The Green Fields Of Bengal

The green fields with yellow master Seed plants. Looking up to the eternal blue skies ,praying for warm rays of the Sun , to be rescued from the pain of sharp , bitter striking of the Cold of Winter and the frozen wind of Bengal , where farmers are toiling utmost in the field. To clean the weeds around the growing Cabbages and potato garden and planting other crops in the bed of the land , Someone is angling rod to fetch fish with deep concentration, Standing on the side of a silent pond . It’s for the Lunch of their relatives, daughter and sons .

Angling rod to fetch fish

A school boy is playing alone on the field overwhelming with joy , in the earnest call of Mother Earth. To him, it is the beauty of Heaven exposed before. his wonder eyes .

Might be a city boy who came first time in village

¶¶ This is tiny village of Bengal , red soil its paths With some scattered homes of local natives , and their cattle’s room and others pet like goat and hen . In a holiday morning , We, having our car reached there To spend throughout the day under the beautiful sky into the rural native nature along with our friends . These village natives don’t having any junk foods like urban , But Self – maid , self – cultivated greeny veg and fresh fish pond, Is their regular lunch and dinner; and obviously pure milk of the cow they drink regularly with great satisfaction.

¶¶ It’s that Holy soil of great Son, Sri Ramakrishna , who is perhaps Worldwide acquainted of and being admired , born in a poor family ; His father was a sacred man , never speaks lie or earns money in dishonestly ; though he never cries for fame or power , but honestly lived a life and died in peace .

¶¶ This is That Holy soil , where appeared Ram Kinkar Bej, and Ramananda Chattapadhay , both are genius in Fine Arts , and made Shantiniketan a temple of their Sadhana (adoration). Everything is there – that fields , that endless greens , that villages too , but there is luck of that personalities of genius. Neither there truthfulness of man , nor any simplicity . Only color of politics is the basis of friendship , gradually subsides all its greatness and magnitudes , this not lie .

¶¶ Natives now polluted with the touch of so-called politics, lost their love and compassion , weaken their charisma and vibrant living, only running for financial and political gain , only corruption and vandalism is their means of Jay .

But sure to say , one day new child will come to restore its golden past , by the power of divine love and compassion. Give birth a enlightened and peaceful Earth .

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