Who Am I ? Am I a body Or A Physical one like so many other things in this material World . What is more important – my body , or my mind , intellect , my internal world ? Ninety nine point nine percent people of this universe are busy in outer World – about physical interest like food , health, education, office works, business, marketing and so on. They don’t have time to think about self , like to know the inner World.

When anybody ask me ,’ Who are you?’ I generally reply , ‘I’m Dr. Sushil Rudra or I am Mr. Rudra’ . Such and such . Further I give my description that I am a citizen of India , I belong to Durgapur city of West Bengal. Or I say , ‘ I am a Professor of a college and teach literature. Even during introduction we refer to the age , father’s name, father’s profession, my qualification, the name of the University from which I passed. In any application fill up , you’re asked about your caste , religion and so on. T

his is peculiar when we have to produce Aadhar card or Voter identity as our identity. Whether I am married or not – this is obviously necessary for the job or in social appr hioach. But we don’t have the energy or inclination to know our inner self . we know many things about ourselves, but we don’t know who am I ? This question we never ask ourselves consciously. The man who is interested to know his inner self , he is actually proceeding towards God .

What we are faced with often is the basic question of ‘Who am I ? ‘ or ‘ What is it all about? ‘ Why should we be here ?’

Truly, the modern education can’t be able to answer such a question. Why should we come here ? What’s the purpose of coming here in this earth ? The answer of this question is not given by the modern educationists. Modern education system does not provide such kind of knowledge as it is not governed by Indian traditional thoughts of education. It is entirely motivated and also designed to keep mind the Western educational system. Rabindranath Tagore or Swami Vivekananda didn’t agree with this system of education . Both the Great men of India thought about the system where the western knowledge of science and Technology with the mixture of Indian traditional system of education both jointly will be imparted to the Indian boys and girls . As a result, the students must have been enriched with both internal and external World as well . Undoubtedly, this would have been a great and fabulous education system to be given all the Indian boys and girls . But it is not happened . Ultimately we have learnt half of the education, not fully done.

Modern education can’t enrich our internal world or have no tendency to go through the inward portion of our mind or self . Which it gives us that’s how we can be successful in material world. And by learnt it we have been running after the wealth , money , prestigious post , gorgeous private car , multi stories building etc . This ultimately kills your energy and times . The more you get the more you desire . We don’t know where to stop . Science and Technology can give you satisfaction by supplying energy, electricity, medicine , vehicles and so many amusing things , but 7 of science and technology enhancing and providing our material needs , simultaneously we are lagging behind from the knowledge of self – discovering. Truly, we are ignoring our soul , the atom of personal God which lives within us .

2 thoughts on “WHO AM I ? WHY AM I HERE ?

  1. True sense of ‘me’ can be only be realized when we start walking inwards into our spiritual world and try to correlate it with external world…………………..
    …….Thanks and very well summarised


  2. In response to what you have mentioned in the beginning, 99.99 percent of people are busy in their outer world. You are right this is what the entire globe is revolving around and all are struggling for their respective existence. these factors vary from person to person, for some it ends after receiving the very basic necessity (food, shelter, and clothing), for some others, it goes beyond these and they work for some luxury to get satisfaction whereas for some others it is entirely defined by the circle they are surrounded by, they do not work around to fetch the materialistic pleasures to please others with their status though they might feel empty from within or do not feel a connected. So it entirely depends.


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