Purity is Strength


Swami Vivekananda is regarded as the architect of Modern India . He wanted to reshape his motherland, India and called his countrymen : Come, be men ! come out of your narrow holes and have a look aboard. See how nations are on the march ! Do you love man ? Do you love your country? Thus come, let us struggle for higher and better things , look not back , no , not even if you see the dearest and nearest cry . Look , not back , but forward ! “

In fact , he felt deeply for the poor and for the distressed . He also noticed the miserable condition of the women of India . A Kuli of western country is more educated than our common people. Most of the American women are educated. Having seen it in America, Vivekananda decided to impart women education in India. He has been profoundly grateful to the Western women who came forward to implement his dream. He took this service as a God’s wish. In a letter he expressed this through his vibrant words. He writes:

Be of good cheer and believe that we are selected by the Lord to do great things and we will do them. Hold yourself in readiness, ie. be pure and holy , and love for love’s sake . Love the poor, the miserable, the downtrodden and the Lord will bless you.”

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA’S DREAM     He died at  the age of 39 in 1902 . It’s true that he was then young . If we compare his age with the cricket player Mr. Dhoni who recently retired from the Indian team , former Indian cricket skipper . Dhoni , most probably, has been retired from playing at the age of 39 years old. So his death was very early , but he did a lot for his countrymen within this period . That’s a time when communication , media and modern gadgets were not available. Only a few newspapers were being published as the source of getting information . So we couldn’t able to learn about incidents what used to happen in his time in the world. Despite,  we have come to know about Swamiji’s untiring struggle to fulfill his goals in the West as well as in India. We are now remembering his outstanding activities . But actually we’re lagging behind in progress of our country in all respects . We could not able to attain the dream what he dreamt of for his motherland. 

First of all , Swami Vivekananda wanted to see a vibrant India . During his travel throughout India by walking he noticed the poverty – stricken mass of India. They were ignorant people, the women whose were exploited by the priest and the heads of the community. He looked into this miserable condition of the society , prejudices, fanatism and corruption. Swamiji’s life is connected with his motherland. So his untiring effort was to remove all these barriers drawbacks of India. He wanted to transform this situation with the aid of spiritual ideals of Ancient India. His struggle was to awaken the ignorant and prejudice – affected  people of the society and to be freed from this situation.  That time our people have lost their self respect and inherent power. To awaken self respect and self – power as well as self – confidence he had a plan . He wanted to  make a new India where no man is being unfed and untaught. He emphasized in spreading the true education where the ancient Indian education  and western science and technology oriented curriculum will be imparted to the students. But we couldn’t implement his dream in our education curriculum. Our education neither gives us a suitable job nor we learn to be a honest man. It’s needed to be amalgamation both of the two – Indian spiritual and moral and character building education along with the western science and technology oriented curriculum. Then we could have a total education. Without science and technology we can’t survive and not be able to progress, without spiritual and physical education we can’t be enlightened

Secondly, in this connection we remember Swamiji’s famous saying, ” Man – making is my motto . ” To him , True education and true religion is the same. He thus expressed his thoughtful opinion about it. He told in this respect that ” Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man” and again he said about religion that Religion is the manifestation of the innerself already in man. In fact , ultimate goal of the life is same which we can get from education and at the same time from religion. Education can help us to regain our self power, and self – confidence. Still it’s very very important criteria to make us a perfect man. 

Fourthly, Our political party leaders, administrators , even judiciary, the BSF, the Doctors , the teachers are not working according to Swamiji’s teaching. Everywhere is corruption . Police is always heading down to the political party , mainly ruling party. Leaders are running towards powers and honour. They’re mostly opportunists . From big to small , are connected with the scams. Procastination is in judiciary and that’s why they’re not properly punished , or judgement is delayed . Farmers and labourers are being deprived compelled to suiside. Some dishonest Fode are also responsible for that . Swami Vivekananda didn’t want this circumstances . Pure commodities are not available in the market . Doctors are not sympathetic to the patients . They have lost their ethics . Swami ji said: Service to man is service to God. It’s not found in our society. We have given the name of the college, school, hospitals or locality of any place by the name of Swami Vivekananda , but it’s not sufficient to give him respect . We should have to follow his path . We must have to implement his dream .

Thirdly,  Swami Vivekananda noticed the society of other countries and experienced a lot about it. One of his letter to Shankarlal he writes : ” We must see how the engine of the society works in other countries and keep free and open communication with what is going on in the mind of other nations , if we really want to be a nation again.” He noticed during his travel to West in Ship the life and activities of the people of some other countries. China is expert in trades and businesses. He wrote: ” All labour, all trade seemed to be in their hands. Comparetively, his country , India was to some extent lagging behind in this respect . That’s why, he repeatedly told young generation to be engaged in business. Indian government at present is inspiring to the new generation to take initiative in business and trade . MSME is now a central government program for which Bank loan is to be given to the projects. But I think it has gone futile because of Bank’s procastination and goodwill . So Government agency should look after the matter and remove all these barriers so that unemployment problem can be solved . Unemployment is a tremendous problem of our country. It’s the burning need of the time . So , being sympathised , government and other NGOs should come forward to solve this challenge . Every man should be given food and lodging . Government is trying to meet up it through housing project , NGOs are trying to provide foods and clothing. But that’s not sufficient

Swami Vivekananda was a Sanyasin but his spirit was like a soldier. His renunciation was to service the mankind. He expressed his thoughts in a lecture:

“The longest night seems to be passing away, the sorest trouble seems to be coming to an end at last, the seeming corpse appears to be awaking and a voice is coming to us — away back where history and even tradition fails to peep into the gloom of the past, coming down from there, reflected as it were from peak to peak of the infinite Himalaya of knowledge, and of love, and of work, India, this motherland of ours — a voice is coming unto us, gentle, firm, and yet unmistakable in its utterances, and is gaining volume as days pass by, and behold, the sleeper is awakening! Like a breeze from the Himalayas, it is bringing life into the almost dead bones and muscles, the lethargy is passing away, and only the blind cannot see, or the perverted will not see, that she is awakening, this motherland of ours, from her deep long sleep. None can desist her anymore; never is she going to sleep anymore; no outward powers can hold her back any more; for the infinite giant is rising to her feet.” These words from Swamiji were like a thunder amidst the prevailing obscurity on this part of the globe and incidentally these were spoken on 25th January, 1897, just a couple of days after the Netaji was born.

We are going to celebrate 125 years birthday of another great son of India on 23 January who was an ardent devotee of Swami Vivekananda. Netaji Subhash followed his path to get free from British rule and upkeeping our country and sacrificed his life , giving up all material aspirations.

Fourthly, Swami Vivekananda preached universal religion throughout the world . He told us not to underrate any other sects, creeds or religious beliefs , but to respect every religion , as the truth is same in every religion. Holiness, purity , kindness and generosity are not the property of any single religion. In this connection, we can excerpt from the lecture of former president of America, Barack Obama . He expressed his admiration here :

” Instead of succumbing to division, you have shown that the strength of India – the very idea of India – is its essence of all colours , castes and creeds . It’s the diversity represented in this chamber today. It’s the richness of faiths celebrated by a visitor to my hometown of Chicago more than a century ago – the renowned Swami Vivekananda. He said that , ” holiness, purity and charity are not the exclusive possessions of any church in the world, and that every system has produced men and women of the most exalted character.”

Subhash Chandra Bose considered Vivekananda as his spiritual Guru . He called Vivekananda a ” full blooded masculine personality – and a fighter to the core of being .” I think His call to the nation will not be futile . The light he ignited shall never stop to spread out in the society . Today his birthday , we must take outh that we shall try our best to follow his path and to implement his desires and dreams which are still not fulfilled .

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA : THE LIGHTSwami ji influenced so many people of East and West . Common man to aristocrate, all the people took shelter on his sympathetic lap . In India , he is regarded as a super genius , a godly man . He has inspired massively to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the independence of the country . Vivekananda tought them to love and respect India as Mother. First of all , I am to write about his patriotic heart. He is the only one who has tried his best efforts to change the weak minds into a strong one . He told : Weakness is death and strength is life. Now you only worship of the God who is in distress, your motherland. Keep aside rest God and Goddesses.  Secondly, Swami Vivekananda’s life is deeply concerned with his motherland, India. 


The important source of communication/image : media is life- kalpatarurudra.org/jpg.
Image:Now Media is life- kalpatarurudra.org/jpg.

The Media is the number one device of battling against all the odds and drawbacks of the society as well as the whole universe. Without the media of communication, we can’t live a moment in the modern world. Ao, we can say that now the media is life. Today, I will furnish in my blog a poem related to media.


Sushil Rudra

The name of the poem is ” Now Media Is Life “.

It’s media, a very vibrant but spontaneous device of present era . It is our basic needs with food and lodging ,and freedom of speech and voting . After changing so many eras we are now in the era of media, passing away Paul , Sen , Gupta, Mughol, British and so on.

Now media is life which ruling us . Now it is the era of media. All is controlled by media. It instructs us, advice us and help us what to do or not , in each and every moment,in dream , and in struggle .

Who would be awarded , Who would be rebuked , Who would be regarded , all are furnished by media

The very first page of newspaper on Independence Day, when we open and look at the headline in ten column banner- The feet of whom would you visit ? Is it of Netaji or Mahatma Gandhi, not they’re ! but a rapist murderer who has been convicted and hanged . It’s also defined by the alerted almighty media.

Now media is life. Media is like a metal detector, seeking for a silent and secret atom to discharge and defused, it settles down whether the case is of suicide or murder, the sinners are the politicians, a few dacoits, murderers are patriots, – everything, every moment is being defined and confirmed by the hands and pen of media.

In Sunami or earthquake how would you proceed to propaganda , how would you shouting at arranging michil and gatherings , that are also programmed & organised by the media . They teach you seriously.

As soon as the chun or lime drops down from the bettle , media will shout to you, If there is missing in tune or music, media will threat you , if rice is not produced from paddy , media then and there will expose it by their machines and skilled tune.

In modern age , media is God , Supreme consciousness. The leaders are running towards them to satisfy and to sit on the crown , the singers, the stars , the writers, the researchers are always trying to be favoured of them for getting success, to be awarded the Bharatratna or Padma awards. Media , You are superb , you are God !



MyShoutNwrite Blog

I am Dr. Sushil Rudra from Durgapur West Bengal, India . This blog is for the people of India , its culture, literature , and the religious beliefs etc . I’m to blog is for shouting for the demands of the underprivileged society and the people whose are deprived by the ruling government. And also to write for their demands as well as solving the problems.

Life And Dreams In Poetry

My Dream’s Bird is absolutely my own
 We can’t live in this world without dreams
   From childhood to gray days
   Dreams come and dreams go 
Sometimes it’s daydream, sometime nightmare with tremendous shocking , yet I play with these unrealistic games,
Never getting any fruitful solution
Running into the darkened mist .

Let fly in the sky your dreaming bird 
Don’t captivate your small desires in your secret chamber, don’t afraid of walking through the dark forest or deep sea ,
Or climbing at peak of high mountain
Always be firm and steady in your journey
Whatever the consequence it’s , So don’t stop to enjoy dreams as life is too much uncertain why do you not enjoy it.

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Oh my companion of joy and sorrow , the wind is blowing in my life , Let come to me for traveling another world where there’s no pain and suffering, no betraying , no unemployment , and no corruption like here .


The wind is blowing, the wind of outing for any beautiful places with my friends – tell to the trees, let come to outing with me. Let talk to the path that I might  return at late night , don’t wait for me , but keep shutting off the door.

You can sing a song for your  remote friends , but that song will be mingled with the drops of the dews in the space . You are to be carried out lots of fairy  tales , – but whom do you tell it ? Whose are your listeners? Before lying down on the bed the people are being absorbed in deep sleep ; beasts and birds are also in out of consciousness, probably they’re in their nest resting to gain the energies for the next expedition.                                                                Even the moon 🌙 and the 🌟 stars are not in awakened state. Thus we have wasted a massive times throughout our life. Oh  companion of sorrow and delight of my LifeLet’s go to another world of merriment where the moon and stars are always ready to welcome us.

Nature is our grand source of shelter .
Let’s go another world

Welcome to my blog either as a reader or influencers . Any suggestions are always welcome.

Thank you.

Stay healthy and prosperous.


Woh! My Master , Woh ! My Dear !



I pity the Hindu who does not see the beauty in Jesus Christ’s character. I pity the Christian who does not reverence the Hindu Christ.” – Swami Vivekananda



Not only propagation, we should have to follow his directions into our livelihood. We want to be a Christ. And the salvation of man would be possible.” That was the ceremony of welcoming of glorious renunciation. With the burning incense flames their sacrifice and renunciation turned into a divine atmosphere. Standing there they took a firm resolution for sacrificing their lives in renunciation. They became surprised in the topic of Jesus Christ which was imperceptibly came in their mind in course of talk. But ultimately they came to know about that special day . It’s Christmas Eve.

In 1889 , the resemblance to apathy and renunciation Naren was initiated to translate “Imitation of Christ” in Bengali . We know it’s written by Tamas A Kampesh. Swamiji’s translation was being published serially in the monthly magazine “ Sahittya Kalpodrum , got popularity here in Bengal. In the introduction, the translator expressed his thoughtful opinion about why he had influenced to translate this book and his love and respect to the life and sadhana of Jesus Christ in the present context.


The young translator, Narendra Nath further wrote: Imitation of Christ is a most deserving book of Christians. It’s written by one Catholic Saint. It’s wrong to say that it’s written, rather it is printed with the blood of a all – renouncing ( ascetic ) Mahatma (Holy Soul ) or you can say him a magnanimous spirit . This vibrant & burning Gospel of an incarnation has been attracted cores of men and women for continuously four hundred years with its power of inchantment and will attract in the future , who has been given salutes of hundreds of Kings and emperors , all the division and discriminations amongst the Christian and other faiths with each other, leaving the firm separations will have been downing their head in the charms of this book.

Vivekananda further wrote : He didn’t mention his name in this book as writer . Why should he mention it ? He who gave up all the worldly pleasure and happiness, honour like faeces , why does he beg for name and honour? Subsequently, people gave a writer’s name of a Catholic Saint as Tamas A Campis . God knows how far true it’s ? Whatever he is , no doubt, he is a respectable and holy person of the world.

Next Vivekananda criticized the missionaries of Christian faith. He wrote : Now we are the subjects or progenies of Christian King . In the grace of Emperor, we are seeing so many native and foreign Christians. It’s been found that the great missionaries are preaching that you eat today what you have. Don’t store it for tomorrow or next few days. But they are storing for themselves for coming ten years . They’re busy in meterialistic enjoyment, being wrapped in laxarious lifestyle. And preaching about the vibrant gospels of Jesus Christ. I don’t have found any true Christian. If you read this book , then you will come to know about the so called Protestant Christians who are enjoying a laxarious life and preaching egoistic selfmaid philosophy to another faith .

The Important Feature Of This Book

But young Naren have a great faith and regards in this book and also on the sacred life of Jesus. He was so influenced having read this book that he praised saying this :

This book is full of humility , humbleness , affliction and also a sentiment of being in service to God. Anyone who would read this book , he could have been enriched with the glorious and vibrant renunciation , self – sacrificing and dependancy on it .

In fact , it will be distinct to all having read ” Ishanuswaran ” ( Imitation of Christ) , that young Naren had been massively influenced with the meraculous purity , deep renunciation , selflessness , relinquishing and stone – melting love of Jesus Christ and the sentiment of being in service to God of the divine writer , Cempis . The days of renunciation and self – sacrifice of some young would – be monks at Barahanagar Math was the same as it’s described in this epoch – making book of Cempis . All the words of the writer are no doubt the divine words of wisdom to whom we convey our honour, none other than the great Indian Hindu Monk , Swami Vivekananda .


Of the different philosophies , the tendency of Indian, mainly Hindu is not to blame or destroy , but to harmonise everything. If any new idea comes into India, we do not antagonise it , but simply try to take it in , to harmonise it , because this method was taught first by our prophet , God Incarnate , on earth, Shri Krishna. This Incarnation of God preached himself first : ” I am the God Incarnate , I am the inspirer of all books , I am the inspirer of all religions.” Thus we do not reject any . We love Jesus very much for His love and purity.

We Never Fight Against Any Religion .

The reason why we never fight against any religion is , that we do not say that ours is the only way to salvation . You know it has been told by Swami Vivekananda . And obviously his Master , Sri Ramakrishna who practiced all the religious paths and became abled to reach to goal . Both the spiritual Gurus preached that perfection which can be had by everybody . What’s the proof ?

The proof is that, we see the holiest of men in all countries, good men or women everywhere, whether born in our faith or not . Therefore, it can’t be held that ours is the only way to salvation. Swami Vivekananda quotes from the Upanishad to make understand to the Western devotees in this regard which is in English as follows:

Like so many rivers flowing from different mountains , all coming and mingling their waters in the sea , all different religions , taking their births from different standpoints of fact , come unto thee “. In Gita , Shri Krishna preached same , and so we regard him on account of his wonderful catholicity in harmonising all the preceding revelation.

Hindus never shed bloods for religion. But Mohammedans of India are something different. They are arrogant in respect of religion . But Hindu is too mild . They can criticise , but don’t use sword. Jesus don’t want violence. He is the resemblance of forgiveness and purity what’s the need of the hour . That’s why, like Rama , Shri Krishna and Sri Ramakrishna, We love and worship Jesus Christ.



We are the servent of Our Mind .

Where the mind’s free, the body’s delicate”. – William Shakespeare

“The mind is it’s own place, and in itself Can make a heaven of Hell , a hell of Heaven.” – John Milton

” Mental slavery is mental death , and every man who has given up his intellectual freedom is the living coffin of his dead soul.” – R G Ingersoll

The afternoon of my city is very calm and quiet. Most of the city dwellers used to take rest sometimes after a heavy lunch. I have been observing it for dicades. A pin drop silence prevails everywhere like midnight. Specially, in winter season , people are captivated in the house under the quilt . And the pandemic situation makes it massively isolated by which we are not happy at all . I don’t like to sleep after lunch. Sitting in a arm – chair in the Varanda , I am looking to and fro and thinking about the Nature. Some tall tree of shal – segun and other trees are standing up keeping their head to the sky . Their leaves are being moved by the touch of the wind . Even shivering with the cold blow . How much joyously they are living in this cold season. In the meantime, I am to find out a tall man who is our home servent. He has been working in our house for a long time since my birth. Rup Singh is his name. Unmarried Rup Singh is an illeterate person having no burden of family on his shoulder. He is returning to our house from the market purchasing some betel leaves and its spices. He used to have it . This is only his fad to masticating spicy betel leaves. Rup Singh is indefferent in any circumstances. I never saw him to be getting restlessness. He is just like a tall tree never bend his head in worldly affairs and passions.

Can trees think ?

Can tree thinks like us ? Is there any sorrow and agony to their lives? I feel they’re very spontaneous in its entire life. When it grows up and gradually reach in full youth , it looks heavenly beautiful. In spring they are dressed in green leaves and moon -like flowers. It seems they are enjoying their lives with joy . They look like a Queen. Are they talking about one’s love to another ? Don’t know whether they have any feelings of sorrow or joy ! Sometime I think , like Rup Singh our sorrounding Nature , all these tall trees are indifferent in joy and sorrow . If they could have a mind like us , then they can feel their good and bad . The Nature has been massively exploited and tortured owing to our civilization. This indifferent Nature never protest against this treachery. But gradually they are becoming conscious and trying to defense when they’re kept at bay .

Human being can think :

But we are human beings having a wisdom within us. If I don’t have any domestic duty , and not going to purchase raw vegetables or medicine in the market , I couldn’t stay in silence a moment . Because we have a mind who is all in all in my life. Our mind never stop to thinking until we get sleep . What we could , the steady and firm tall tree couldn’t . They couldn’t imagine what we could . They give us shelter in the hotty summer. Weary Passer-by can take rest for a while under it shed . If they’re not, we can’t survive without oxizen which they produce. With their gentle summer breeze we are getting the touch of Mother. They’re with us from the very beginning of the civilization. You can say that they’re our beloved companions after snow – era or Himyuga . But being a man we have denied their friendship and killed them to enjoy our comfort. They didn’t betray us , but we did . Hence, let rule the demonic mind , and bring up the godly mind which is urgent need of the time.



It’s beautiful to listen loving words, but it seems harse when it’s unfair . So throw off the words in the dustbin when it’s not come within . Don’t believe in sweet words if it’s not come out from the deep sea of love , Trust the words which are wrapped in with the compassion and sacrifice and with the tears of unconditional love. It’s serene and transcendental having no touch of possession. So when you are hurt by words , keep store it your pain and agony in the mind – unexposed , not take care of it , but throw all these in the waves of time . Positively a moment must come when you will gather a strength of neglecting all this hazards of life . All your gloomy state of mind will disappear silently like a dew dropping in the air, Be brave in futile , Never down your head in untruth and untrust . Perhaps, you have to bear in the heart the words of separation from morn to night, from awakening to surrendering in sleep , in dream and on the way to home from the office, but never shelter it as a guest, rather stand up with your utmost life force and strength , hate all these blunt words , kick out all the small desires and jump into the greater struggle which is full of light and delight like a nice poem .

Let sink in the deep ocean within you , Look never behind , Set your journey for the eternal power and enlightenment . Why are you running towards for a small love ! Float on the transcendental and with the serene which is within you.

Never care of the words which are not coming from deep sea of love and trust . Love is life which belongs to serene and transcendental , but when it’s chocked by some odd words that makes life cloudy, never indulge it but stay calm and quiet . Look forward and gaze at the sky , it’s calling you to be come closer as its companion . Let fly in the sky and take shelter beside the Stars , be friend of the fishes whose are swimming in the river with joy and pleasure. Be not with the friends who didn’t keep the words of love and not brave & fair.

LEMON JUICE CAN CURE CANCER: Lemon juice With Hot Water Cure CANCER. We are gradually becoming health conscious as we aren’t well and happy in this polluted atmosphere. Village people are not taking risks whenever they have to face any simple disease. Now-a-days , Doctors are available in village. So any ailing to health of village folk has been treated seriously. Comoaretively they are almost healthy as they used to have organic food items . They are mainly vegan , though non – veg items like meat , fish and eggs are available there. They used to have fresh vegetables and and also pure non – veg . So they’re mostly sound health . In spite of that , they’re not totally safe . Because the farmers are using pesticides and poisonous medicines in the agricultural havesting . Obviously when all these productions are being consumed, its poisonous effect adversely in the human body . It may cause of cancer or other belly ailments . So we should be cautious about our regular food habits. We never take impure food , fast food or junk food. Never should we accustomed having spicy lunch or dinner . If you have had some foods like that, we have to detoxify your body mechinery through some herbal medications . Now-a-days , you can purchase herbal detoxification tabs from the Ayurvedic medicine pharmacy. You might use in home lemon juice. Lemons of any kind are very helpful to protect our body and mind .Generally we don’t use it alongwith our lunch , but many places and homes it’s compulsory during lunchtime. It makes testy with spinach curry or dul . Regular habits of getting lemon juice of two pieces of lemon is highly effective in our health. We get vitamin C from it which support our body from cold allergy. It regulates our weak belly condition. Can cure gastritis.The another good effect of intaking lemon juice,is to protect our skin. we can use lemon juice mixing with alovera juice and olive oil as a skin ointment . It helps to rejuvenate and glow our skin . It has anti – aging qualities.The obesity of our micro -generation is a vital problem of the society. Young and old,women or men both the classes are in crisis in pertaining to this matter. They’re trying to curtail excess obese going to GIM or getting help of learned Doctors. A few obese patients are taking home remedies. I think dietary control will help to some extent. Homeo medicine Phytolacca 1m might control excessive obese .And the last, not the least , lemon juice can protect us from Cancer, but not in cold water , you’re to have the juice with slight hot water. You have to drink it for three months at a stress. Adding a pinch of Turmerics can be much powerful as a health drink . Try to get the drink as a regular habit and keep yourselves free from any disease.

Freshwater with lemon can cure cancer/kalpatarurudra.org/jpg


God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”. – Psalms

” The lust of gold succeeds the rage of conquest”. – Samuel Johnson

” There is a God within us”. – Ovid

God and Gold – both are very precious in this world. We, the most of the people want obviously gold, not God . If it would be surveyed , it will be found that majority of us are interested in gold , not of invisible God . Why do we run for gold, not for God ? There are so many causes behind it. I will discuss today about the psychology of a man who desires gold , and not to see God or hankering after spiritual knowledge . In fact , We do not know about our destination. And no one advice us to take the right direction where to go , and what should be our lifegoal ! We grow up through a steriotype life journey.

As a result, we are totally confused about what to do or don’t . Like all, we start our life journey in a same manner which others are doing on or going to . Start getting education from the age of 3/4 years and ends up it with higher education. Our parents or guardians as well as children generally used to dream a good and honourable professional life or career. For bright future , they become busy to rat – race . They dream of a good salaries, a well furnished flat , and a beautiful wife or husband. Next they’re busy in office works . They have little time to maintain family affairs. As they’re going through a micro family, so their problem is acute. They spend the weekend along with their spouse and children. Even they are unable to look after their parents. Most of the parents are not happy with this situation. They generally meet together once in a year, or two. So, it’s a matter of pain . Parents want to live with their child in their old age, but they don’t get it.

What I am wanting to tell that our new generations are running towards gold . They are spending time in storing money in banks . Purchasing several flats , gold’s, and other properties. The more they are enjoying, the more they wanting.

Besides, there’s a portion of youths who are struggling to get a minimum livelihood day and night. Unemployment is the another problem prevailing a massive impact on the youths. They are seeking to employ anywhere, but Government has not been providing any job for the educated adults. So gold is afar to them. Being frustrated they are going to evil activities. Some of them are depressed having got no alternative source of income.

But they’re few people who looted our valuable capitals of public money like Nirav Modi and so on. Politicians like Lallu Prasad and so many are also responsible for the situation . If it’s meteculously scaned by ED and CBI , it would have been as if to search the thief in the village no one is found perfect . After independence, our only development is to taking bribes cores of money and to storing public money ( government ) in their individual Bank accounts . In Bengal , political Dada’s are the most solvent. BJP leaders are shouting at the corruption of Trinamul MP and the nephew of TMC suprimo, Mr. Abhishek Benerjee. And obviously it’s true that being a young guy how does he possesses the numerous buildings in Kolkata which are so costly. He was caught red-handed by the ED with gold , but CM’s police has rescued him from the ED while Mr. Banerjee was returning from Malaysia. It happened in Kolkata Airport.

There are so many scam cases which is running under investigation by the CBI . Rose Valley, Sarada , Narada, very recently illegal Cow- scammer’s case , aamphan money laundering etc – all these are real pictures of the corruption in our society . Even so many administrative officers are involved in corruption and also running towards gold hoarding . Though they’re getting massive salary, despite they’re not happy. They’re misusing our capitals.

So really we’re far away from God. God is there where there’s no corruption, no scams, no adulteration, no bad mannarism, no cheating , no falsehood. The more we will be busy in personal or self – upliftment , the more we will be far beyond of success. Now it’s urgent need of self introspection. Do we truly achieve the goal? We have some duties and responsibilities to the country as well as for society. We live in a society where all get together in our good or bad days . So , as an individual we belong to a society on which we are indebted too much. The service to society and also service for the country is our birth right and our primary duties . But it’s scarcely found that our erstwhile and modern generation are not serious about it. We should think that if our country becomes rich , we would be also riches. Our Country is our God. Rishi Bankim Chandra Chattapaddhay utteredBande Mataram” to his motherland in his novel “Anandamath”. To serve its people who are poor, week , in trouble , is to serve the God . God is not in the remote, He or She is nearer to us. God, by the name of poor, week , ill- health , are waiting for our service . Go there and take care of them. Swami Vivekananda advised us in such a way. Hence, Our goal should be fixed in this line . ” Nannya Pantha Vidmate Aionayo “.