheb Phalke and Legion The Nor from France.

He was born in Mirzapur Street( Now Surya Sen Street ) near in between Sealdah Railway station and College street in the year 1935, 19 January. Soumitra Chattapaddhay spent first 12 years of his life in Krisnnagar in the district of Nadia in West Bengal. It’s the birth place of famous dramatist Dijendralal Roy. Perhaps it influenced his life to some extent. His family returned to Howrah and Soumitra admitted to Howrah Boys School. He was studied in Bengali language and literature in city college and did his M.A in Bengali from the University of Calcutta. Coffee House of Kolkata was his favourite place where he used to meet together with his friends.

Truely he was an artist. He was a Multi – faced talented . He was a poet , a painter , a writer , and an eminent actor . He started his journey in acting from his college life . Mainly he acted drama in college fest and being utmost interested he joined in theatre . He didn’t think that he would be a film artist . It’s 1959 , Satyajit Ray sought for an artist for his Trilogy film Apur Sansar for the role of adult Apu . He acted with the actress like Sharmila Tagore, Aparna Sen , Madhabi Mukhopaddhay, Sabitri Chatterjee , Suchitra Sen and Supriya Devi . He acted more than 300 films in Bengali. Satyajit Ray selected him as the role of Apu Character. After that he didn’t stop. His debut film was Apur Sansar (The World of Apu , 1959) and acted as adult Apu , the third part of adult Apu Trilogy. He went on to work in several notable films with Ray , including Abhijan ( The Expedition, 1962), Charulata ( The lonely Wife , 1964) as Amal, Aronyer Din Rattri ( Days and Night in the Forest, 1969), Ashoni Sanket (Distant Thunder, 1974) , Sonar Kella ( The Golden Fortress, 1974), and Jai Baba Felunath as Feluda, ( The Elephant God, 1978) , Hirak Rajar Deshe (1980), Ghare Baire (The Home and the World, 1984) as Sandeep, Shakha Proshakha(1990) and Ganoshatru ( 1989) .

Besides, Soumitra Chattapaddhay acted numerous films directed by Mrinal Sen , Tapan Sinha , Bhuddhadev Dasgupta Gautam Ghosh, Aparna Sen , Kaushik Sen and others new generation Film Directors .

He won 7 Film Fare Awards. In 2006 he won The National Film Award for the best actor for the film Padokhep . Central Government awarded him The second best Honour” Padma Bhushan” West Bengal Government awarded Bangobibhusahan . He received highest Cinema, Theatre, Music Award ” Dadasaheb Phalke” and last but not the least that’s France Government Highest Honour ” Legion Of Honour” . Soumitra also received Sangit Natak Academy Award .

Above all, he has done a lot for Indian Cinema. His acting made spell bound to the spectators. When The Great and legendary Actor Uttam Kumar has been served the Bengali Film arena and established himself as a legendary Actor, Soumitra Chattapaddhay entered into Bengali film to act and got success stupendously .

He was a poet and writer also. He was too a distinguished reciter. He composed poems and there are some anthology of the poetry. He was a painter also . Actually he was a talented artist and scholar and intellectual of our times .

We convey our regards to him .