Rabindranath Thakur’s ” Vijaya”

Victoria Ocampo

Rabindranath Thakur dedicated his ” Purabi” to Vijaya which he called to Argentinean poet and columnist, Victoria Ocampo.

Rabindranath and Victoria Ocampo

In 1924, when Rabindranath Tagore fell ill en route to Peru, he was forced to disembark in Buenos Aires. This sudden break in the journey, opened a new vista for Tagore. He was to meet Victoria Ocampo with whom a new relation would open up soon. Victoria received Tagore and took him to her family estate at San Isidro in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. The poet spent the next two months recuperating in a garden villa overlooking the River Plate in San Isidro. Ocampo, then 34, was enamoured after reading Andre Gide’s French translation of Tagore’s Gitanjali. For her, Tagore was an idol. She looked after him with the diligence of a devoted admirer. It was during this time that the two authors, it is said, developed a very emotional but platonic relationship and started corresponding and exchanging gifts after they met.

Victoria Ocampo

It was a subtle affair, a platonic love, born on the banks of the river Plata.They spent together two unforgettable months in 1924 at the villa Miralrio of Victoria with a view of the river,in San Isidro on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. The river Plata was flowing quietly overhearing their light conversation and heavy breathing. The famous Tipa tree in the garden of the house was bending and crouching …listening to the silence of the couple who used to sit under its shade.He called his muse Bijaya ( victoria ).

One third of his Purabi poems are said to be inspired by this Argentine angel.

Here is a poem

” Exotic blossom, I whispered again in your ear

What is your language dear

you smiled and shook your head

and the leaves murmurred instead ”

Tagore in Argentina with Victoria Ocampo

He thought, “he had received ‘a woman’s love’, the kind of love he had been hoping for a long time to ‘deserve’ the love that alleviates a man’s inner loneliness and is like a’ supply of water’ in his journey across a desert.” This was reflected in his poem Shesh Basanth (the last spring) which he wrote on November 21 during his stay as the guest of Ocampo.

While walking on my solitary way

I met you at the dusk of nightfall

I was about to ask you take my hand

When I gazed at your face and was afraid.

For I saw there the glow of the fire that lay asleep

In the deep of your heart’s dark silence

The poet and the Vijaya

Ocampo appeared to be distinctly different from them because of her depth of thought, deep spiritual inclination and high level of intellectual capability that enabled her to understand Tagore much more closely than the other females Tagore had been in contact with. The feminine charms and affections of other females around him had certainly helped Tagore considerably to overcome loneliness and inspired him to go ahead with relentless creative activities, but none could give him the level of intellectual and spiritual satisfaction like Victoria Ocampo. The memory of her company at San Isidro, and continuous correspondence with her, went on inspiring Tagore to new levels of creative activities. Her memory was subtly reflected in many of Tagore’s poems written after his Argentine venture. In three poems (Atithi, Ashanka and Shesh Basanta), written later on, Tagore addressed Ocampo although her name was not explicitly mentioned.

REVIEWS: ” The Old man & The Sea” / Ernest Hemingway It’s one of the classics from American literature. It fetched him Nobel and Pulitzer and took his works to new heights. Story: Santiago, an old fisherman at a fishing hamlet on the Cuban coast had been struck by ‘sala, the worst form of luck, haven’t had a single catch in 84 days in a row and his young apprentice had to abandon him. But he still ventures into the sea the next day and goes deep into the blues and had to fight for a night and day to harpoon out a large marlin and ties it to the side of his skiff. Unfortunately, the sharks surround him — feast his labour, his brother(fish). Later the boy wakes up in his hut, exclaiming the villagers are awestruck by his catch and quarrelling for its head — tired old-man goes to sleep, to dream about the lions of the African beach. Thirdeye: It’s ostensibly a very simple story, but is a typical example of the author’s iceberg theory: as only one eighth is visible the writer must leave the remaining for the reader to interpret and discover. For me it was ocean geography: Gulf stream, Florida strait, sea & land breeze, bio-luminance and it explores the rich fauna, flying fish, cod, dolphins, sea-birds etc. Moreover, it’s a story about Universal brotherhood, Oldman respects & bonds with nature and the globe. ” The old man and the sea” is a short novel by Hemingway, published in 1952 and awarded the 1953 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. I have already told that the story depicts a fisherman, Santiago’s untiring efforts who engaged in a battle with the great fish marlin,  to drag him up. The story begins with this old man who fished alone in a skiff, who had gone eighty-four days without catching a fish and the narrator illustrate this as salao, which is the worst form of luck. Throughout the reading, we can observe the life of a fisherman, the relation between a fish and him,  how he hooked the fish,  tasks related to fishing and his ardent connection with the boy ( his apprentice ). If you read this book,  you can gain a vast knowledge of fish, boats and I would like to refer to this book as oceanography. The great determination and optimism of an old man, who endures a lot of pain and difficulties throughout his life are o be emphasized. In the amid a portion of this book,  perhaps you could feel tedious as it deals with the interpretation of the way of fishing, but at the disclosure part, it’s very astonishing. I would like to quote some lines that hit my heart..”He had taken down the picture of his dead wife because it made him feel lonely & it now lay on the shelf underneath his clean shirt.” To me this symbolises her purity to him & also his love.”You can kill a man but u can’t defeat him “.This shows his courage and determination towards the hurdles he had faced. This is a best written short novel and no page of this beautiful work could have been done better or differently, and to be read and stored in the portmanteau of lifetime belongings, only to be extracted and read again during difficult times….


MyShoutNwrite Blog

I am Dr. Sushil Rudra from Durgapur West Bengal, India . This blog is for the people of India , its culture, literature , and the religious beliefs etc . I’m to blog is for shouting for the demands of the underprivileged society and the people whose are deprived by the ruling government. And also to write for their demands as well as solving the problems.

Life And Dreams In Poetry

My Dream’s Bird is absolutely my own
 We can’t live in this world without dreams
   From childhood to gray days
   Dreams come and dreams go 
Sometimes it’s daydream, sometime nightmare with tremendous shocking , yet I play with these unrealistic games,
Never getting any fruitful solution
Running into the darkened mist .

Let fly in the sky your dreaming bird 
Don’t captivate your small desires in your secret chamber, don’t afraid of walking through the dark forest or deep sea ,
Or climbing at peak of high mountain
Always be firm and steady in your journey
Whatever the consequence it’s , So don’t stop to enjoy dreams as life is too much uncertain why do you not enjoy it.

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I’m not a Poet or author , but like to write in my leisure time. Perhaps I write for my personal interest as I have been doing a job where regular activities are to discuss literature and linguistic with the students as well as teaching professionals. I authored 12 books mainly pertaining to research work about literature. Now I am trying to write for the betterment of the trouble affected people . Please read and comment if it’s helpful to you. – S. Rudra


I desire to live in this world, it’s my sweet home. Never I want this world to be a very small like seed or a fruit Amloki . I want a world which would spread Certainly I would get found my world. Oh my world, please extent yourself, expand unto Brahmah and the whole Universe , spread up to endless sky or the entire spaces, near and far . Let My world be eternal, endless and beyond geographical , World ! Oh my dear World, don’t be contracted, nor narrow hearted , and me, rather being small and more smaller would wrap you and hug you with utmost care.

Journey Never stop

You become big and I stay small like your obedient child , only for looking into your magistry I would be very soft like a bunch of silk very soft and formless , if I get a little alert , being rolled up like a Murshidabad silk ,try to enter into the circle of the ring with a gentle coursey .

The World Is Very Big , It Can Not Be Small like Pond . It’s so old that never been lost.


Oh my companion of joy and sorrow , the wind is blowing in my life , Let come to me for traveling another world where there’s no pain and suffering, no betraying , no unemployment , and no corruption like here .


The wind is blowing, the wind of outing for any beautiful places with my friends – tell to the trees, let come to outing with me. Let talk to the path that I might  return at late night , don’t wait for me , but keep shutting off the door.

You can sing a song for your  remote friends , but that song will be mingled with the drops of the dews in the space . You are to be carried out lots of fairy  tales , – but whom do you tell it ? Whose are your listeners? Before lying down on the bed the people are being absorbed in deep sleep ; beasts and birds are also in out of consciousness, probably they’re in their nest resting to gain the energies for the next expedition.                                                                Even the moon 🌙 and the 🌟 stars are not in awakened state. Thus we have wasted a massive times throughout our life. Oh  companion of sorrow and delight of my LifeLet’s go to another world of merriment where the moon and stars are always ready to welcome us.

Nature is our grand source of shelter .
Let’s go another world

Welcome to my blog either as a reader or influencers . Any suggestions are always welcome.

Thank you.

Stay healthy and prosperous.


Our country produces so many great teacher who sacrificed their lives for the betterment of education and its true implementation in the society. We can give examples from Vidyasagar to Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan .


Vidyasagar came from a poor Brahmin priest family. He continued his learning in High School to College & University through hard labour. He used to teach students as a tutor and after that he did continue his higher studies.

When he was a teacher and next head pandit of Sanskrit college, he used to provide financial help to the poor students. He was a social reformer and also the pioneer of Bengali prose .


..A good teacher is he who always look after his or her student’s future . As a teacher, Vidyasagar emphasised on the women education and opened first girls school with the help of Bethune Saheb in North Kolkata ( formerly Calcutta) in Bidon Street near Swami Vivekananda’s ancestral home. It’s now famous Bethune College.

A teacher should have the quality of sacrifice and the power to change a student’s life. And that’s what a teacher from the state of Maharashtra did. He took a stand for promoting girls education and changed the lives of many girls.

In modern times, it’s very rare to be found such kind of mentality and sacrifice which a primary teacher are trying to implement in our society. We came to know from various sources of communication that a primary teacher of Maharashtra was awarded a big amount of money from UK .


The news published on 3rd December 2020 that Shri Ranjitsinh Disale , a teacher from Solapur district, Maharashtra won the Global Teacher Prize 2020 with a cash prize of $1-million.

But it’s matter of great pleasure that he shared this money with the co-perticipants though he was the only owner of this prize, so far as I concern from the news agency.

We all know that Covid pandemic has been changed our lives in many respects . Still now students are not allowed to attend the schools and colleges . So we have to take help of digital media like Google meet and other apps .

During interview this teacher said, ” The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed education and the communities it serves in a multitude of ways. But in this hard time, teachers are giving their best to make sure every student has access to their birthright of a good education.


It’s absolutely right what he said about teacher’s duty. Students always wait for the teachers to get assistance in their problems with learning.

Hence teacher should have been always catious about the lessons which are given to them. Whether they’re in comfort in study or not , it’s to be taken information by the teachers about it .


He thinks that this work is not possible for an individual efforts. It’s the works of all the teachers. He remarked in this respect ,

” Teachers are who are changing the lives of their students with a mixture of chalk and challenges. They always believe in giving and sharing “.


And, he started again :

” therefore, I am very pleased to announce that I will share 50% of the prize money the real change-makers equally among my fellow, top 10 finalists to support their incredible work. Because I believe , together we can make a difference and we can make this world a better place.

He believes he is not alone the winner, so he declared that the money will be disbursed equal among all the rest 9 top 10 finalists.

His attitude towards growing and sharing has put a mark that we should learn to share because if we will share then only we can grow together.


Ranjitsinh is a teacher of a village school . Generally , there’s no infrastructure in the school of Villages . Neither classroom, nor sufficient teachers are available there .

However , he reached first time at the Zilla Parishad Primary School at Paritewadi in Solapur in 2009, it was a dilapidated building, sandwiched between a cattleshed and a storeroom.


Most of the girls in the school were from tribal communities. You know they are first generation getting education . So their attendance was very low. Sometimes it could be as low as 2% .

And again child marriage was very common. Some students were unable to understand the textbooks . Because it was not in their primary language(Kannada).

But Ranjitsinh did not give up hope . He sympathically thought about the situation .

He learned Kannada and taught them by translating the textbooks to their local language. So being a less payment primary teacher he had to learn another new language which is very very difficult to achieve. He did it. It’s his good will and sacrifice for the benefit of the students.

We came to know from him that he also started QR coded textbooks by the help of which students could learn through video lectures, audio poems and stories. And later his school became the first in the Maharashtra to use QR coded textbooks.

In 2017 state ministry decided to introduce QR coded textbooks for classes 1-12. Following which in 2018 NCERT also introduced QR coded textbooks. It’s a modern techniques to impart education to the students.

His school is in a drought-prone district of Maharashtra but he has tackled with this issue also by increasing green land from 25% to 33% in the last ten years. In all, 250 hectares of land surrounding his village was saved from desertification, earning his school the ‘Wipro Nature for Society’ award in 2018.

CEO of Microsoft (Satya Nadela) has recognized Ranjitsinh’s work as one of three stories from India in his book Hit Refresh. He has won the Innovative Researcher of the Year 2016 award and he has also won the National Innovation Foundation’s Innovator of the Year award in 2018.

He has communicated his methods by writing more than 500 newspaper articles and blogs, as well as participating in television discussions on educational topics.

He is a teacher with utmost respect who has dedicated his life for girls education and now all his work has made tremendous impact. Teenage marriages has stopped in that place and the school is having 100% attendance of girls. Therefore , only possible for a devotional teacher which is very rare in modern generation.

Our country needs such kind of teachers who can change the poor position of Indian women and their livelihood. And for this need hundreds of idle teachers like Ranjitsinth are highly appreciated in India.

Only such persons are fit to undertake the work of teaching as are thoroughly educated and virtuous. -. Swami Dayanand


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Where the mind’s free, the body’s delicate”. – William Shakespeare

“The mind is it’s own place, and in itself Can make a heaven of Hell , a hell of Heaven.” – John Milton

” Mental slavery is mental death , and every man who has given up his intellectual freedom is the living coffin of his dead soul.” – R G Ingersoll

The afternoon of my city is very calm and quiet. Most of the city dwellers used to take rest sometimes after a heavy lunch. I have been observing it for dicades. A pin drop silence prevails everywhere like midnight. I’m busy with my Mind and Nature.

Specially, in winter season , people are captivated in the house under the quilt . And the pandemic situation makes it massively isolated by which we are not happy at all . I don’t like to sleep after lunch. Sitting in a arm – chair in the Varanda , I am looking to and fro and thinking about the Nature.

Some tall tree of shal – segun and other trees are standing up keeping their head to the sky . Their leaves are being moved by the touch of the wind . Even shivering with the cold blow . How much joyously they are living in this cold season. In the meantime, I am to find out a tall man who is our home servent.

He has been working in our house for a long time since my birth. Rup Singh is his name. Unmarried Rup Singh is an illeterate person having no burden of family on his shoulder. He is returning to our house from the market purchasing some betel leaves and its spices. He used to have it.

This is only his fad to masticating spicy betel leaves. Rup Singh is indefferent in any circumstances. I never saw him to be getting restlessness. He is just like a tall tree never bend his head in worldly affairs and passions.

Can trees think ?

Can tree thinks like us ? Is there any sorrow and agony to their lives? I feel they’re very spontaneous in its entire life. When it grows up and gradually reach in full youth , it looks heavenly beautiful. In spring they are dressed in green leaves and moon -like flowers. It seems they are enjoying their lives with joy .

They look like a Queen. Are they talking about one’s love to another ? Don’t know whether they have any feelings of sorrow or joy ! Sometime I think , like Rup Singh our sorrounding Nature , all these tall trees are indifferent in joy and sorrow . If they could have a mind like us , then they can feel their good and bad

The Nature has been massively exploited and tortured owing to our civilization. This indifferent Nature never protest against this treachery. But gradually they are becoming conscious and trying to defense when they’re kept at bay .

Human being can think :

But we are human beings having a wisdom within us. If I don’t have any domestic duty , and not going to purchase raw vegetables or medicine in the market , I couldn’t stay in silence a moment . Because we have a mind who is all in all in my life. Our mind never stop to thinking until we get sleep . What we could , the steady and firm tall tree couldn’t . They couldn’t imagine what we could . They give us shelter in the hotty summer. Weary Passer-by can take rest for a while under it shed . If they’re not, we can’t survive without oxizen which they produce. With their gentle summer breeze we are getting the touch of Mother.

They’re with us from the very beginning of the civilization. You can say that they’re our beloved companions after snow – era or Himyuga . But being a man we have denied their friendship and killed them to enjoy our comfort. They didn’t betray us , but we did . Hence, let rule the demonic mind , and bring up the godly mind which is urgent need of the time.


The Indian Navy

Hello Everyone, So today I’m sharing a post of my Daughter’s Friend Sanjana Chakraborty a.k.a the grey crescent. You can also check her other writings on Instagram


It’s beautiful to listen loving words, but it seems harse when it’s unfair . So throw off the words in the dustbin when it’s not come within . Don’t believe in sweet words if it’s not come out from the deep sea of love , Trust the words which are wrapped in with the compassion and sacrifice and with the tears of unconditional love. It’s serene and transcendental having no touch of possession. So when you are hurt by words , keep store it your pain and agony in the mind – unexposed , not take care of it , but throw all these in the waves of time . Positively a moment must come when you will gather a strength of neglecting all this hazards of life . All your gloomy state of mind will disappear silently like a dew dropping in the air, Be brave in futile , Never down your head in untruth and untrust . Perhaps, you have to bear in the heart the words of separation from morn to night, from awakening to surrendering in sleep , in dream and on the way to home from the office, but never shelter it as a guest, rather stand up with your utmost life force and strength , hate all these blunt words , kick out all the small desires and jump into the greater struggle which is full of light and delight like a nice poem .

Let sink in the deep ocean within you , Look never behind , Set your journey for the eternal power and enlightenment . Why are you running towards for a small love ! Float on the transcendental and with the serene which is within you.

Never care of the words which are not coming from deep sea of love and trust . Love is life which belongs to serene and transcendental , but when it’s chocked by some odd words that makes life cloudy, never indulge it but stay calm and quiet . Look forward and gaze at the sky , it’s calling you to be come closer as its companion . Let fly in the sky and take shelter beside the Stars , be friend of the fishes whose are swimming in the river with joy and pleasure. Be not with the friends who didn’t keep the words of love and not brave & fair.