Bhagaban ShriKrishna

In Srimad Bhagabat and also in Gita we get a lot of information about God Shri Krishna. Even our ancient literature and also in modern literature the character of Shri Krishna has been depicted by the authors in their own imagination and attitudes. Modern researchers are trying to analysis about Shri Krishna’s influence in Hindu religion and on the people of India as well. In every corner of the World where lives a Hindu , he absolutely regards and worships God Shri Krishna. The great preacher of Vaisnob religion, Shri Chaitannya of medieval age preached this religion in India and travelled Indian pilgrimage by walking . He went to Mathura – Vrindaban and discovered all the places and temples where Shri Krishna spent his life activities.

My discussion is about the greatness and powers of Shri Krishna which is called divine power . By following The Great holy book ‘Gita’ I shall try to discuss it.

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