Eternal love

It is drizzling now with cold blow , I am wetted in it all the time and it has overflowed my entire body , even my blood and bones , and also my soul with glow . The masculine wind blows like an angry young Turk , it’s shouting and laughing at me like a gigantic devil , which is touching my face and body , and wounds me with his iron like hands , I am in uncanny feeling ! Black clouds chasing me and wrapped me in my dream. What a surprise! A White gaseous substance coming out from my eyes , and an uncertain dream showering like rain without any conscious, therefore, I am engaged in pudding the holes ..

I have nothing to do , only to collect the pieces of paper , and make a boat , probably , an unknown traveller sail away for a remote kingdom , in the meantime I see , the sink of bathroom being overflowed filled all the place in water , I am then young lover , and in dream . My beloved mother do off the sink , started to rebuke me again and again , suddenly , my friend hurt the night with bold stroke to drowning it , I’m nothing to do but only notice it in vain .

The gigantic Tsunami with its destructive power makes the sea rough , no chance of survival in this unwanted game. As I am standing at the end of the Titanic , alone ,as a friendless stupid fellow, alone there going to the deep sea, only some big ice pieces guard me from the poisonous sharpening teeth of sharks . But I am undone to save my friend from this adverse conditions . I am as good as dead in the dreaming world , waiting for love and happiness and peace and prosperity and to garlanding my friend in this juncture. Again I dreamt a dream , as there is no boat to save me , I become confused , my hands are collapsed, even body , and the dresses are covered with scattered ice , oh ! my mother, I’m alone, alone .

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