This year, 2020, will be ended today. We are passing through a difficult situation. Everything is under threat due to Covid 19 pandemic. School, college, University – every institution has been suspended for an uncertain periods. Even industrial production was stopped. Government declared carfew days after days. Bus, train, flight and other communications were stopped . Our lives are being captivated within the home and become monotanous .


The Deadliest Night

Ila has been taken so many lives . Many people have lost their home. The speed of the strom was nearabout 180 to 200 km . So the mud built homes, trees, the crops are destroyed . Many people have been died . Many cattles also had died due to ILA. It’s a great loss .


We have lost so many people due to this Deadliest pandemic. Some famous people left us . They are no more in this world. Formerly President of India, Pranab Kumar Mukherjee had died in covid 19. Pandit Yosraj of Classical music, Bala subramanium of light and modern Hindi movie singer , Soumitra Chatterjee of Bengali cinema died in covid 19 , Two veterans of Hindi movie , Rishi Kapoor and Irfan khan died in Cancer this year. You have lost another genius artist who has been died in suiside. Might be murdered. The CBI investigation is still going on.

We have lost legendary dancing personality, Amala Shankar. She died at the age of 102 .

Lost some political leaders:

Ahmed Patel , the veteran Congress leader and Yasvant Singh of Bharatiya Janata party both the politicians had died due to Covid 19. And also died the former three times Chief Minister of Assam in Corona .

Died in Covid 19 Musician Sajid in an young age is a great loss of music world.

Tapas Pal of hero of Bengali cinema and Trinamul Party leader died this year in a Mumbai hospital due to cardiac arrest.

Swamini sister Vedantaprana died in this year. She was a Sannyasini of Ramkrishna Sarada Math. For a long time she was the editor of The monthly magazine” Nivedita”.

The political atmosphere both in Central and West Bengal is in high tension. The farmers organisations are fighting against the new agricultural rules . It has been going on for a month and even more. Yesterday both the representatives of the central government and the farmer’s organisation met together and they’re in a final decision unanimously two points amongst the four points agendas.

In West Bengal, the political air is massively stormy. The Bidhan Sabha polls are knocking at the door. The ruling party, chief Minister wants to continue the chair another consecutive years , but the Trinamul Party leaders are not in good relationship. The most efficient leader, Subhendu Adhikari resigned from the party and joined in Bharatiya Janata party along with some MLA’s and MP’s . So it’s a great challenge to Mamta and her party to face this challenge. I think this election is in favour of Braratiya Janata party. Change is always welcome. Let see what happens in future. We are waiting for the vibrant new year though new form of covid is already spreading in UK . And some patients reached in India getting affected by it. Besides, Vaccine of covid from different companies will come within a month or two. This is a great hope.

Our country is progressing through many hurdles. China and Pakistan both the countries are always trying to encroaching our land. This year we have lost 20 and above soilders in a front to front counter in Siachin in Ladak, Kashmir. Pak extremists are trying to enter into Indian Territory through boarderline. Indian BSF are always guarding day and night. Sometime in encounter soldiers are being killed and their families are in deep grief.

As for me, it’s very very cloudy year in respect of monitary loss. I have previously written it that I have been cheated by some online scammers and lost some Lacs of money.

It’s not as big as death as so many young and old people are no more in this world. It’s more saddestic than me . So no need to repentance. I think money will come again, but those have to face the covid 19 and have lost their lives, they will never return. Let their soul be in peace.

We are waiting for the colourful new year where there’s a peace and happiness more than hurdles and sufferings.

Take care. And spend your time in pleasure. May God bless you all in the new year , this is my prayer to almighty God.


Lord Jesus
Sacrifice of Jesus Christ

Merry Christmas

” Day after day, O lord of my life, shall I stand before thee face to face. With folded hands, O lord of all worlds, shall I stand before thee face to face.

Under thy great sky in solitude and silence, with humble heart shall I stand before thee face to face.

In this laborious world of thine, tumultuous with toil and with struggle, among hurrying crowds shall I stand before thee face to face.

And when my work shall be done in this world , O kings , alone and speechless shall I stand before thee face to face. ” – Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore . 76 No Song .


Mother Mery

We, Indian regard Jesus Christ as son of God. Hindus worship Sri Krishna as God, not the son of God. There’s a similarly in sound when we pronounce both the words – Krishna and Krista. However , we know Jesus as a Prophet like Muhammad and Sree Ramkrishna. Thakur Sree Ramkrishna used to listen Bible. He has been practiced all the rituals of Christianity for three days like Islamic rituals. Even Swami Vivekananda’s life has to be seen similar to Jesus Christ.

Mother Teresa served the downtrodden people of slums for a long time in Kolkata . When she was awarded Nobel peace prize for her selfless service to mankind , that special evening she recited a line of a poem when she was asked, “ What is your message in this joyful day?” She replied in Bengali with soft voice :Jibe prem kare jei Jan , Sei jan sebiche iswar .( He/she who loves jiba , he/she serves to God).

Having heard it, we became surprised! Woh !This is the utterance of Swami Vivekananda . One Catholic Saint is uttering this very familiar lines in this joyous moment. Then it’s seemed that all the faces of crowd are becoming blurred and a very known vibrant face is drifting before my eyes.

Obviously, we notice a similarity between the two spiritual godfather. And we find a deep connection of Swami Vivekananda’s life with Jesus and Christianity. Narendra Nath’s magnanimous father, Biswanath Dutta used to read egarly Bible. Narendra Nath was a vigorous reader from his childhood days. He has read Ramayana Mahabharata, Bhagabat and also listened the stories of all these books from his mother and grandmother in his childhood days. Perhaps he might read the Bible also .

Narendra Nath was admitted to Presidency College in 1880 . He had to leave this college after one year because of malaria – attack. Having cured he took admission in General Assembly College( now Scottish Church College and in 1884 he became graduate from there. That time it’s a provision to read Bible as compulsory subject. So I think he reads it in between the two lines. Secondly, he was a student of philosophy. So it’s natural for a student of philosophy to read the life and religion of Jesus Christ.

Being learnt from his college Principal Hesty Saheb during discussion of state of trance in the poem”Excursion” that a priest of Dakhineshwar has experienced such a state of trance, Narendra Nath visited several times before initiation of monkhood. He came to know about Sree Ramkrishna deeply. Guru Sree Ramkrishna says to his desciples that he is Chaitanya Abotar. And also says that how a divine light from Christ has been entered into his body.


To Swami Vivekananda (then Narendra Nath) , Sri Ramakrishna is an Indian Christ , or the younger brother of Christ.

Since 1881 – 1886 , during this period Naren’s mind has been changed. He has become urnest devoteee of His master, Sri Ramakrishna. Not only that, He is being enriched with the spiritual advices of Master came very nearer to Him. He has been realised that Sri Ramakrishna is an incarnation of Rama , Krishna and also of Sri Chaitanya.

Here I will tell two incidents which we see in the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. First one took place in 1885 , 31 October. Sri M dipicted the picture in the book as he listened to and learnt that day from Sri Ramakrishna and His devotees.

It’s about 11 am in the morning. .. He was talking to Christian devotee named Mishra. Mishra was born of a Christian family in northwestern India…. He was thirty five years old. Though clad in European dress he wore the ochre of a Sannyasi under his foreign clothes. Two of his brothers had died on the day fixed for the marriage of one of them , and on that very day Mishra had renounced the world.

Mishra: ” Jesus is not the son of Mary , Jesus is God himself. ( To the devotees) Now he ( pointing to Sri Ramakrishna) is as you see him him again. He is God himself. You are not able to recognize him. I have seen him before, in vision, though I see him now directly with my eyes. I saw a garden where he was seated on a raised seat . Another person was seated on the ground, but he was not so far advanced.”

Master: ” Do you see visions ?

Mishra: ” Sir , even when I lived at home I used to see light. Then I had a vision of Jesus. How can I describe that beauty ? How significant is the beauty of a woman compared with that beauty !”

After a while Misra took off his trousers and showed the devotees the Gerua loin – cloth that he wore underneath. …

As he uttered these words he went into samadhi. He stood facing the West. Regaining partial consciousness , he fixed his gaze on Misra and began to laugh . Still in an ecstatic mood, he shook hand with him and laughed again . Taking him by the hands , he said , ” You will get what you are seeking .”

Misra: ( With folded hands) ” Since that day I have surrendered to you my mind , soul , and body .”

Sri Ramakrishna was laughing , still in an ecstatic mood.

Sri M thought : Is Sri Ramakrishna and Jesus same !

Paul Brunton, in his book ‘ A search in Secret India ‘ writes about Sri M’s realization about Jesus in Sri Ramakrishna.

He asked Sri M : How do you come to know about Jesus Christ and Bible so profoundly and meteculously, when he has listened discussion of Bible from ‘M . Having heard it, ‘M replied with gentle voice: We have been staying in a same room with Him. We see Christ in Him like other incarnations.

Brunton became astonished listening it. Naren too realized the same about Jesus in Sri Ramakrishna.

Now I will give a pen picture of the second incident. It took place in the very first Math ( monk center) in Taki’s Munshi’s home. In a reminiscences, we see that there is a picture of Jesus with other incarnations hanging on the wall of a room in this Math . It’s a picture of crusified Jesus.

Sri ‘M informed that there continued meditation, Japa ( counting secret spiritual mantra), Bhajan & Kirtana along with discussion of spiritual scripts. They used to read and discuss about Sri Ramakrishna, Acharya Shankara, Ramanuja and Jesus Christ.

There’s another incident which took place after 2/3 months of inception of Math. Swamiji’s Gurubhai, Babulal mother’s Matangini Devi requested her son to return home and spend there in Autpur some days along with Naren . When this news exposed , then all of his guru – brothers became companion and reached at Autpur. There they took outh that they would lead a life of renunciation. One evening they fumigated the incense – pot and sat around all the brothers in meditation. After the end of it , Naren began to discuss about the life of Jesus Christ. Specially , it’s the incident of Jesus renunciation. He also mentioned that they would spread in the world as an apostle the life of Sri Ramakrishna and His Gospel.

To be continued


God’s Own Home

This is Paradise . Let Set out there on the way to God’s Home. You can settle down there a whole day for taking rest or to play whole day fulfilling your desire in streach and deep pain . And to gossiping there with beautiful Nature – and with your remote friend . Might he be there in disguise of God, sitting there . If you get a room on the widen field , Be seated in the solitary corner with utmost serinity mood . Greens will come to greet you. Love and hug with it . Try to sink in the deep River of consciousness keeping aloof all the hazardous of life. You might be benefited from this journey to God.

The bed of green grass is ready to welcoming you, Sit on there as much as you can to enjoy this paradise . Walking through the valleys and mountains and on its zigzag way to meet your bossom friend , And at the end of this road, He is waiting for you , keeping his door open to embrace you . Don’t hesitate to move forward in meeting him as He has been waiting for you for a long time to be loved and to be had lunch with you. Be face to face and exchange the sights with each other . He eagers to serving you the most favourite dishes . Don’t be hesitated to meet Him as the time will not wait for you.

Be calm, concentrate on your heart which is the temple of love and light, Don’t look at the outer sparking which is not glorious . Never streach your hands to Fame, Jewelry, or so called Prestigious posts, as these couldn’t provide you the light and peace for ever. All day long You and He, siting front to front, gazing at each other, to garnering flowers chains at each other’s neck , no serious talk to be pronounced , no blunt talks of love , nor any worldly possession matter there to have gain, We, both spend whole day bathing in the rays of glittering Sun .



He’s no more . Today he breathed his last and left his physical body from this world . SOUMITRA CHATTAPADDHAY was under treatment since 6 th October in Belview Hospital in Kolkata. he died after a long struggle . It’s a great loss of Bengali Film as well as Indian Film world . He was given the most prestigious honour” Dada Saheb Phalke and Legion The Nor from France.

He was born in Mirzapur Street( Now Surya Sen Street ) near in between Sealdah Railway station and College street in the year 1935, 19 January. Soumitra Chattapaddhay spent first 12 years of his life in Krisnnagar in the district of Nadia in West Bengal. It’s the birth place of famous dramatist Dijendralal Roy. Perhaps it influenced his life to some extent. His family returned to Howrah and Soumitra admitted to Howrah Boys School. He was studied in Bengali language and literature in city college and did his M.A in Bengali from the University of Calcutta. Coffee House of Kolkata was his favourite place where he used to meet together with his friends.

Truely he was an artist. He was a Multi – faced talented . He was a poet , a painter , a writer , and an eminent actor . He started his journey in acting from his college life . Mainly he acted drama in college fest and being utmost interested he joined in theatre . He didn’t think that he would be a film artist . It’s 1959 , Satyajit Ray sought for an artist for his Trilogy film Apur Sansar for the role of adult Apu . He acted with the actress like Sharmila Tagore, Aparna Sen , Madhabi Mukhopaddhay, Sabitri Chatterjee , Suchitra Sen and Supriya Devi . He acted more than 300 films in Bengali. Satyajit Ray selected him as the role of Apu Character. After that he didn’t stop. His debut film was Apur Sansar (The World of Apu , 1959) and acted as adult Apu , the third part of adult Apu Trilogy. He went on to work in several notable films with Ray , including Abhijan ( The Expedition, 1962), Charulata ( The lonely Wife , 1964) as Amal, Aronyer Din Rattri ( Days and Night in the Forest, 1969), Ashoni Sanket (Distant Thunder, 1974) , Sonar Kella ( The Golden Fortress, 1974), and Jai Baba Felunath as Feluda, ( The Elephant God, 1978) , Hirak Rajar Deshe (1980), Ghare Baire (The Home and the World, 1984) as Sandeep, Shakha Proshakha(1990) and Ganoshatru ( 1989) .

Besides, Soumitra Chattapaddhay acted numerous films directed by Mrinal Sen , Tapan Sinha , Bhuddhadev Dasgupta Gautam Ghosh, Aparna Sen , Kaushik Sen and others new generation Film Directors .

He won 7 Film Fare Awards. In 2006 he won The National Film Award for the best actor for the film Padokhep . Central Government awarded him The second best Honour” Padma Bhushan” West Bengal Government awarded Bangobibhusahan . He received highest Cinema, Theatre, Music Award ” Dadasaheb Phalke” and last but not the least that’s France Government Highest Honour ” Legion Of Honour” . Soumitra also received Sangit Natak Academy Award .

Above all, he has done a lot for Indian Cinema. His acting made spell bound to the spectators. When The Great and legendary Actor Uttam Kumar has been served the Bengali Film arena and established himself as a legendary Actor, Soumitra Chattapaddhay entered into Bengali film to act and got success stupendously .

He was a poet and writer also. He was too a distinguished reciter. He composed poems and there are some anthology of the poetry. He was a painter also . Actually he was a talented artist and scholar and intellectual of our times .

We convey our regards to him .


Secrets Of Bengalee

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Devi Durga: The Grand Festival


Durga Puja is a grand festival of Bengal . But it’s now not only for Bengalees, but also for all Indian. Somewhere of India Navrattri is celebrated just before Durgapuja.

I spent two years in Rajasthan, Kota . There Bengalees took initiative for celebrating the Durga Puja. We perticipated there along with my family in the cultural programs. Lunch and dinner are arranged there . In Evening, after Aarati, starts cultural programs.

In Bengal , this festival is super duper. From rich to poor all are busy to enjoy the fest. Devi Pakkha starts from Mahalaya.


Before Mahalaya, cleaning every room is must. Home is our Temple, so it’s must to be cleaned each and every corner of the house. Purchasing new dresses in the market is one of the attractive and compulsive matter to the household.

One of my Quora friends asked me why atheist of Bengal don’t allow Goddess Durga as the Puja of Bengal and Bengalees . Here’s in details :

¶ In fact , it’s very difficult to answer when and from where this festival first started. From pre – historical period to modern times we get a history of evolution of Goddes Durga.

At present the Mother Durga along with her family members are being celebrated in the Puja Mandap and some individual houses. But I have doubt that it was not erstwhile as today celebrated. People with his imagination made this form of idols of goddess in course of time.


In addition , meditation and love both were active to form such deities. The more our imagination will be active, the more the evolution of form of Goddess Durga will be continued .

When This Puja was Started! After a rigorous study, I am sure that this puja culture was being started in the ancient Vedic era, and after many many evolutions, it’s found in modern gorgeous forms.

First, our ancient society introduced Nature worship. As a deity, Varun came first, then Mitra and finally Mother Earth. In Veda, Pritthidevi is called by the name ” Aditi”. During the Mahenjadaro civilization, people celebrated ” Earth – goddess”.

Professor Hopkins ( E. W. Hopkins) identified Aditi as Durga. ( ” Where Aditi is identified with Durga ) . Aditi or Earth again is identified in Veda as the mother of Surya.

Durga and Shiva both are Vedic deties according to Scholar Weber and Muir , but Max Mueller didn’t agree with them. He told them non – Vedic deties. Both were non – Aryan deities according to Max Mueller.

Kirat, Shabar, Pulind – all these people generally worshipped them. Max Mueller told that the Durga deity was considered as a Vedic aristocratic deity like Rattri, Kali, Rodoshi, Niriti in Brahmana Samhita.

But Indian and some other Western scholars didn’t agree with this opinion. So, we can consider the two most important deities as Vedic deities. Rudra or Shiva through Vedic, but Vishnu was a major deity. His influence was much to Vedic society. ( Hopkins).

Sir George Grierson wisely remarks that these Shudras are the branches of the Aryans. Hence, both the deities are of Vedic order. These people lived in various places in Aaryavarta. But socially sometimes these people were abandoned, but ultimately it has been changed, the scenario has been changed in course of time.

Shiva and Durga are the deities of Aryans. Though Shiva was deprived and regarded as inferior. As an instance, Shiva was not invited during the holy Yongya ritual by Dukkha. Prajapati Dokkha arranged the Ashwamedh Yoggya ritual on the bank of river Ganga. This gratis still existed in Hardwar.

Being not invited by his father- in – law Shiva angrily disrupted the ritual by creating Vairav Virvhadra and Parbati Mahakali. This tale, I think, all of us came to know from childhood. Almost all Hindus know this myth. Mahakali or Vadrakali is none other than the goddess Durga.

It’s pronounced during sacrifice any Naibeddya ( the fruits and sweets) before deties Durga – ” Om Dakkhayoggya Binashinoi Mahaghoraoi *** Bhaddrakalloi Om Hrim Durgaoi Namah.

¶¶ Both the deities are to be considered as Vedic in Mahabharata, Ramayana and in Puranas. In Ramayana Shiva is called as Shankara . And He is Rudra in Vedic literature. In Taitoriyo Aarannyok we see Durga, Mahadev , Kartick , Ganesha and Nandi.

It’s distinctly pronounced in Taitario Aarannoyk (10/1/7) : Kattyaonoi Vidmahe Konnya Kumaring Dhimohi . Tanno Durging Prochodayat. It’s a Gayatri mantra.

In Upanishad , the name of Durga is to be found. In Rik Veda Goddess Durga was considered as the flame – form goddess. In his book ” Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology , Mr. Dawson reffered some names of Durga et el Uma, Gauri , Parvati, Chandi , Chamunda , Kali , Kapalini , Bhawani , Vijaya . Hopkins also wrote some other names like Shailosuta, Parvati, Ruddrani, Girija, Shailyarajputtri, Girirajputtri , Girisha and so on.

¶¶ However, Uma and Aamma are the same in Indian society. Amma is Ma in Bengali. Amma is used in almost all provinces of India. Ma Durga is a universal mother. She is our worshiper.

As described by Thomas Inman: Ammah or Ummah, ‘Mother’ is the same. All those forms of Uma ( Amm, the great mother – goddess) go back to the primitive and universal cult of the mother goddess in popular mythology appears as Kalama and Ilamma, which is as descriptive or as kin.

¶¶ Durga is familiar in various names and relationship. In Aarannoyk she is called ‘ Vairachani’ who was daughter of Surya or Agni ( 10/1/7) . Kattyani and Kannyakumari are also her name.


Professor Jecbi wrote: Ambika is called Rudra’s sister in the Vajasaneya , but in Taittiyiya Aranyaka she has already become the spouse of Rudra , just as in the latter time. …. We find an invocation of Durga Devi , who is there Vairochini , daughter of the Sun or 🔥 Fire and in x.1.7 among verses addressed to Agni we meet with two more names of Durga ( here called Durgi )viz Katyayani , Kanyakumari .( Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, Vol. v, page – 212 )


¶¶ Some scholars said that Debi Durga is called by the name Gauri . She is the wife of Varun in some Puran . Her another name is Ambika. Hopkins identified this Mother as Bhadrakali , Mahakali, Maheswari and Sree Durga.

Shiva was called Gaur as he used to play with Parvati and Bhutas . Durga was the wife of Gaur , so is called as Gauri . It’s obeyed by the several scholars.

¶¶ Sten Konow , an Indologist distinctly said : ” we can, in Kali and Kali’s worship, find some traces which point to the existence of an old, not only Aryan , but Indo – European goddess, whose worship is continued in an unbroken line in the Durgapuja of the present day .”

Some scholars remarked that Ashwamedh Yoggya is converted into today’s Durgapuja . Some foreign scholars also noticed the similarity between Durga and Greek goddess Demeter Chloe . He wrote : The Saradiya – Puja or the autumnal worship of Durga is analogous to the service of the Greek goddess of Demeter Chloe that took place on the sixth of Thargelian .

Swami Sankarananda remarked that Ashwamedh Yoggya is the today’s Durgapuja or Basanti Durgothsab. In Autumn this Durgapuja was initiated and arranged by Sree Ramachandra. And still it’s continuing with its latest version.

Change is the another name of time. King Surath worshipped Durga in the spring many years before Ramachandra . The autumnal Durgapuja actually had started after a long periods, may it be thousand of thousands years after the Basanti Durgothsab .

That time Agrahayan was the first month of the year when Sun was placed in Chitra Nakskhattra in between Kannya and Tula Rashi. But at the time of Ramachandra Surya was placed in Rebati Nakkhattra.

Therefore, Basanti Durgothsab started many many years ago as Autumnal Durgapuja. But it’s now the most major puja of Hindus. Basanti Durgothsab took place in some places or homes in Bengal, but the Autumnal Durgapuja festival or Sharadia Durgothsab is the grand festival of the Hindus throughout the world.

Why it is commenced in Autumn ?

Vidyabhusan Amulyacharan discussed about the time of worshipping Durga Puja – why it’s commenced in the Autumn he scholarly said that Durgapuja is the holy Sharodotsab . From Vedic periods it has been consistently continuing in various forms.

In the Vedic era ” Esh ” is meant to Ashwin ( a Bengali month ) and ” Uj” means Kartick ( After Ashwin comes Kartik). According to Vedic sage, Ashwin and Kartick both the months are Sharat season. This season is the ideal time for worshipping. Ambika is another name of the goddess Durga. Ambika means Ashwin.

The worship of the Autumn season is ultimately the worshipping of Durgapuja. So this season is the best time for the worshipping of Durgapuja. So we can conclude that worshipping Surya puja is gradual turns into Durgapuja in course of huge time, even changed its Rupa(Forms) and Rasa ( innate significance) and took a modern gorgeous shape – it’s true.

Durga Puja : This Year Plan

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Dictatorship And Mamata Banerjee

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Don’t look behind