Myself, Dr Sushil Rudra from Durgapur City, West Bengal like to write, discuss my thoughts about my sorrounding World, maybe it’s politics, Entertainment, food and Nutrition, Lifestyle, religion, history, Social matter, education and so on .

Studied in the University of Calcutta and did my my post graduation and Ph.D . M.A. both in Bengali and English language and literature. Have some books published from Kolkata. My post doctoral thesis is Swami Vivekananda o Paschatte Bharatchetana .

Writing is my hobby. I like music, traveling, Social activities, blogging. Travelled almost all the parts of India.

Have a sweet daughter and spouse. Taught at Berhampore Krishnath College, Murshidabad, Berhampore Girls College in PG section for a long time. Went to Kota Rajasthan and there served as Guest Professor in Rajasthan Technical University in Kota . Principal in J C Bose Institute of Education and Research Budbud Durgapur. At present, I am retired and working in Mychael Mashusudan Memorial College Durgapur.

My blogging site is not professional. As I like to write , so this blog. Please read , like and comment. Thank you.

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