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I pity the Hindu who does not see the beauty in Jesus Christ’s character. I pity the Christian who does not reverence the Hindu Christ.” – Swami Vivekananda



Not only propagation, we should have to follow his directions into our livelihood. We want to be a Christ. And the salvation of man would be possible.” That was the ceremony of welcoming of glorious renunciation. With the burning incense flames their sacrifice and renunciation turned into a divine atmosphere. Standing there they took a firm resolution for sacrificing their lives in renunciation. They became surprised in the topic of Jesus Christ which was imperceptibly came in their mind in course of talk. But ultimately they came to know about that special day . It’s Christmas Eve.

In 1889 , the resemblance to apathy and renunciation Naren was initiated to translate “Imitation of Christ” in Bengali . We know it’s written by Tamas A Kampesh. Swamiji’s translation was being published serially in the monthly magazine “ Sahittya Kalpodrum , got popularity here in Bengal. In the introduction, the translator expressed his thoughtful opinion about why he had influenced to translate this book and his love and respect to the life and sadhana of Jesus Christ in the present context.

The young translator, Narendra Nath further wrote: Imitation of Christ is a most deserving book of Christians. It’s written by one Catholic Saint. It’s wrong to say that it’s written, rather it is printed with the blood of a all – renouncing ( ascetic ) Mahatma (Holy Soul ) or you can say him a magnanimous spirit . This vibrant & burning Gospel of an incarnation has been attracted cores of men and women for continuously four hundred years with its power of inchantment and will attract in the future , who has been given salutes of hundreds of Kings and emperors , all the division and discriminations amongst the Christian and other faiths with each other, leaving the firm separations will have been downing their head in the charms of this book.

Vivekananda further wrote : He didn’t mention his name in this book as writer . Why should he mention it ? He who gave up all the worldly pleasure and happiness, honour like faeces , why does he beg for name and honour? Subsequently, people gave a writer’s name of a Catholic Saint as Tamas A Campis . God knows how far true it’s ? Whatever he is , no doubt, he is a respectable and holy person of the world.

Next Vivekananda criticized the missionaries of Christian faith. He wrote : Now we are the subjects or progenies of Christian King . In the grace of Emperor, we are seeing so many native and foreign Christians. It’s been found that the great missionaries are preaching that you eat today what you have. Don’t store it for tomorrow or next few days. But they are storing for themselves for coming ten years . They’re busy in meterialistic enjoyment, being wrapped in laxarious lifestyle. And preaching about the vibrant gospels of Jesus Christ. I don’t have found any true Christian. If you read this book , then you will come to know about the so called Protestant Christians who are enjoying a laxarious life and preaching egoistic selfmaid philosophy to another faith .

The Important Feature Of This Book

But young Naren have a great faith and regards in this book and also on the sacred life of Jesus. He was so influenced having read this book that he praised saying this :

This book is full of humility , humbleness , affliction and also a sentiment of being in service to God. Anyone who would read this book , he could have been enriched with the glorious and vibrant renunciation , self – sacrificing and dependancy on it .

In fact , it will be distinct to all having read ” Ishanuswaran ” ( Imitation of Christ) , that young Naren had been massively influenced with the meraculous purity , deep renunciation , selflessness , relinquishing and stone – melting love of Jesus Christ and the sentiment of being in service to God of the divine writer , Cempis . The days of renunciation and self – sacrifice of some young would – be monks at Barahanagar Math was the same as it’s described in this epoch – making book of Cempis . All the words of the writer are no doubt the divine words of wisdom to whom we convey our honour, none other than the great Indian Hindu Monk , Swami Vivekananda .


Of the different philosophies , the tendency of Indian, mainly Hindu is not to blame or destroy , but to harmonise everything. If any new idea comes into India, we do not antagonise it , but simply try to take it in , to harmonise it , because this method was taught first by our prophet , God Incarnate , on earth, Shri Krishna. This Incarnation of God preached himself first : ” I am the God Incarnate , I am the inspirer of all books , I am the inspirer of all religions.” Thus we do not reject any . We love Jesus very much for His love and purity.

We Never Fight Against Any Religion .

The reason why we never fight against any religion is , that we do not say that ours is the only way to salvation . You know it has been told by Swami Vivekananda . And obviously his Master , Sri Ramakrishna who practiced all the religious paths and became abled to reach to goal . Both the spiritual Gurus preached that perfection which can be had by everybody . What’s the proof ?

The proof is that, we see the holiest of men in all countries, good men or women everywhere, whether born in our faith or not . Therefore, it can’t be held that ours is the only way to salvation. Swami Vivekananda quotes from the Upanishad to make understand to the Western devotees in this regard which is in English as follows:

Like so many rivers flowing from different mountains , all coming and mingling their waters in the sea , all different religions , taking their births from different standpoints of fact , come unto thee “. In Gita , Shri Krishna preached same , and so we regard him on account of his wonderful catholicity in harmonising all the preceding revelation.

Hindus never shed bloods for religion. But Mohammedans of India are something different. They are arrogant in respect of religion . But Hindu is too mild . They can criticise , but don’t use sword. Jesus don’t want violence. He is the resemblance of forgiveness and purity what’s the need of the hour . That’s why, like Rama , Shri Krishna and Sri Ramakrishna, We love and worship Jesus Christ.


Lord Jesus
Sacrifice of Jesus Christ

Merry Christmas

” Day after day, O lord of my life, shall I stand before thee face to face. With folded hands, O lord of all worlds, shall I stand before thee face to face.

Under thy great sky in solitude and silence, with humble heart shall I stand before thee face to face.

In this laborious world of thine, tumultuous with toil and with struggle, among hurrying crowds shall I stand before thee face to face.

And when my work shall be done in this world , O kings , alone and speechless shall I stand before thee face to face. ” – Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore . 76 No Song .


Mother Mery

We, Indian regard Jesus Christ as son of God. Hindus worship Sri Krishna as God, not the son of God. There’s a similarly in sound when we pronounce both the words – Krishna and Krista. However , we know Jesus as a Prophet like Muhammad and Sree Ramkrishna. Thakur Sree Ramkrishna used to listen Bible. He has been practiced all the rituals of Christianity for three days like Islamic rituals. Even Swami Vivekananda’s life has to be seen similar to Jesus Christ.

Mother Teresa served the downtrodden people of slums for a long time in Kolkata . When she was awarded Nobel peace prize for her selfless service to mankind , that special evening she recited a line of a poem when she was asked, “ What is your message in this joyful day?” She replied in Bengali with soft voice :Jibe prem kare jei Jan , Sei jan sebiche iswar .( He/she who loves jiba , he/she serves to God).

Having heard it, we became surprised! Woh !This is the utterance of Swami Vivekananda . One Catholic Saint is uttering this very familiar lines in this joyous moment. Then it’s seemed that all the faces of crowd are becoming blurred and a very known vibrant face is drifting before my eyes.

Obviously, we notice a similarity between the two spiritual godfather. And we find a deep connection of Swami Vivekananda’s life with Jesus and Christianity. Narendra Nath’s magnanimous father, Biswanath Dutta used to read egarly Bible. Narendra Nath was a vigorous reader from his childhood days. He has read Ramayana Mahabharata, Bhagabat and also listened the stories of all these books from his mother and grandmother in his childhood days. Perhaps he might read the Bible also .

Narendra Nath was admitted to Presidency College in 1880 . He had to leave this college after one year because of malaria – attack. Having cured he took admission in General Assembly College( now Scottish Church College and in 1884 he became graduate from there. That time it’s a provision to read Bible as compulsory subject. So I think he reads it in between the two lines. Secondly, he was a student of philosophy. So it’s natural for a student of philosophy to read the life and religion of Jesus Christ.

Being learnt from his college Principal Hesty Saheb during discussion of state of trance in the poem”Excursion” that a priest of Dakhineshwar has experienced such a state of trance, Narendra Nath visited several times before initiation of monkhood. He came to know about Sree Ramkrishna deeply. Guru Sree Ramkrishna says to his desciples that he is Chaitanya Abotar. And also says that how a divine light from Christ has been entered into his body.


To Swami Vivekananda (then Narendra Nath) , Sri Ramakrishna is an Indian Christ , or the younger brother of Christ.

Since 1881 – 1886 , during this period Naren’s mind has been changed. He has become urnest devoteee of His master, Sri Ramakrishna. Not only that, He is being enriched with the spiritual advices of Master came very nearer to Him. He has been realised that Sri Ramakrishna is an incarnation of Rama , Krishna and also of Sri Chaitanya.

Here I will tell two incidents which we see in the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. First one took place in 1885 , 31 October. Sri M dipicted the picture in the book as he listened to and learnt that day from Sri Ramakrishna and His devotees.

It’s about 11 am in the morning. .. He was talking to Christian devotee named Mishra. Mishra was born of a Christian family in northwestern India…. He was thirty five years old. Though clad in European dress he wore the ochre of a Sannyasi under his foreign clothes. Two of his brothers had died on the day fixed for the marriage of one of them , and on that very day Mishra had renounced the world.

Mishra: ” Jesus is not the son of Mary , Jesus is God himself. ( To the devotees) Now he ( pointing to Sri Ramakrishna) is as you see him him again. He is God himself. You are not able to recognize him. I have seen him before, in vision, though I see him now directly with my eyes. I saw a garden where he was seated on a raised seat . Another person was seated on the ground, but he was not so far advanced.”

Master: ” Do you see visions ?

Mishra: ” Sir , even when I lived at home I used to see light. Then I had a vision of Jesus. How can I describe that beauty ? How significant is the beauty of a woman compared with that beauty !”

After a while Misra took off his trousers and showed the devotees the Gerua loin – cloth that he wore underneath. …

As he uttered these words he went into samadhi. He stood facing the West. Regaining partial consciousness , he fixed his gaze on Misra and began to laugh . Still in an ecstatic mood, he shook hand with him and laughed again . Taking him by the hands , he said , ” You will get what you are seeking .”

Misra: ( With folded hands) ” Since that day I have surrendered to you my mind , soul , and body .”

Sri Ramakrishna was laughing , still in an ecstatic mood.

Sri M thought : Is Sri Ramakrishna and Jesus same !

Paul Brunton, in his book ‘ A search in Secret India ‘ writes about Sri M’s realization about Jesus in Sri Ramakrishna.

He asked Sri M : How do you come to know about Jesus Christ and Bible so profoundly and meteculously, when he has listened discussion of Bible from ‘M . Having heard it, ‘M replied with gentle voice: We have been staying in a same room with Him. We see Christ in Him like other incarnations.

Brunton became astonished listening it. Naren too realized the same about Jesus in Sri Ramakrishna.

Now I will give a pen picture of the second incident. It took place in the very first Math ( monk center) in Taki’s Munshi’s home. In a reminiscences, we see that there is a picture of Jesus with other incarnations hanging on the wall of a room in this Math . It’s a picture of crusified Jesus.

Sri ‘M informed that there continued meditation, Japa ( counting secret spiritual mantra), Bhajan & Kirtana along with discussion of spiritual scripts. They used to read and discuss about Sri Ramakrishna, Acharya Shankara, Ramanuja and Jesus Christ.

There’s another incident which took place after 2/3 months of inception of Math. Swamiji’s Gurubhai, Babulal mother’s Matangini Devi requested her son to return home and spend there in Autpur some days along with Naren . When this news exposed , then all of his guru – brothers became companion and reached at Autpur. There they took outh that they would lead a life of renunciation. One evening they fumigated the incense – pot and sat around all the brothers in meditation. After the end of it , Naren began to discuss about the life of Jesus Christ. Specially , it’s the incident of Jesus renunciation. He also mentioned that they would spread in the world as an apostle the life of Sri Ramakrishna and His Gospel.

To be continued


The Great Saint Of India


Yong hi na bathayante purusam purusharisav . Samahdukhasukham dhiram sohamrtataya kalpote”. – Gita

“This is my prayer to thee , my lord – strike, strike , at the root of penury in my heart.

Give me the strength lightly to bear my joys and sorrows.

Give me the strength to make my love fruitful in service.

Give me the strength never to disown the poor or bend my knees before insolent might.

Give me the strength to raise my mind high above daily trifles.

And give me the strength to surrender my strength to thy will with love”. – Gitanjali , Rabindranath Tagore , 36 no poem.


Never to disown the poor or bend our knees before insolent might. This is to be our motto in life.

Rabindranath Tagore wrote this verse in the year of 1901 in his ” Noiveddya Anthology. It’s been the 2nd change of his poetic thought. From this anthology, his mind turns into a spiritual thoughts. During this period he composed the poems of Gitanjali, Gitali, and Gitimalya.. From Kheya to Gitali , we have seen his propensity to dependancy on God. Our country has been going through a massive problems. The freedom movement is going on. Sree Aurobindo’s revolutionary movement had impacted a lot. British Government has been trying to divide Bengal. Tagore came to forefront to protesting against it. In such a condition, he actively participated in politics ( in freedom movement) . Though he was a romantic poet , despite he couldn’t able to confine in the four wall of home , and came out to serve his country. Our first and foremost duty is to serve our Motherland.

To Arjuna, it’s a fight against the untruth, immoral. Hence , Sri Krishna tried to rectify Arjuna’s misconceptions & misunderstanding about life. As there’s no death of soul, so why are you lamenting ? –nanusochitum ahorsi “. Krishna, in this way, consoling Arjuna.


Dear Arjuna, you are a hero or warrior. Your duties are to fight against the enemies. An warrior never ran away from the battle field. So , Arjuna, don’t be afraid of . You are Khatriya . If you flee from the war , the opposition will take it otherwise that you’re coward . ” Jassyosi laghabam “. They will think that you are running away from the battlefield having feared. Though you are telling that they’re my reletives, how can I kill them, but they would think that you are coward. They will blame you. Once they had been shown respect to you – ” Jesam ch tang bahumatoh “. If you don’t challenge in this battle they would have been criticized you as cowardice. So , please, don’t avoid it. ” Hato ba prapsyosi swargam “. – if you die during fight , you will go to heaven. Battling is your duty , your worship. You should obey your worship . If you die in this fight, it’s a matter of pride . In fact, you have an inherent nature. As the nature of the fire is hotness , the nature of water is coldness, just as we have under a nature. The nature of Khatriya is to fight. We can remember here an incident of Mahabharata .

Karna went to Parushuram to learn warfare in disguise. He didn’t say that he is a Khatriya. But he could not able to keep secrecy. And had to confess . He was bitten by an worm and therefore heavy bleeding was being came out from this place. Paroshuram was totally wetted with the massive flowing of blood. He was awoken up and told Karna , ” You are certainly a Khatriya. If not, you couldn’t bear this tremendous pain .

So, it’s proved that no one can hide his inner nature . Thus Sri Krishna tried to argue dejected Arjuna that you are fighting for truth and to establish morality and ethics, virtue and righteousness. Not only Kauraba are related to the evil deeds and corruption, almost all the nations , societies also are wrapped in corruption, unethical activities . They forgot ethics, morality, righteousness and spirituality. Kauraba was one the representative of it. They’re addicted , frenzied, and fighting each other. By wish of God , Sri Krishna they were ruined. It was fixed, inevitable, unavoidable. This is the nature of the time.


Bhwagavan Sri Krishna in culcates that participation in war, and especially in a holy war is more honourable and gainful for a Ksatrya than attenment of heaven ( 2.32). Sri Krishna reminds Arjuna that if he fails in his obligatory duty , he will not only lose heaven but will also commit sin. Moreover, everybody will speak ill of him for his cowardice and to put up with such infamy is more painful than death .

He also warns Arjuna that if he stays away from the battle, Duryodhana and his associates will take it as reflection of his timidity and consequently those that honour him will treat him with contempt. He further tells that if he dies in the battle, he will reach heaven, and if he wins the battle, he will enjoy kingship. Therefore, he should awake , arise and take part in the battle with iron determination. Bhwagavan gives Arjuna a marvelous sermons in verse . –

“Sukha – dukkhe same krtva labha – alabhau , / Tatah yuddhaya na evam papam avapsyasi”. Gita 2:38 .


Never shelter any too much emotion , may it be joyous or sorrowful. Be indifferent to any good or bad situation. He says Arjuna that being indefferent to joyous and sorrows, gain and loss, victory and defeat, he should play his role as a warrior. Because this is the call of the hour and reiterates that by killing his foes, he will commit no sin . If he doesn’t fight against the enemies , vice would rule the societies . The battlefield is called dharmakshetra (1:1) as the war that’s going on to take place is a holy war , a war against the satanic forces and the call of the hour for Arjuna is to take part in the battle for the sake of social welfare, if not for anything else. ” Tasmat uttisthata kounteyo juddhya kritanischaiah”. Be bold and determine to fight against the enemies. It’s your worship. Arjuna told previously that I won’t fight against my relatives. Rather I will beg for living. In reply, Bhwagavan says : “Shreyan swadharmo begunah”. You are a Khatriya king. Why should you go to beg for? It’s not your profession. Battling is your worship, not begging! If you fail to success in your work , that’s good. But keep it mind:” Paro dharmat swanuthitat”. That means , you don’t follow others means. Begging is for Brahmins and sanyasys. They can, but you have not right to beg for. Swadharme nidhonang shreyah – you are warrior. So let go on to fight. Parodharmo swanusthitat don’t derail from your own means. ” Tasmat uttisthata kounteyo juddhya kritanischaiah”.

To be continued




It’s saying in Bible :” From earth you came , to the earth you will return.” In fact, we are the sons of the soil. We are borne from the earth , and finally returned to earth. But the soul is eternal , ageless and deathless. Come and go , birth and death is the compulsive to human being and other animals. Where there’s a birth , there is also a death. But the soul is immoral. Beginning and ending is not a feature of soul. It’s neither birth, nor death. Soul is eternal, perennial. It’s told Purana . It’s self – knowledge or metaphysical knowledge. It’s true nature or essence of the soul. This theory of knowledge is the gift of Hindu religion. We believe it with heart and soul – “na hanyate hanyamane sarire”. You can kill me , but I will not die . You can hurt me, wound me physically, but I must not die. There’s an incident. Alexander, the great, once told an Indian yogi to be accompanied with him and trying to influence by offering some valuable gifts . The yogi told him, “Sir, I have no need of money and wealth.” He did not agree to go with him. Lastly, Alexander tried to threatening him to death. Yogi , having listened it , laughed loudly. Replied that you are making an untruthful words. It’s absolutely ireasonable . You could never kill me. Perhaps you talked so many false words in your life, but this is such an absurd and untrue speech which you never pronounced. You couldn’t kill me, never. You have no power to kill me. He said to him, ” we believe in soul. What is soul? “Noinang chiddanti sastrni”. You can’t cut it out of swords, not kill it, “noinang dahoti pavakah”. You can’t burnt it. na choinang kledoanti aapo can’t wet it with water ” na sosoti maruth ” – wind can’t dry it . Acheddya ayam – you won’t cut it . “Adajha ayam”not to burn it . ” Akledyah”, “asossyah” – this is eternal soul. ” Nittyah sarbogatah” – it’s universal, it’s everywhere. It’s within you, and within me . He is everywhere, in great, in small. He is unmoveble – “sthanu”. Sthanu achalo Sanatana. This is our soul. ” Aboktyah” it can’t be described in language. ” Achintah” – it’s beyond speech and mind. Nor can we thought it or imagine . “Avikaryah – not it changes. ” Tasmadevang bidittyah – this is the soul . If you realise it, then ” nanusochitum ahorsi” – you must not think of grief and sorrow for your work . In this way , Lord Krishna tring to console dejected Arjuna.



I ASK for a moment’s indulgence to sit by thy side / The works that I have in hand I will finish/ afterwards.

Away from the sight of thy face my heart 💖 /knows no rest not respite, and my work becomes / an endless toil in a shoreless sea of toil .

To-day the summer has come at my window/ with its sighs and murmurs; and the bees are/ playing their minstrelsy at the court of the flowering/ grove .

Now it is time to sit quiet, face to face with/ thee , and to sing dedication of life in this silent/ and overwhelming leisure.

– Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore desires to sit face to face with God . And here Arjuna stands in front of the Lord having dejected . The cause of his dejection was that he couldn’t fight against his kith and kins . Arjun says:

” Na ca sreyah anupasyami hatva svaanam ahave / Na kamkse vijayam krsna na ca najyam sukhani”. CA 1.31

I feel, O Lord , it’s no good / killing in the battle my own men / I do not crave for victory / Or for worldly pleasures or domain. Next Arjuna says :

Kim nah rajena govinda Kim bhogaih jivitena va / Yesam arthe kamksitam nah rajyam bhogah sukhani. CA. 1.32

yuddhe pranan tyaktva dhanani ca Acaryah pitarah putrah tTa ime avasthitahatha eva ca pitamahah 1.33

Matulah svsurah poutrah syalah sambandhinah tatha . 1:34


Arjun has been trying to give reasons against the war. He is saying : What is the use of kingdom or keeping alive? What’s the use of hankering after pleasures when the very persons for whom they’re sought . My uncle, sons, grandfather and teachers . Arjun told : ” I find no reason to be engaged in this useless strife. I don’t wish to kill them, even if my life is at stake.

Etan na hantum Icchami ghnatah api Mashusudan; Api troilokya- rajyasya hetoh Kim nu mahikrte.1:32 – 1:34

I’m sure that we can not be happy even if we destroy the sons of Dhrtaradtra , our enemies. Sin will definitely accrue to us. Although it’s known they have committed the vilest felonies.

Tasmat na arha vayam hantum Dhrtaradtran svabandhavan; Svajanam hi katham hatva sukhinah syama Madhava.1:37

We must not therefore, kill the kauravas . They’re our very own men. So killing our close kith and kins we can’t attain happiness. They’re not aware of the sin of killing kindred and friends and charmed by avarice and greed . But why should we , being aware of the consequences not staying away from such kind of heinous deed ?


Gnothi Seauton ( Greek) Or Nosce Teipsum ( Latin) In English: Know Yourself”.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna realises that Arjuna’s depressive state of mind is due to his improper knowledge of life and existence, and He starts teaching Arjuna the truth about the nature of our temporal existence and its ultimate consequence. Being a great Teacher ( or Doctor) He knows that only antidote of this depressive mind is true knowledge . He cracks the issue at the first module explaining to Arjuna the truth about life in order to dispel Arjuna’s powerful ignorance about the truth of existence. He resorts to a shortcut method first by admonishing Arjuna for His dejection at this crucial hour and for his reluctance to take part in the battle, and advices Him to shake off cowardice and rise to the occasion.

Klaibyam masma Gamah Partha na etat tvayi upapadyate ;/ Ksudram hrdaya daurbalysm tyaktva uttistha parantapa. 2:13

Get rid of this mean ( cowardice) weakness, as it’s the time the act now. The wise do not mourn either for the gone or for those that are living. It’s noticeable that Bhwagavan Sri Krishna clarifies first Arjuna’s concept of death as the conclusive phenomenon of existence is incorrect for the soul. Because the soul of a man is beyond the cycle of birth and death and is imperishable, and that it’s the body that is born and that does perish.

Na jayate na mriyate va kadacit nayam bhutva – abhavita va na bhuyah; / Ajo nityah sasvatah ayan purano na hanyate hanyamane sarire. 2:20

The body is sure to perish , but not the soul. In Katha Upanishad , there’s a similar verse . ( 1:2:18)

To be continued ..

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What are some places in India that are hard to believe exist until you visit them?

I belong to a small village named Kalpa, in the remotest part of Himachal Pradesh. I just want to show you the glimpse of our life in the village.

This is how our village looks like.

We have deep faith in our deities.

Ours is the mixture of Buddhism and Hinduism.

Our houses.

This is how we clear snow from our rooftop.

Cold, harsh yet beautiful winters.


Image Source: My Phone

This is from Qoura . I have taken it from Gaurab Negi .



Path to Moksha ( Salvation)

Both the Photos are of Devi Durga. First photo of Durga is with a raped lady indicates that how they’re tortured by our demonic people. It’s drawn by my daughter, Sumedha

Mukang Karoti Vachalam Pongung langhaote Girim Tat KripaTamohanVande ParomanandaMadhavam – Gita

” Day after day, O lord of my life, shall I stand before thee face to face. With folded hands , O lord of all worlds, shall I stand before thee face to face.

Under thy great sky in solitude and silence , with humble heart shall I stand before thee face to face.

In this laborious world of thine , tumultuous with toil and with struggle, among hurrying crowds shall I stand before thee face to face.

And when my work shall be done in this world , O King of kings , alone and speechless shall I stand before thee face to face. ” –


We are going to discuss about some rules which are to be strictly followed by the people who are interested in searching for light and to divinity already within us . If we think seriously about our spiritual life keeping aloof worldly activities , we couldn’t able to continue to practice or performing puja to God as we are not a monk . Being a common man we can’t spend all the time in practicing the worship of God . It’s our utmost tendency to make ends meet for our family . We generally think that it’s not possible for a man to practice worship during our earthly activities .

We have to work for our livelihood . But at the same time we have to continue our spiritual growth through our regular works . According to practical Vedanta , each and every work is the Puja of God . If we seriously perform it , then we are worshiping the God , all works are to be meant for the service of God .

Here I shall tell an anecdote which I have experienced in my student life. I was then the student of the University of Calcutta , pursuing Post graduation. Generally Saturday and Sunday were our holidays. Occasionally I used to visit Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission at Narendrapur near Kolkata ( then Calcutta) . There stayed my Emiritus Professor in Karmi Bhawan. Swami Lokesharananda was then the Secretary of the mission . One Sunday, at 8.30 am in the morning I reached there . While I was taking my tiffin in dining room , a senior man was also there . I came to know that his son recently has joined as a Bramhachari in Ramkrishna order. Coming here he noticed that his son is busy to cutting a big pumpkin in the kitchen. After a while , he went to Secretary Maharaj and said , ” Swamiji, why my son is cutting vegetables here ? If he wishes to do it , can do it in his home . Why it’s needed to becoming a monk ? ” Swami Lokeshwaranandaji smilingly replied : Yes , he could . But here all the Monks & Brahmhcharis are working in the name of God. Some are teaching in schools and colleges , some are providing medicine to the poor people, some are busy with the farming and they’re doing all these activities with meticulously as a service to God . They left their home for renunciation. ” Atmano mokhsartam Jagat Dhitai cha “. So their ultimate goal is to serve the larger humanity . Life is nothing but a platform for struggle . We have to fight here , but we forget this being wrapped in with the glistening to the worldly pleasures. According to Swami Vivekananda , life is all about struggle. From beginning to end – it’s an endless and continuous struggle of a being against circumstances tending to press it down ‘. This unending struggle, this incessant battle is what Swami Vivekananda characterizes as the ” divine worship”. In his poem ” And Let Shyama Dance There ” he wrote about this struggle :

Unceasing battle is indeed the worship of the Divine (Mother Kali) . / Let not continuous defeat in this battle unnerve thee all./ Pulverised, pounded be all selfcenterness ,/ base cravings and vain self – esteem. / The heart be thus made the cremation ground; / And let Shyama Dance There. * Read my another post on the ” And Let Shyama Dance There” poem where I have elaborately expressed this .

Tagore’s song of ‘Geetanjali‘ which I quoted at the beginning is significantly speaks similar to Swamiji’s conception about life .

So how can we overcome all these hurdles? We should think that the battle of Kurukhetra is obviously a historical incident which was held in the field of Kurukhetra in between Pandabas And Kauraba . Its have a historical values , but at the same time, it has a deep significant in our lives- journey. In course of our life journey we have been always battling against the evils , selfcenterness, negativity , greediness, and hundreds of like this. It’s a tough battle . This battle has been consistently and continuously going on within our conscience between good and evil.

So, how could we fight against this ? What should be our strategy ?

Sree Krishna preached in Gita when Arjun denied to fight against his relatives – ‘Oshsrupurnakulekhanam’ – Arjun in deep grief and melancholy – Bishwidantam ‘. Sribhagobanubacho: “ Kutasthwa Kashmalmidang Biswame Somupasthitam’ – kashmal means sin , cowardness , weakness . Our religion never shelter weakness. Never indulge cowardness . Sri krishna asks to Arjun , why are you repenting ? – ‘Bisame Somupasthitam‘ . Just it’s ( battle) beginning and in the eve of it , you are repenting ! Anauryajusthamsargam “. – it’s not appropriate to a warrior . Anarya means ignorance . Arya means civilized , sobar , benign , wise and intelligent .

Hi Arjun! You are not unwise , not stupid . He who unwise and stupid, he can refuse to battle . Next inspiring to Arjun, Bhagawan told – ‘Akirtikaram’. You have a great name as an warrior . If you don’t proceed to fight , your honour, familiarity as a hero would have been wiped out . Why are you annoying to fight ? ” Kloibyang Masyasma Gamah Partha “. – Partha ! Please listen to me, Kloibyang – you don’t indulge weakness, unmanliness, timidity. It’s not proper descision. Noitat To-i Upopoddyote . It’s improper to you. You are a Hero . “Khudrang Hridayadyourbollang Tyaktwya ” – remove your fear . Kick out all these weakness . You defeated so many great warriors in the battlefield. ” Uttisthato Jaggrato Prappyo Baran Nibedhato “. Awoke and arise. Let go to fight . “Parantapo” – who got victory against enemies. You have fighted against so many enemies and won the battle. Now why you’re unsteady to face battlefield. This weakness is not praisable. It’s a shame ! It doesn’t fit to you.

Arjun then told : “Rudhio Prodigdhan ” – that means : I don’t want to sit on the King’s throne by dint of bloods .

It’s to be continued


” God is Truth and Light in Shadow”. – Plato

” When the Gods were more manlike, Men were more Godlike”. – Friedrich Schiller

This is a post for the beginers who are getting influenced by the inner world, who is seeking to or searching for light of the soul . The first and foremost duty and responsibility of a man is to believe himself . Jesus Christ told us – ” Know Thyselves “. To know our inner world is to our practice of religion . Not only to know the Shiva Sakti in me , but to know others as a God is also our spiritual practice to go ahead of God. Uttisthata Jaggrata Prappya Baran Nibedhato.

This is the calling of Veda . Arise , Awake until you reached the Goal . Swami Vivekananda’s wards are same as Veda . Let be awaken , stand up and march on towards perfection . With your untiring efforts lastly victory over the demonic force which are obstructing your journey to truth , will come. Never shelter your weakness . You have enormous power within you .

¶¶ We are not concerned about our destination. What is our goal of life ? It’s not clear to us . Perhaps we desire to be a Doctor , Engineer or IIT – ian , Chartered Accountant , or a Politician . Now – a – days some young boys and girls are fascinating in Music . Really we are running towards a goal which are related to economic delevarence and obviously it’s just and it should be the main aim of our lives. We can’t avoid it as it’s the means of survival. Swami Vivekananda before renunciation walked from one office to another for a service. His family was in financial crisis after his father’s death though his father earned a lot , but helped his relatives in their crisis giving away all his earned money. Suddenly he died . So after his death no one came to help his family. Narendra Nath , with his mother and brothers had no source of income. He was then unemployed having graduated in Philosophy from the University of Calcutta . He was then atheist. Joined Keshav Chandra’s Brahmah Samaj . As he was a skilled musician he used to sing in the Brahma Samaj choirs. But he didn’t satisfied with the Samaj when he was a college student. Next he met his guru Sree Ramkrishna Paramhansa having learnt from his principal, Mr . Hesty . One day ,in absence of their subject teacher of English, Principal Hesty Saheb came to take the class. He was teaching that day the English poem of Wordsworth , where there’s a matter of renunciation and of transcendental state of mind. In connection to this, he told that there’s a man (priest ) in nearby at Dakkgineshwar who had felt and reached at that transcendental state of mind. Within a few days Narendra Nath visited his spiritual master , Sree Ramkrishna .We know the next story which is a history. An atheist turned into a Theaist. Initially in his first meeting with Sree Ramkrishna Swamiji was an agonistic. But after some days he was being ignited into divine power and enlightenment through the touch of his Master.

We know all this incidents of Swamiji’s devine life . Another great divine soul of India is Rishi Sree Aurobindo. We know about Maharshi Raman and so many godly souls of India who had enriched Indian spiritual culture . But now -a – days, it’s seldom found this kind of Divine man . Most of the so called Gurus are now business man . They are making industries like Tata , Ambani putting on saffron clothing . Concept has changed in modern day. They’re doing some good works also for the mankind. Rajyoga institutions , Patanjali , Esha Foundation are some of these organisations. Health and mind solution is their motto .

What we are going to say that , in the present time Hindus are not getting connected with the pure spiritual invironment which was once aboundant merely 100 years ago. As a result, we have got a lot of sacrificed Indian who fought for the freedom of the country. They used to read Gita everyday and always carried a copy of this most inspiring book along with them. How profoundly they were spiritual minded it’s the vivid instance. Ultimately , the victory came by virtue of their sacrifice. We became free from the chain of British rule. Where had they got the strength ! It’s spiritual power which they possessed of.

For our country sake , it’s the present need to bathe in the spiritual river and to be purified . We have heard , and have seen so many scams draining out our capitals. Corruption is everywhere , in politics, in Burrocrats, in offices, Business, in Panchayat , and the list will be big . The machinery has been running through the corruption. Central Government perhaps wanted to introduce Gita in school curriculum. But I think they failed to make it fruitful. But it should and must to be fulfilled . Through the practice of reading Gita and realising its meaning one can be enriched in moral attitude and spiritual growth.

In nineteenth century, our Indian civilization , our culture had been going through a dark situation. It was wrapped up with the prejudices, fanatism, irrational activities , corruption and so on. Then there was a need for spiritual revival. Ram Mohan Roy , Sree Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Vidyasagar, Vivekananda, Tagore, Sri Aurobindo, Netaji Subhash, Mahatma Gandhi, and so many great men came to remove all these darkness of our country. They’re all divinely empowered and tried their best to correct all the flaws of the society as well as country. At present , we have acquired degrees , our scientists invented so many things , we have fulfilled our desires in materialistic world , but lagging behind to be firmly stood because of the corruptions . We have lost our moral and spiritual power . Our country men were in inactive , imprisoned in the magic circle of Tamas . In this connection I can quote here a speech of Aurobindo . He told in his Bhawani Mandir manifesto :

The Shakti we call India. Bhawani Bharati is the living unity of the Shaktis of three hundred million people; but She is inactive, imprisoned in the magic circle of Tamas , the self – indulgent inertia and ignorance of her Sons. Strength can only be created by drawing it from the eternal and inexhaustible reservoirs of the spirit , from the Adyashakti of the Eternal which is the fountain of all new existence.

Let feed our soul with positive power and energy , not in nagative . Positive attitude , spiritual energy , and true love for country can change the present dark scenario of our country. Our Country, India, is like a Phinix bird 🐦 . It never gets burne if it’s smoked. She would survive from the drawning condition.

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Dr. Sushil Rudra Durgapur Steel City, Dated on: 16.12.2020



We are the servent of Our Mind .

Where the mind’s free, the body’s delicate”. – William Shakespeare

“The mind is it’s own place, and in itself Can make a heaven of Hell , a hell of Heaven.” – John Milton

” Mental slavery is mental death , and every man who has given up his intellectual freedom is the living coffin of his dead soul.” – R G Ingersoll

The afternoon of my city is very calm and quiet. Most of the city dwellers used to take rest sometimes after a heavy lunch. I have been observing it for dicades. A pin drop silence prevails everywhere like midnight. Specially, in winter season , people are captivated in the house under the quilt . And the pandemic situation makes it massively isolated by which we are not happy at all . I don’t like to sleep after lunch. Sitting in a arm – chair in the Varanda , I am looking to and fro and thinking about the Nature. Some tall tree of shal – segun and other trees are standing up keeping their head to the sky . Their leaves are being moved by the touch of the wind . Even shivering with the cold blow . How much joyously they are living in this cold season. In the meantime, I am to find out a tall man who is our home servent. He has been working in our house for a long time since my birth. Rup Singh is his name. Unmarried Rup Singh is an illeterate person having no burden of family on his shoulder. He is returning to our house from the market purchasing some betel leaves and its spices. He used to have it . This is only his fad to masticating spicy betel leaves. Rup Singh is indefferent in any circumstances. I never saw him to be getting restlessness. He is just like a tall tree never bend his head in worldly affairs and passions.

Can tree thinks like us ? Is there any sorrow and agony to their lives? I feel they’re very spontaneous in its entire life. When it grows up and gradually reach in full youth , it looks heavenly beautiful. In spring they are dressed in green leaves and moon -like flowers. It seems they are enjoying their lives with joy . They look like a Queen. Are they talking about one’s love to another ? Don’t know whether they have any feelings of sorrow or joy ! Sometime I think , like Rup Singh our sorrounding Nature , all these tall trees are indifferent in joy and sorrow . If they could have a mind like us , then they can feel their good and bad . The Nature has been massively exploited and tortured owing to our civilization. This indifferent Nature never protest against this treachery. But gradually they are becoming conscious and trying to defense when they’re kept at bay .

But we are human beings having a wisdom within us. If I don’t have any domestic duty , and not going to purchase raw vegetables or medicine in the market , I couldn’t stay in silence a moment . Because we have a mind who is all in all in my life. Our mind never stop to thinking until we get sleep . What we could , the steady and firm tall tree couldn’t . They couldn’t imagine what we could . They give us shelter in the hotty summer. Weary Passer-by can take rest for a while under it shed . If they’re not, we can’t survive without oxizen which they produce. With their gentle summer breeze we are getting the touch of Mother. They’re with us from the very beginning of the civilization. You can say that they’re our beloved companions after snow – era or Himyuga . But being a man we have denied their friendship and killed them to enjoy our comfort. They didn’t betray us , but we did . Hence, let rule the demonic mind , and bring up the godly mind which is urgent need of the time.