Blanket Distribution

It’s a fine morning of 1st January, New Year of 2021 and Kalpataru Divas . God Incarnate, Sri Ramakrishna, spiritual Guru of famous Hindu Monk Swami Vivekananda, turned into Kalpataru and showered blessings to His followers in Cassipore Uddanbati in northern Kolkata 6 months before His Mahasamadhi. Since then 1st January is regarded as Kalpataru Utsav.

We start at 9.00 O’clock in the morning along with my family and friends of Swami Vivekananda Vani Prochar Somity of Durgapur, a renowned NGO and spiritual organisation. Having bath and morning refreshments we reached at Mandir of the said organisation and take part in Puja and meditation.

From Durgapur City we start at 11.00 am. by a luxury bus. The volunteers already cooked lunch of 6 hundred heads of people. All the cooked meals was being carried on by a small truck. We are about 50 heads . So, the rest meals will be distributed to the poor people of two small villages. There’s another object of this tour. We are to distribute 3 hundred blankets amongst the poor villagers.

This is called Jangle Mahal . Our bus running through the forest . Both the sides of the road prevails deep forest. We come to know about the dangerous attack of Elephants in this way. So we decided that we will return home before dusk.


Both the villages are sorrounded by the forest. Steel authority of India and another company has come to decorate this two villages with their CSR funds. This pacca road , Community Halls, latrin was constructed. Solar lights are provided on the road as there’s no electricity. Although this areas are under the jurisdiction of Gram Panchayat, but they don’t take care about the poor people of this villages. Only the NGO’S are working for the upliftment of the villagers.

But that’s not sufficient. Here minority scheduled Tribes, mostly Santals are the dweelers . They are fighting against the poverty having no source of income. Only tribal men do work in jungle with a minimum remuneration. Mainly they’re exploited by the political parties leaders. Before election they used to visit this peoples on account of vote. Give some money for desi wine ( hanria ) or ‘hari’ which they enjoy this desi wine in their festival . Here we meet many people and come to know about their society , their pecuniary condition, their social and cultural aspects.

The Tribal folk who gives me information about their society.

When I asked him about their language , he told ” Alchiki “. I am awared about it. Because I have so many students from tribals who are from modern generations and trying to have higher education in college and University. Both the villages have some students of HS . One or two children have passed 10 examination, but mostly are devoid of education.

They have believe in religion. They worship ” Marang Guru ” as their God. Their religion name is “SARNA “. Hari is main item in their Puja and other festival. Even they used to feed their children “Hari” at first day rice whom we observe as Mukhe Bhat or Annoprasan.

The Tribals are very simple. Their homes are mainly maid of muds and the roofs are of tin . Some of them work in fields as a labourer. But most of them have no employments. They’re asking me for any job. Politicians visit these villages before election and promise them for jobs. But their dreams never come true. Some of them work in the forest casual basis for a long time, years after years, but they have not given a permanent job that they can able to spend a happy life.

We can provide some foods or blankets or dresses. We can give them primary education. But it’s highly needed some embodiments for their livelihood.

Unemployment, both in general and SC ST OBC , everywhere are the problems of the hour. We request the company’s CSR department to come up with their utmost sources for helping these poor people of the underprivileged sections of the society as if they could able to make their livelihood smoothly. Thank you and welcome.

Be safe , be happy in new year, 2021. God bless you all. Vaccine is in final process and first dose has been already trialed in every province.

Joi Hind ! Joi Bharat .


  1. D. S. Chauhan · 19 Days Ago

    That was indeed a noble work distributing food and blankets amongst the poor and needy! Wish everyone a happy new year 💕🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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