Shree Ramakrishna was the spiritual teacher of Swami Vivekananda. He preached that Men are God . To serve the man is to serve the God . This Wards was spread throughout the World by his desciple Swami Vivekananda.

Durgapur and Berhampore, 03.01.2020

We, the most of the Indian respect both the great men like Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi ,Roman Rolland and so on . Our organization is named on Sree Ramakrishna. We follow the way he told. Kalpataru Sree Ramakrishna Seva Trust is working for the underprivileged of the society. The slums boys and girls are not getting proper education, food and nutrition. The youths are in dilemma about their means in which way they proceed . New generation are unaware about their tradition. Western culture gradually wraps them . Senior citizens of our society are helpless. They’re neglected by their wards. Seniors Homes are being made by some businessman where they are to shelter at Old age home. They’re the burdens of their sons.

Next the Women of our society. They’re the victim of all times. Raja Rammohan Ray, Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar tried their best to enhance the status and positions of the women of our society. In spite of that still now our women are not in good position, specially the lower middle class women are to face a lot of problems. Besides, they are not physically safe . Sree Ramakrishna and his servant Swami Vivekananda sacrificed their life for the upliftment of the women.

Our mission is to make a safe and clean society. Our organization has been trying to spread the education, supply nutritional foods to the poor and support the Senior citizens in old age problems.

DURGAPUR INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. 18/6 Sepco Township, DURGAPUR: 713205. Mob: 9547496596/7548049679. Contacts: Asif:9564440947 , MD.Shoaib Ahmed: 8918936320

DIMST is a premier educational training institute in India which is established for catering vocational education to the youths of mediocre students those are not getting chance in MBBS ,but interested in health science . It is recognised by the University Grant Commission (UGC) , NICTE and also Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, New Delhi. These Degree and Diploma Courses are recognised by the Singhania University, Rajasthan. The admission of the following courses are going to be started on and from February, 2020 .

Admission Starts From February For The Following Courses : B. VOC in Nursing, B. VOC in Physiotherapy, B. VOC in Pharmacy, B. VOC in Optometry, B. VOC in Dental Technician , B. VOC in Food & Nutrition, B. VOC in X’ Ray Technician , B. VOC in Hospital Mgt . Homeopathy.

Admission Centers: 106 , Rajendra Prasad Road, near Jagannath Mandir

Mushidabad Institute Of Medical Science & Technology

MIMST is a vocational training institute to impart allied health education to the youths of this area. This Institution is the premier institution in this district. Various courses of medical science are to be taught here to enrich the practical knowledge and ultimately our students will be the most accomplished professional in medical science.

Admission is going on following these courses : Nursing ,DMLT , BMLT, Bachelor of Optometry, Bachelor of Dental Technician ,Bachelor of Pharmacy, Homeopathy etc.

Seats are limited. Welcome to Murshidabad Institute of Medical Science & Technology.

ADMISSION CENTER: 28/A , Sahid Nalini Bagchi Road Berhampore, (Opposite Berhampore Court Railway Station). Dist. Murshidabad

Admission is going on . Please Contacts :

MOB: 9547496596/7548049679/7908904981. e-mail:

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