This year, 2020, will be ended today. We are passing through a difficult situation. Everything is under threat due to Covid 19 pandemic. School, college, University – every institution has been suspended for an uncertain periods. Even industrial production was stopped. Government declared carfew days after days. Bus, train, flight and other communications were stopped . Our lives are being captivated within the home and become monotanous .


The Deadliest Night

Ila has been taken so many lives . Many people have lost their home. The speed of the strom was nearabout 180 to 200 km . So the mud built homes, trees, the crops are destroyed . Many people have been died . Many cattles also had died due to ILA. It’s a great loss .


We have lost so many people due to this Deadliest pandemic. Some famous people left us . They are no more in this world. Formerly President of India, Pranab Kumar Mukherjee had died in covid 19. Pandit Yosraj of Classical music, Bala subramanium of light and modern Hindi movie singer , Soumitra Chatterjee of Bengali cinema died in covid 19 , Two veterans of Hindi movie , Rishi Kapoor and Irfan khan died in Cancer this year. You have lost another genius artist who has been died in suiside. Might be murdered. The CBI investigation is still going on.

We have lost legendary dancing personality, Amala Shankar. She died at the age of 102 .

Lost some political leaders:

Ahmed Patel , the veteran Congress leader and Yasvant Singh of Bharatiya Janata party both the politicians had died due to Covid 19. And also died the former three times Chief Minister of Assam in Corona .

Died in Covid 19 Musician Sajid in an young age is a great loss of music world.

Tapas Pal of hero of Bengali cinema and Trinamul Party leader died this year in a Mumbai hospital due to cardiac arrest.

Swamini sister Vedantaprana died in this year. She was a Sannyasini of Ramkrishna Sarada Math. For a long time she was the editor of The monthly magazine” Nivedita”.

The political atmosphere both in Central and West Bengal is in high tension. The farmers organisations are fighting against the new agricultural rules . It has been going on for a month and even more. Yesterday both the representatives of the central government and the farmer’s organisation met together and they’re in a final decision unanimously two points amongst the four points agendas.

In West Bengal, the political air is massively stormy. The Bidhan Sabha polls are knocking at the door. The ruling party, chief Minister wants to continue the chair another consecutive years , but the Trinamul Party leaders are not in good relationship. The most efficient leader, Subhendu Adhikari resigned from the party and joined in Bharatiya Janata party along with some MLA’s and MP’s . So it’s a great challenge to Mamta and her party to face this challenge. I think this election is in favour of Braratiya Janata party. Change is always welcome. Let see what happens in future. We are waiting for the vibrant new year though new form of covid is already spreading in UK . And some patients reached in India getting affected by it. Besides, Vaccine of covid from different companies will come within a month or two. This is a great hope.

Our country is progressing through many hurdles. China and Pakistan both the countries are always trying to encroaching our land. This year we have lost 20 and above soilders in a front to front counter in Siachin in Ladak, Kashmir. Pak extremists are trying to enter into Indian Territory through boarderline. Indian BSF are always guarding day and night. Sometime in encounter soldiers are being killed and their families are in deep grief.

As for me, it’s very very cloudy year in respect of monitary loss. I have previously written it that I have been cheated by some online scammers and lost some Lacs of money.

It’s not as big as death as so many young and old people are no more in this world. It’s more saddestic than me . So no need to repentance. I think money will come again, but those have to face the covid 19 and have lost their lives, they will never return. Let their soul be in peace.

We are waiting for the colourful new year where there’s a peace and happiness more than hurdles and sufferings.

Take care. And spend your time in pleasure. May God bless you all in the new year , this is my prayer to almighty God.

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