Weekend Yoga Workshop

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Our studio offers a calm and tranquil space for practising yoga in a safe and supportive environment. We believe that yoga is for everybody and everyone is welcome!

We’re offering classes and courses at beginner and advanced levels, as well as special limited edition sessions of prenatal yoga, children’s yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life.

Dr. Sushil Rudra
Myself Dr Sushil Rudra, an emotional Indian, live in Bengal for 5 decades. From my childhood I was not very strong physically ,but I was a very interested in sports and games. Cricket, football , badminton and other sports was my favourite games. I have played all that upto college life. Even I used to play badminton at the age of 60.
YOGA is also my lifelong companion. During my college life I started YOGA and Freehand Exercise. Because I had digestive problems from my childhood days. At the age of 8/9 I was suffered in piles. College life was not good enough because of my bad health. I had been suffering from decentry and gastritis. Health hazards took it place even in University life . Because of this I started yoga and Freehand Exercise from college life and still it’s continuing. Besides, pranayam and cycling added to this list. Recently I’m to use scooty. But cycling was a good exercise for me when I regularly attended to my teaching schedule in College two km away from my home. But after superannuation It has been changed. But yoga and meditation is my regular schedule.I used to practice it onetime in a day and four to five days in a week.
Bhraman Pranayam is another very helpful process to make you energetic and vibrant. It can enhance your inner energy.
You can do yoga and exercise in empty stomach, never in full Belly. This is mandatory. You may take some biscuits, but empty stomach is good for exercise and yoga in the morning. In afternoon you can do it. Initially do some freehand exercises. Take rest for five minutes and then start yoga.
Generally I try to make 2 asanas and then 1Pranayam, then again 2 asanas and 1 Pranayam and do on. You should select 5 asanas and 3/4 Pranayam according to your health problems. You can continue this for 2/3 months. Then you can add new asanas.
Keep it mind that you should not take any solid food after finishing asanas. You may get some liquid or soft Tiffin after 20 minutes.
Food and Drinks
Be concerned about your food and Drinks. Don’t drink any soft drinks like Coca-Cola or other drinks . Balanced and nutritional food and suppliment should your regular diet. Avoid hot spice and oily food and fast food. Night sleep must be sound and deep. Don’t go to bed late night and late riser. First of all you should have to drink two glasses of water. After brushing start yoga. One hour yoga session can give you extra energy and mental power. Asanas and Pranayam should be done very carefully and slowly. Every Asana is connected with the other, like Sarbangasan and then Matsyasan .

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