You Should Set Goals Beyond Your Reach, So You Can Always Have Something To Live For”. – Ted Turner

” Rich High , For Stars Lie Hidden In You . Dream Deep , For Every Dream, Precedes The Goal.” – Rabindranath Tagore

Meditation Is The Gateway To Achieve

Concentration Is The Key

The goal to reaching God is a subject which is not for all . Only a few people like to listen or discuss about God. The cause behind it , that we are very busy in daily life to earn money for our livelihood. This is tough time to have a job or business . So life isn’t bed of roses . It’s full of struggle , notwithstanding we want to live in this world.

We love to dream numerous things which are mostly about worldly affairs to possess. We obviously dream a sweet home, a beautiful wife and also a four wheeler .. Some are highly ambitious whether they are competent or not . Perhaps they’re meritorious and fighting for a good career. They’re mostly fond of power and respect .


In fine, they’re being charged with their surroundings to be a good careerists. Everyday we come to know from the newspaper or TV news or net that the youths from middle Class society are cracking prestigious IAS , IPS or IFS etc . They are obviously brightening up the society.


It’s to be seen in our society that most of the parents desire to see their sons or daughters as Doctor or Engineer, at least Professor or Scientist . At present, we are going through a nuclear family system having only one or two children. So it’s quite natural to have a big dream about their children’s careers . They’re not interested at the goal to reach out in God.

Our children, may they be male or females are now working in MNC /IT sections in India and even in aboard. So it’s a good sign of advancement we can’t deny it . In politics our women are now in forefront . We have seen Mrs Pratibha Patil as a President of of India. Mira Kumar and so many MLAs and MPs have been elected and participating in policies .

We have seen some successful woman in Banking industry whose are meticulously furnishing their duties . There are so many women Principals and Vice Chanceller in India. In military, Hospital, Space , Science, Business Industry, Factory, Airways, Schools , Autumobiles, Postal Service – everywhere they’re successful. So it’s obviously a progressing situation in society. We can say that we are going to be successful in materialistically.

But really are we progressing ?

It’s absolutely a hard task to give a reasonable answer . Progressing is an evolution process. We, the human beings through evolution process came from amoeba to human body. Man and human being , both the words have a space for explaining in respect to nature. From Man to Human being there is a process . And this process is very critical and effortive .

When Swami Vivekananda pronounced that Man is potentially divine, then it’s clear to us we have a godly power within us , but it’s covered with clouds. The Sun is in the Sky, but as it’s being covered with the clouds ,so we are unable to find it. Just as covered Sun , our divinity within is behind the materialistic world which is in deep sleep. To awaken it , is our life’s endeavour. We should have a goal to reaching at the deep consciousness which is super soul or divinity.

Practically, we do not cultivate this areas . We are always struggling in the outer surface of our lives, neglecting innermost world. In ancient India, this innerworld had been given emphasised . Our ancestors were always alert about in imparting these spiritual knowledge to their offsprings .

But today we are not serious about it. Our new generation is not aware of it. We pray to almighty for our material happiness. We are inclined to enjoy the modern amenities which are the results of advancement in science and technology. We are running towards enormous comforts in our external life , but ultimately we are lagging behind the vibrant life which is called divine life .

Rishi Aurobindo battled against British to make India to be freed. To him India, his motherland, is not a geographical or demographical land . It’s Divine Mother to him. He wrote a book, ‘Life Divine’ by name, where he expressed his spiritual thoughts on life. There he told the experiences of journey from man to human beings.

Man is a rational being. It differs us from animal . We are lucky enough as we are being blessed by it . From coarse to subtle state of knowledge passing over , or attaining a higher stage of consciousness from a lower one should be our goal. But present education system is not imparting this knowledge to us .

Rabindranath Tagore and Swami Vivekananda’s education thoughts are not supported by this educational curriculum . Besides, due to modern development in communication and gadgets Indian youths are addicted to that. Bollywood world is also to some extent is responsible for the deterioration in terms of values and ethics which is not supported by our old thoughts and values.

Bigotry , nepotism, corruption, jihad , castism, terrorism , too much westernising – all these are causing loss of our inner world consciousness. Only we are in the darkness of illusion . The more these elements prevails in our society, the more we are far from the spiritual quotients . That means we are not progressing gradually from animality to rationality . So then we are near to animal .

Should it be the goal or aim of a man ? Certainly not. Like others natural elements we are also created by the God . Rivers, clouds , air , sky , planets – all these are from God , The creator. It’s not possible for a scientist to create all these. Then who created it ? There are so many opinions expressed by the scholars. But we don’t want to discuss about that. But we can’t refuse our Vedas and Upanishads. The western philosophers like Roman Rolland, Maxmuller praised this books as a treasure of spiritual thoughts. The spiritual Master of Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna emphasised on the higher knowledge or the experience of God.

What should be the aim of Life ?

To him , Knowledge is not to gain bookish education, rather it should be to attain divine knowledge. The goal of a man should be to know the divinity already within him . Swamiji’s teaching is also the same like his Master, Sri Ramakrishna. But we do reluctant to achieve this goal. Vivekananda never told to fight shy this world. They told us that you live in this world, but keep your mind on God . ……. To be continued.

Dr. Sushil Rudra , dated on Durgapur , 22.11.2020