Are You Diagnosed With Prediabetes?

Dr. Sushil Rudra 05.02.2022

Don’t worry about your health! Are you diagnosed with prediabetes? Follow this rules to overcome this situation.

Health Tips: You might want to reverse the pre-diabetes conditions. You are here at the right place. Don’t worry about prediabetes. It’s not a so serious condition that you feel worried. If you take some measures, you can reverse it easily. So, not being worried, follow these rules.

First of all, check your blood sugar levels. Are you diagnosed with prediabetes? Now the question, What is prediabetes?

Prediabetes is where your blood sugar is higher than the normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes.

We all know that Diabetes is a major and chronic disease in the modern world. It’s the consequences of unrest living with stretch full lifestyles. The more we are running towards fulfilling our vast longings, the more we have been facing such unrest lifestyle-oriented diseases. Sometimes it turns into a serious condition if we ignore it.

Therefore, it is our foremost d uty to check our sugar levels in time, and obviously at intervals. After investigation, if it is found that, you are with prediabetes, so not worrying about it , do continue some habits which can control it.

Many people who are detected with prediabetes, suffering from stress and anxiety disorder. You know, constantly feeling of anxiety and stress can be considered to be prediabetes. So, stop feeling stress anyway.

We have noticed that many people think that prediabetes is a very fatal disease. Is it true? Is prediabetes fatal like diabetes? Or if we are with prediabetes, so that our lives would be tormented overnight! It’s not true.

No, Never. Not at all. We must not be feared when we will be detected with prediabetes. A moderate lifestyle with utmost discipline and punctuality in day to day life can be healthy and easy to reverse prediabetes.

Hence, after detection with prediabetes, if you be serious about your health, and take some bold measures, I think you can be able to get normal sugar levels within few weeks. You will be cured physically and mentally.

Follow These Rules:

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1. Diet Can Heal You

According to American Diabetes Association( ADA ) 100 to 125 mg/ dl sugar levels is counted as prediabetes. Some change in our diet and healthy foods can lessen our sugar levels. It’s very useful and healthy technique to keep our sugar levels minimum and normal. So keep healthy diet in your plate.

Fruits with fibre and less stretch vegetables are very useful and healthy for prediabetes or sugar trendy people. ADA creates a fine tool which helps to select foods for the prediabetes. In your 9″ plate, take 25% proteins, 25% grains and rest 50% non starchy green vegetables. It should be a healthy diet for the prediabetes.

So Choose Mediterranean Diet. It works well for some people. What is the Mediterranean diet? Read here: Diet to avoid mental stretch and depression and / To Avoid Mood Swings and Depression Why I Am Stick To Follow Perfect Diet?

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• Eat Fewer Carbs :

Eat fewer of certain carbs to help reverse prediabetes. So choose carbohydrates cautiously. Take brown rice in lieu of white rice, mixt Brown wheat in stead of white wheat.

• Add more high fibre foods into your meal.

• Swap out high – calorie foods. Drink skim milk, rather than whole milk, choose lower fat cheese and salads.

• Avoid high fat, high-calorie chips, and desserts. Rather choose fresh fruits, whole wheat crackers with pea – nut butter.

• Vegetables, especially the less starchy kinds, such as spinach, and other leafy greens, broccoli, carrots and beans should include in your regular diet.

2. Exercise and Yoga

Exercise and yoga minimum of half an hour should be included in your daily routine. You can walk also.

Walking half an hour regular in the morning and evening can normalise your prediabetes. It may lessen your body weight, and you know, overweighted people are to be a trend with prediabetes and diabetes. So regular 30 to 40 minutes of walking practising yoga and exercises for 5 days a week might help you to decrease your body weight and fat. Moreover, you can manage your sugar levels up to 3 hours more than the persons who don’t practice exercise and yoga or walking.

You have to mind it that habit is the second nature. No, Swami Vivekananda, our great yogi told that habit is the first nature of man.

So try to make it a habit. You have to increase the time of practising yoga, exercise and walking gradually. You should not do it maximum time all on a sudden in one fine morning. Let proceed in slow motion and gradually try to increase the time. Suddenly one hour walking might not be helpful to your health. Slow, but sure method will be fruitful to you. Ultimately, you couldn’t be able to change your habit. So it has a long term efficacy of reversing prediabetes. .

Read more: To Avoid Mood Swings and Depression Why I Am Stick To Follow Perfect Diet?

3. Always Take A Nap with Healthy snacks :

Be careful when you’re going to have snacks. You should choose those snacks which can not increase your sugar levels and also your body weight. Sugar, sodium and unhealthy fat-rich snacks must not be in your short naps.

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4. Changing Your Lifestyle:

Anxiety, stress, Bohemian lifestyle, Smoking too much, Drinking wine beyond the limit – all these can heighten your sugar level. To minimise it, or give up it forever. Rather do some yoga and exercises. Meditation is a good way to overcome it. Or read a good book to divert your mind from the desire of getting wine or smoking. It helps your mind to calm and peaceful. Moreover, it will be a natural way to reverse prediabetes. Making lifestyle changes may be even more powerful than just taking medication.

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5. Need Sound Sleep:

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Set good sleep habits.Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Don’t get stuck in irregular and delinquent sleep habits. It’s a very bad habit. It hampers your sleep clock. So keep it at a fix time. You can avoid any serious ailments if you have good and sound sleep in every night.

You know that a shortfall of sleep makes it harder for your body to use insulin effectively and might make type diabetes more likely.

• Don’t Watch T.V or Use a Laptop or Mobile when you’re trying to fall asleep. At least 1 to 2 hours before your sleep schedule, you keep aside all those gadgets.

• Avoid tea or caffeine at night. It can hamper your sleep. I generally don’t take it after evening.

• Turn out lights of your room minimum 1/2 hours before going to sleep. Because, darkness helps us to get sleep very quickly.

• Do meditation or mindfulness before sleep.

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Meditation is an ancient Indian method of yoga that helps us to get positive energy massively. It cures our minds. Give us mental strength. Positive energy and mental strength can have a great power to rectify our physical ailments.

6. Drink Sufficient Water :

Another excellent way to reverse prediabetes is drinking sufficient water. It prevents you from type 2 diabetes. Water helps to control blood glucose levels and it is also a healthy substitute for soda and fruit juices. All these beverages are typically high in sugar. Hence, it is harmful for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes as well.

7. Move More :

  • Try to move here and there when you have no work. Even when you’re in front of the TV set, take some time for stretching or from one room to another. Don’t stay sitting in the same place for a long time. Move one table to another table of your friends in the office. Movements can help blood circulation flow normally.
  • Gardening is a good source of energy. Do it a habit. If you toil in gardening, this can provide you energy and strength both physically and mentally.

8. Be Social and Get Support From Your Support Group:

Don’t Stay alone. Be Social. Social communication is a powerful tool for you when you’re physically and mentally distressed. May it be, you have detected any disease ( prediabetes or Lungs infection), your spouse , friends and neighbours would be a doctor, or a nurse of a hospital, they can give you a good suggestions.

They are your well wishes. You need their support. And they support you all the time to maintain your lifestyle. They might ask you whether you’re following a regular diet and medicines. They never allow you to smoking or drink limitless wine or get sweets in the street store. My elder brother used to smoke. He never purchased a cigarette in the shop on the road while I crossing it. Maybe either I told him to give up smoking, or I don’t like to have smoked. He had a fear anyway.

So, friends, relatives, neighbours are always well-wishers who can help you to abstain from any harmful practice.

Eating a healthy diet, exercising or walking regularly become easier if you have some people helping you out, holding your accountable, and cheering you on. They can influence you a lot.

9. Be Attach with a Dietitian Nutritionist :

Always keep in contact with a dietician. Because prediabetes or diabetes or any kind of disease can be easily handled with the exact diet and foods. Through a diet, you can reverse your prediabetes. It’s a natural process. Prediabetes can be controlled with natural ways and I have discussed here thoroughly. Hope it will help my readers who are detected with prediabetes.

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