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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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THE GITA is our holy book – the must read book of Hindus . Anyone irrespective of caste creed and religion can read this valuable words of wisdom . The  spiritual seekers can enrich and enlighten their lives with the knowledge of Gita. 
As a book of scripture, the Bhagavadgita has assumed a position of universal interest. It’s teachings have gained appreciation not only in India, but far beyond its borders. I think almost all the God – seekers are aware of this book like Bible and Koran. The is oldest amongst them.  

       WHY GITA IS GREAT ?It’s very difficult to explain its greatness and the highest esoteric doctrines in a small piece of writing . It’s the essence of Vedas . It’s language is so sweet and placid that man can easily understand it after a small practice. Actually, if we read this holy book with utmost devotion, we can be enriched with the knowledge of higher thoughts on spiritual upliftment. Gita is the guide book of Hindus who are interested in pursuing the spiritual growth in life. Only one book can change your life if you have to achieve the truth. We know that the Truth is God and the God is Truth. In Gita , the truth of life is being delivered by Sri Krishna as it’s said, ” Sri Krishna Ubacha “. The thoughts in Gita are so deep that none can arrive at their end even after constant study throughout a life – time. Everyday they exhibit new facets of Truth , and therefore they remain ever fresh and new . When scrutinized with a concentrated mind , when attentively read between the two lines , possessed of faith and reverence, every verse of the Gita will clearly appear as full of the deepest mystery.   It will be not unjust to say that the manner in which the Gita describes the virtues, glory and secret of God , is hardly found in any other scriptures of the world . For in any other books , the teachings are generally mixed up , more or less , with worldly subjects , but the Gita uttered by the God Himself is such an incomparable book that not a single word will be found in it , which is devoid of some spiritual import.  To be continued …



This is a white board where I want to decorate some gems of words which I have received from Indian culture and from spiritual wealth of ancient sages . I have been trying here to depict the critical life journey of a village boy who in course of time and actions walks from native village to town and then one city to another in India for enjoying to have education, service and livelihood through a jig jug way . I have experienced a lot , good or bad, but was enriched and try to enlightening myself . In my boyhood days I was not shy or shaky, but vibrant. Perhaps I wasn’t bold and haven’t healthy physique, but everyday I used to go high school in a remote village by walking which was 4 kilometres away from my home. There’s river Ganga ( Bhagirathi) in between our village and the village where the school is situated. After returning home in afternoon and getting some foods I regularly joined in the football or cricket team to play minimum one to one and half hours. We had to return home before dusk . From 7 to 9.30 pm was our reading time . At 9.30 it’s dinner time. Generally we have no task afterwards. Sometime we used to play indoor games Ludu with my elder brother or sister. But on the eve of half yearly or final exam we were to continue our studying after dinner. We had to get up at 4.30/5.00 O’clock in the morning for revision our study material for preparation. During holidays sometimes we used to sing music in our Boithakkhana along with my elder brother’s friend. Sometime we have played Ha du du , Nunthari , Badminton and also freehand exercise with Yogasana. We enjoyed a lot during our Durgapuja festival. Everyday I used to visit Durga Mandir to see the mud built statues of the deities. I also then used to collect Shiuli flowers.

I have been shifted to our town house for college education. There was no college near to our village home . Now there’s a college. From then I have spent almost all the time in Berhampore Murshidabad. After graduating from Krishnath College, I studied in The University of Calcutta for post graduation and Ph.D . Almost 5/6 years I had to spend in Calcutta ( now Kolkata) in West Bengal. Here I want to express some words about my health. I wasn’t sound health during this period. I was brunt severely with hot oil accidentally just before part one Honours degree exam . And was being admitted to hospital for treatment. From then I was not stable at all. However, I have got my M. A and Ph.D digress without any break. Just one year after I was posted in a college as a guest professor for some months. But it wasn’t permanent job. Then after some months I have been given a service as faculty member at Krishnath College in lien vacancy . But the employee didn’t return there as he was selected for Principal post somewhere in Bengal. So I was given the vacant post . There I have been teaching for 33 years . Next I had to take a service in the department of English of Rajasthan Technical University as a guest professor and at the same time I have furnished my duty as an Associate Professor in English department at Dr. Modi Engineering College in Kota. I went there for my daughter, Sumedha’s coaching purpose and Stayed two years in Kota. Returning Bengal, I decided to stay in Durgapur City in West Bengal for my daughter’s higher education. In the meantime, I have retired from my service. After that I have taken a service in a B.Ed college as a Principal. It’s 20 km away from Durgapur City . I was there for sometime. When I have abled to manage a service near to my present resident I took resignation from the service of Principal. At present I am furnishing my small duty as a guest professor in Michael Mashusudan Memorial College in Durgapur. I want to live here with some works .

Writing is my one of the hobbies. I authored 12 books and it has been published from Kolkata publishing company. Swami Vivekananda and Rabindranath Tagore both are my subjects of discussion. I am very fond of music. I can sing Rabindranath Sangeet and Bengali modern songs. I am also foodie. I love sweets, misti doi and Hilsa fish. Dislike meats. Like travelling, blogging , debets and listening music. I am a father of a beautiful daughter . My spouse, Santa has been brought up here in this Steel City, Durgapur. We do some social works and practice Homeopathy also .

I’m newbie in blogging. Started in the year of 2018 . Stopped a few months. But again I am posting regularly. ” Rudra’s blog)

Please Read, like and share it. Also comments. I need your assistance and support as well as suggestions. Thank you so much.


God’s Own Home

This is Paradise . Let Set out there on the way to God’s Home. You can settle down there a whole day for taking rest or to play whole day fulfilling your desire in streach and deep pain . And to gossiping there with beautiful Nature – and with your remote friend . Might he be there in disguise of God, sitting there . If you get a room on the widen field , Be seated in the solitary corner with utmost serinity mood . Greens will come to greet you. Love and hug with it . Try to sink in the deep River of consciousness keeping aloof all the hazardous of life. You might be benefited from this journey to God. The bed of green grass is ready to welcoming you, Sit on there as much as you can to enjoy this paradise . Walking through the valleys and mountains and on its zigzag way to meet your bossom friend , And at the end of this road, He is waiting for you , keeping his door open to embrace you . Don’t hesitate to move forward in meeting him as He has been waiting for you for a long time to be loved and to be had lunch with you. Be face to face and exchange the sights with each other . He eagers to serving you the most favourite dishes . Don’t be hesitated to meet Him as the time will not wait for you.

Be calm, concentrate on your heart which is the temple of love and light, Don’t look at the outer sparking which is not glorious . Never streach your hands to Fame, Jewelry, or so called Prestigious posts, as these couldn’t provide you the light and peace for ever. All day long You and He, siting front to front, gazing at each other, to garnering flowers chains at each other’s neck , no serious talk to be pronounced , no blunt talks of love , nor any worldly possession matter there to have gain, We, both spend whole day bathing in the rays of glittering Sun .


You Should Set Goals Beyond Your Reach, So You Can Always Have Something To Live For”. – Ted Turner

” Rich High , For Stars Lie Hidden In You . Dream Deep , For Every Dream, Precedes The Goal.” – Rabindranath Tagore

Meditation Is The Gateway To Achieve

Concentration Is The Key

Our life isn’t bed of roses . It’s full of struggle , notwithstanding we want to live in this world. We love to dream numerous things which are mostly about worldly affairs to possess. We obviously dream a sweet home, a beautiful wife and also a four wheeler .. Some are highly ambitious whether they are competent or not . Perhaps they’re meritorious and fighting for a good career. They’re mostly fond of power and respect . In fine, they’re being charged with their surroundings to be a good careerists. Everyday we are informed from the newspaper or TV news or net that the youths from middle Class society are cracking prestigious IAS , IPS or IFS etc . They are obviously brightening up the society. It’s to be seen in our society that most of the parents desire to see their sons or daughters as Doctor or Engineer, at least Professor or Scientist . At present, we are going through a nuclear family system having only one or two children. So it’s quite natural to have a big dream about their children’s careers .

Our children, may they be male or females are now working in MNC /IT sections in India and even in aboard. So it’s a good sign of advancement we can’t deny it . In politics our women are now in forefront . We have seen Mrs Pratibha Patil as a President of of India. Mira Kumar and so many MLAs and MPs have been elected and participating in policies . We have seen some successful woman in Banking industry whose are meticulously furnishing their duties . There are so many women Principals and Vice Chanceller in India. In military, Hospital, Space , Science, Business Industry, Factory, Airways, Schools , Autumobiles, Postal Service – everywhere they’re successful. So its obviously a progressing situation in society. We can say that we are going to be successful in materialistically.

But really are we progressing ?

It’s absolutely a hard task to give a reasonable answer . Progressing is an evolution process. We, the human beings through evolution process came from amoeba to human body. Man and human being , both the words have a space for explaining in respect to nature. From Man to Human being there is a process . And this process is very critical and effortive . When Swami Vivekananda pronounced that Man is potentially divine, then it’s clear to us we have a godly power within us , but it’s covered with clouds. The Sun is in the Sky, but as it’s being covered with the clouds ,so we are unable to find it. Just as covered Sun , our divinity within is behind the materialistic world which is in deep sleep. To awaken it , is our life’s endeavour.

Practically, we do not cultivate this areas . We are always struggling in the outer surface of our lives, neglecting innermost world. In ancient India, this innerworld had been given emphasised . Our ancestors were always alert about in imparting these spiritual knowledge to their offsprings . But today we are not serious about it. Our new generation is not aware of it. We pray to almighty for our material happiness. We are inclined to enjoy the modern amenities which are the results of advancement in science and technology. We are running towards enormous comforts in our external life , but ultimately we are lagging behind the vibrant life which is called divine life . Rishi Aurobindo battled against British to make India to be freed. To him India, his motherland, is not a geographical or demographical land . It’s Divine Mother to him. He wrote a book, ‘Life Divine’ by name, where he expressed his spiritual thoughts on life. There he told the experiences of journey from man to human beings.

Man is a rational being. It differs us from animal . We are lucky enough as we are being blessed by it . From coarse to subtle state of knowledge passing over , or attaining a higher stage of consciousness from a lower one should be our goal. But present education system is not imparting this knowledge to us . Rabindranath Tagore and Swami Vivekananda’s education thoughts are not supported by this educational curriculum . Besides, due to modern development in communication and gadgets Indian youths are addicted to that. Bollywood world is also to some extent is responsible for the deterioration in terms of values and ethics which is not supported by our old thoughts and values. Bigotry , nepotism, corruption, jihad , castism, terrorism , too much westernising – all these are causing loss of our inner world consciousness. Only we are in the darkness of illusion . The more these elements prevails in our society, the more we are far from the spiritual quotients . That means we are not progressing gradually from animality to rationality . So then we are near to animal .

Should it be the goal or aim of a man ? Certainly not. Like others natural elements we are also created by the God . Rivers, clouds , air , sky , planets – all these are from God , The creator. It’s not possible for a scientist to create all these. Then who created it ? There are so many opinions expressed by the scholars. But we don’t want to discuss about that. But we can’t refuse our Vedas and Upanishads. The western philosophers like Roman Rolland, Maxmuller praised this books as a treasure of spiritual thoughts. The spiritual Master of Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna emphasised on the higher knowledge or the experience of God.

What should be the aim of Life ?

To him , Knowledge is not to gain bookish education, rather it should be to attain divine knowledge. The goal of a man should be to know the divinity already within him . Swamiji’s teaching is also the same like his Master, Sri Ramakrishna. But we do reluctant to achieve this goal. Vivekananda never told to fight shy this world. They told us that you live in this world, but keep your mind on God . ……. To be continued.

Dr. Sushil Rudra , dated on Durgapur , 22.11.2020


A Ballot Is Stronger Than The Bullet”. – Abraham Lincoln

” A Voter Without A Ballot Is Like A Soldier Without Bullet”. – D D Eisenhower

The Incredible India, where we live, breathe and dreamt , is our pride . This is our motherland . So we love this country as our Mother. A great land with vibrant culture and multi – languages , enriched with spiritual and scientific knowledge , along with different food habits and culinaries , dresses and natural resources has been made it a heavenly country which is the home of 135 crores of people . Foreign imperialist enemies invaded this country several times to capture and to rule. Shak – Hun – Pathan – Mughal and lastly British imperialist invaded our country and ruled two hundred years. Though Rabindranath Tagore wrote: Shak Hun Dall Pathan Mughol Aek Dehe Holo Lin , that means these foreigners came here and established, ultimately they’re being converted into Indian . It’s all right , but we should have to learn why these foreigners got opportunity to invade this country ? After invading our country, they were turned into the citizen of India. There had been a process of assimilation . We , the natives of this country, embraced them like our kith and kin . Just like once Aryans came from outside and established here . Intially a battle took place between Aryans and non – Aryans and finally both came close to each other. This is our history in a nutshell.

But my question is that why should we give them ( foreigners) chance to enter into our country by force ? They may come to visit our country as a friend , but not as an invaders. Trespassing must not be welcomed in any condition. Pakistan and China – are the two countries whose are always trying to encroaching borderline , our soldiers firmly are protesting against this aggravation and aggression. Central Government also, by the leadership of Bold Prime Minister Modi ji , is not ready to sacrifice an ench of line of control to the enemies. To save the country is our primary focus. Next good governance . I think we are stupendously fortunate to have a Prime Minister like him. Monmahon Singh , Rahul Gandhi or Sonia ji, even Mamta Banerjee or any other politician are not fit to be a Prime Minister of India. Mohajot was once formed , but majority of the people was against that coalition . Their efforts are going in vain . Monmohan Singh though took the chair in Congress era and did some financial initiation or reformation, but actually Mrs Sonia Gandhi took the role of driver . She doesn’t give up the Congress supremo post . She might hope to Mr. Rahul Gandhi, his son to be the Prime Minister of India. But he is not competent to perform this responsible duty. Barack Obama in his autobiography made a remark on the Indian politics and also on the leaders. He praised Mrs Sonia as a beautiful and cute lady in respect of physique ( figure) and wrote about his son, Rahul that he is like a apprentice under a teacher . That means, Obama underrated him to be a perfect leader who can hold the stairing of a country like India . And it’s true and it’s proved when he resigned from the post of Principal of the Congress party. Even he couldn’t get success in conducting being the chief executive of the Congress party. Generation after generation this Nehru family has been trying to keep the powers in their hands . Recently some sinior Congress leaders are revolting like Kapil Sibbal . Today, Mr. Adhir chowdhury, seven times MP from Murshidabad , advised Kapil Sibbal not to make nuisance in the party . If he doesn’t like to stay in Congress, let leave this party and might join anywhere . So it’s distinct that Congress leaders are not in good relationship. And in West Bengal, Congress party is now minority. Only Adhir chowdhury can’t flood in upcoming election in Bengal . Though CPM and Congress are joined hands . But CPM is not in the waves . This party is on the wane . No such young generation leader or leaders who can nightly mesmerize the public . Biman Bose and Sujan Chakravorty are the two leaders who can actively work for the party . They have no power of stunning in the waning condition party image . The people of Bengal never forget their extreme haughtiness and raugh behaviour. Then Chief Minister Bhuddhadeb Bhattacharjee was undoubtedly a gentle man and he didn’t any financial fawl , but other low and middle leaders and party members looted a lot what is going on at present in Bengal . Most people were not happy with that leftist governance and the same condition is now in Bengal . Laxman Seth and Sushanta Ghosh, the two notorious leaders of CPM , then ruling party, killed so many opposition members and buried under the ground . Naturally public wanted to new one. Mamta Banerjee filled in the place. Obviously she did somewhat change. Disturbing jungle mahal and burning Darjeeling became normal after coming Mamta Banerjee . It’s her credit. But his nephew Abhishek Benerjee and some other big and small leaders used to bag the fruits of power. So public in general are not happy with this ruling party. There are many divisions in the party. Corrupted people are attached. Mostly they have come from CPM and Congress . Some are from BJP . These people are floating . If they’re organised by an active and culturally educated leader , changes certainly come here in Bengal . Dilip Ghosh , The Bengal BJP chief is not so popular still now that he could have been elected unanimously as the Chief Minister of Bengal. Intellectuals and educated people of West Bengal will not be satisfied if he is projected as the Chief Minister.

Muslim votes will go to AIMIM of Asauddin . I think he has been inspired by the Bihar results. He bagged 5 seats. In Bengal , three districts are of Muslim majority- Murshidabad, Malda and North 24 Parganas. If Mamta Banerjee support him , the advantages of Muslim vote ultimately goes to madam . Asauddin must take part in the upcoming election . If Mamta would not agree to extend her hands to him ( as it’s like BJP, a religion oriented party ) the Muslim votes naturally indirectly will empower BJP’shand . Mamta’s muslims votes will be curtailed if it goes to Asauddin. Ultimately BJP can achieve success.

But still we would not declare that the saffron party is in forefront. That’s not. Mamta Banerjee is an experienced mutured and shrude politician and her political stratigist PK has been trying to repair the flaws in the party. Common peoples are supporting Prime Minister Modi ji as they have been credited funds in their bank account and other facilities by the central government. So the game is 50/50 . Let see what happens here.

TMC is now under pressure . They are criticizing BJP leaders that they are hiring leaders from other provisions. Yesterday five leaders from outside of Bengal reached here in order to guide the local leaders , but Some TMC leaders are louding in the media that Bengal BJP is unable to organise election campaign, so they hired these leaders from outside. BJP chief Dilip Ghosh has protested against it and said if PK is not outsider , so why these leaders? Vice president of Bengal BJP Joy Prokash humourously remarks that Rohinga is not foreigners to you, but our Prime Minister Modi ji is outsider to you . He needs visa to enter into Bengal. How rediculous!



Today I will tell you a story about a man who got success in life by dint of hard labour and perseverance. It is saying that a man without a vision for his future,  returns to his past. So everyone should have a clear goal in life. Focus on your goal and don’t look in any direction but ahead. But very often we keep it in mind .

This story is about a business who was an European, Tamas by name . He came of a poor family whose father and forefathers had a little business of shoe – making . When he was only 7 years old he had to take the training of apprentice from his father . He became expert within a year . But as ill luck would have it , his father had died after some ailments . This was very very hard time to them. Then they are three , Tomas , his elder brother and sister . They had been trying their best to manage some money for livelihood . But it was not sufficient . And then how young Tamas turned into a big business man I will discuss here.

When he was a young boy he used to dream of a better future. One day he and his elder brother made a plan. This proposal was of a high dream of extension their little business into a big one . They are three : Brother – Antonin , sister Anna and Tomas himself. Tomas was then only 18 years old young guy . What’s this plan ? Actually they’re not satisfied with this tiny business. They had a small shoe shop . Mainly Tomas  put a proposal  and wanted to open a company where they could able to sale a big quantity of shoes. In addition, some other people would have been engaged there for salesman and official works . Some employees would be engaged in factory .Tomas Saheb was very intelligent . He had thought that if we want to have large scale production, then we should learn “Assembly Line ” which was invented by America. So he went there to be learnt. He believed in practicality. He had learnt it by black and white. And became skilled in this method. Returning to his native place he started production through new methods. His business got stupendously successful.

Now it has 72 factories in different parts of the world .  Switzerland is its headquarters.  His business flourished 100 times more than before. By this time his elder brother Antonin had died and his sister got married. Naturally she had to leave the business. Tomas alone took the business to run on . His ultimate key to success was to write down his ambition in a diary. Never forgot it while he had been too busy. Tomas decided to make a team having selected some employees amongst his company. He thought that the business is a team work . Without teamwork, business couldn’t success. That’s why, he took initiative to distribute the profit amongst the workers . But he also mentioned a condition that if the business won’t crack then they had to take the responsibilities. That means if it runs deficit, they workers would be sufferer too like the company owner.     

    Tomas Saheb is the architect and founder of the Bata Company.He died in a air crash in 1932 when he was travelling to  Switzerland inaugurating a new center there. We put on the shoes of his company which is famous by the name of Bata Company.

We use the things, but we are totally unaware of the history of the architect who made it or invent it by virtue of hard labour, perseverance and huge sacrifice.

He died in a air crash in 1932 when he was travelling to reach Switzerland inaugurating a new center there. We put on the shoes of his company which is famous by the name of Bata Company. The writer named this story as ” Tamas Saheber Juto ” ( The Shoe Of Tamas Saheb ). The famous scientist and the founder of Bengal Chemical, Acharyya  Prafulla Chandra Ghosh wrote the preface of this book. He also was moved by reading this inspiring story. Bibhutibhusan Bandhopaddhay, a  distinguished writer of Bengali literature collected this history of the business man and wrote a novel . It was in English language, Bibhutibhusan translated in Bengali and composed the story in the form of novel. He did this work as it might inspire and influence the new generation of Bengali youths . The writer became  extremely excited to publish this saga . He thought that the young job – seekers must read this story of a man who built his life and got success by virtue of hard labour and foresighting.

Hence, we can get inspiration from his great deed . A man , with little capital, by virtue of intelligency and indomitable spirit , perseverance, teamwork and untiring efforts achieved a brilliant success. So , why not we ?

To succeed in your life mission you must have a single minded devotion to your goal The distinguished statesman, Moulana Abul Kalam Azad remarks it.

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Let Come Back Our Past Bengal: An Introspection #


Let Come Back Our Past Bengal: An Introspection

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God’s Own Home

This is Paradise . Let Set out there on the way to God’s Home. You can settle down there a whole day for taking rest, or to play whole day fulfilling your desire in streach and deep pain . And to gossiping there with beautiful Nature – and with your remote friend . Might he be there in disguise of God, Sitting there alone . If you get a room on the widen field , Be seated in the solitary corner with utmost serinity mood . Greens will come to greet you. Love and hug with it. Try to sink in the deep river of consciousness ,  Keeping  aloof all the hazardous of life. You might be benefited from this journey to God. The bed of green grass is ready to welcoming you, Sit on there as much as you can to enjoy this paradise . Walking through the valleys and mountains and on its zigzag way to meet your bossom friend , And at the end of this road, He is waiting for you , keeping his door open to embrace you . Don’t hesitate to move forward in meeting him , As He has been waiting for you for a long time to be loved and to be had lunch with you. Be face to face and exchange the sights with each other . He eagers to serving you the most favourite dishes . Don’t be hesitated tmeet Him as the time will not wait for you.

Be calm, concentrate on your heart which is the temple of love and light, Don’t look at the outer sparking which is not glorious . Never streach your hands to Fame, Jewelry, or so called Prestigious posts, as these couldn’t provide you the light and peace for ever. All day long You and He, siting front to front, gazing at each other, to garnering flowers chains at each other’s neck , no serious talk to be pronounced , no blunt talks of love , nor any worldly possession matter there to have gain, We, both spend whole day bathing in the rays of glittering Sun . Tag : # ‘ Mandir ‘# ‘ Winds touch me’# Greens Are Not Safe# Kabita And Me# Let Set Go# They And We# Vivekananda and Narada Sutra# You and meThe Inspired Talks: Gospel of Swami VivekanandaTouch Can heal your depressed mind

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The writer


WORDS after words are woven in fine to making an ornament for surrender in love , Might be a peaceful life . Words build a strong Mansion where we live in , Words are source of Power, love and peace. Words can create a long road , which is loyal to us like a legal deed . We need words in struggle to reach the goal of life . Words are sometime immens’ly mystreous like dark tunnels , Never end its journey to destination. We can’t keep words ever ultimately due to lack of power and confidence . So we never allow words to make a Dreamland . In childhood days I dreamt of the entire skies where stars and planets gave me words for sheltering , Its colourful beds wrap up with warm huggings , but it didn’t keep its words to make me vibrant 🐦 anymore I hoped .

Words are the voice of Lord if it comes from the core of heart, and from the soul , that’s mantras of the sages , are a kind of sagas which by listening heartily can transform our lives . But it’s very unstable as it buzzles out not alarming . Love words as your siblings , play with them , dance day and night in pain and gain , never tired to make it friend in the rain .

Words are atoms , , They are from ” One “ , And ” One ” derives in many and many more . It takes sometimes a outer surface , a cover like the outer surface of tortoise , It has no deep and sound significance , but if it’s unfolded a vibrant light turns you dumb , after an unwanted shivering like initial jet – jerking you will reach out to the midst of the galaxy , That world is not like Earth , That’s a world of merriment . Neither any useless mess nor any rough and tough game to make you worried or fix . These are the words for your renunciation . Crack it and become enriched with its charming love . The words run in plains and sky like a bullet or a Rocket with an aggressive mood to the point and if you’re a true pilot, let go on a eternal voyages..



He’s no more . Today he breathed his last and left his physical body from this world . SOUMITRA CHATTAPADDHAY was under treatment since 6 th October in Belview Hospital in Kolkata. he died after a long struggle . It’s a great loss of Bengali Film as well as Indian Film world . He was given the most prestigious honour” Dada Saheb Phalke and Legion The Nor from France.

He was born in Mirzapur Street( Now Surya Sen Street ) near in between Sealdah Railway station and College street in the year 1935, 19 January. Soumitra Chattapaddhay spent first 12 years of his life in Krisnnagar in the district of Nadia in West Bengal. It’s the birth place of famous dramatist Dijendralal Roy. Perhaps it influenced his life to some extent. His family returned to Howrah and Soumitra admitted to Howrah Boys School. He was studied in Bengali language and literature in city college and did his M.A in Bengali from the University of Calcutta. Coffee House of Kolkata was his favourite place where he used to meet together with his friends.

Truely he was an artist. He was a Multi – faced talented . He was a poet , a painter , a writer , and an eminent actor . He started his journey in acting from his college life . Mainly he acted drama in college fest and being utmost interested he joined in theatre . He didn’t think that he would be a film artist . It’s 1959 , Satyajit Ray sought for an artist for his Trilogy film Apur Sansar for the role of adult Apu . He acted with the actress like Sharmila Tagore, Aparna Sen , Madhabi Mukhopaddhay, Sabitri Chatterjee , Suchitra Sen and Supriya Devi . He acted more than 300 films in Bengali. Satyajit Ray selected him as the role of Apu Character. After that he didn’t stop. His debut film was Apur Sansar (The World of Apu , 1959) and acted as adult Apu , the third part of adult Apu Trilogy. He went on to work in several notable films with Ray , including Abhijan ( The Expedition, 1962), Charulata ( The lonely Wife , 1964) as Amal, Aronyer Din Rattri ( Days and Night in the Forest, 1969), Ashoni Sanket (Distant Thunder, 1974) , Sonar Kella ( The Golden Fortress, 1974), and Jai Baba Felunath as Feluda, ( The Elephant God, 1978) , Hirak Rajar Deshe (1980), Ghare Baire (The Home and the World, 1984) as Sandeep, Shakha Proshakha(1990) and Ganoshatru ( 1989) .

Besides, Soumitra Chattapaddhay acted numerous films directed by Mrinal Sen , Tapan Sinha , Bhuddhadev Dasgupta Gautam Ghosh, Aparna Sen , Kaushik Sen and others new generation Film Directors .

He won 7 Film Fare Awards. In 2006 he won The National Film Award for the best actor for the film Padokhep . Central Government awarded him The second best Honour” Padma Bhushan” West Bengal Government awarded Bangobibhusahan . He received highest Cinema, Theatre, Music Award ” Dadasaheb Phalke” and last but not the least that’s France Government Highest Honour ” Legion Of Honour” . Soumitra also received Sangit Natak Academy Award .

Above all, he has done a lot for Indian Cinema. His acting made spell bound to the spectators. When The Great and legendary Actor Uttam Kumar has been served the Bengali Film arena and established himself as a legendary Actor, Soumitra Chattapaddhay entered into Bengali film to act and got success stupendously .

He was a poet and writer also. He was too a distinguished reciter. He composed poems and there are some anthology of the poetry. He was a painter also . Actually he was a talented artist and scholar and intellectual of our times .

We convey our regards to him .