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Satyajit Roy, the great film – director, Painter and Writer recollected his early life and his contemporary Kolkata in his book” Jakhon Choto Chilam ( When I was a little boy ) . In Indian film world he became legendary figure creating new horizons and awarded’Oscar’ which is topmost prize like ‘Nobel’ in this sector. He was a meritorious and fabulous director in film direction . His Sakaler sabdhane, Apur Sangsar, Aparajita, Nayak , Debi are some of the great films which are the treasures of Indian films.

Apart from that, he was an eminant writer in Bengali Literature, specially in the field of adventurous short story and fiction. Some of his writings were being converted into films and become famous .

¶ Satyajit Roy was grown up in a family where specially cultivation of literature took place in regular basis. His both grandmother and father was a big name in Bengali Literature. In every Bengali reading room there’s their books like Aabol Tabol and the books of rhymes. They’ve their own printing press from where The Sandesh – a children’s magazine had been published by his father Sukumar Roy . Sometimes it was stopped , but Satyajit Roy again starts it publication . It’s one of the oldest and probably best children magazine in India.

¶ Roy’s famous writings are as follows: Badshahi Aangti , Braziler Kalo Bagh , Koilashe Kelengkari , Molla Nasiruddiner Golpo , Jakhon Choto Chilam, Kato Kandi Kathmundute , Royal Bengal Rahosso , Sayam Professor Shankar, Shanku Aekai 100 , Sabas Professor Shanku , Sonar Kella (film), Professor Shanku, Pikur Diary, Kanchanjangha (film), Nayak (film), Feluda & Company, Fotik Chand , Darjeeling Jamjamat, Joy baba Felunath (film), Gangtake Gandogol, Tarini Khuror Kirtikalap, Baksho Rahosso, Tintoretor Jishu , Nayan Rahosso etc..

Like Nirod C Chowdhury Satyajit started his literary journey at late . Nirod C Chowdhury started his writings at the age of 50, Satyajit at 40 . Before that he never thought about writing essays, short stories, poems, novels and so on. Actually he first started his career in advertising company. Also engaged in book get up drawings . Painting was his hobby. Suddenly he decided to make films . During this time his friend ,TheVeteran Poet Subhash Mukhopaddhay ( Jnanpith Awardee) oneday came to him and told in course of their discussion that it would be better to republish the Sandesh in new dress which was stopped after his father’s death. Being influenced he told that it’s a good idea and supported Mr. Subhas Mukhopaddhay. Satyajit gave his consent and within few months Sandesh reborn in a new dress. But even that time Roy didn’t think about his writing calibre . Though he was one of the Editor of this magazine.

Probably his writing journey starts in need of the articles of the magazine. His debut writing is a translation , can say it transcription of the Limerick of Edward Lior. Gradually he composed some short stories to fulfill the demand of the Sandesh like Feluda, Shankus Diary etc. . Thus he wrote a lot and enriched the Bengali Literature. to be continued

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